A New House & Unstacking Babies & Fighting Dustin Diamond

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it was inspired by the 1985 film called Fright Night, I watched half of it before going to sleep and I will finish the rest of it later today, and the dream probably was like the film itself with some of the main characters but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

I remember three parts of my last dream from last night with all three parts taking place during a nice sunny day (there was more things that happened during the dream before this point, but I can not remember those parts), the first part of the dream involved most of my family and I going to and starting to move into a nice old multi-story house in a nice quiet upper class neighborhood, but I have no idea how we got this nice old house that was already mostly furnished.

I remember looking around the nice old house which was in pretty good condition, many thoughts crossed my mind as I looked around thinking about the many possibilities and how it was much better than our old house, and I remember going to an upper floor to a room where there were two tall double doors that led to a short walking bridge that led to an upper floor of another building but I can not remember what kind of building it was (maybe a hospital or shopping mall or something like that).

I noticed that the door knob and double doors were damaged where you could push them where they would almost open, if you pushed hard enough you would probably be able to get into our new house, and all you had to do to reach the bridge was cross from the doors to the other building so we needed to fix this.

I noticed some metal notches (whatever) on the doors that would allow you to put a board or something to help stop the doors from being opened, and so we would need to have a board cut to fit that as extra protection for these doors.

There was more to this part of the dream but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream, the second part of the dream took place inside the new house again, and this time there were many babies who we had to watch temporarily (maybe they were from the building that was connected to our new house by the bridge, but I can not remember).

There was a couch with all the babies in a row with three babies stacked on top of each other down the entire row so there were over thirty babies probably, at least ten three stacks of babies or more, and I did not think that it was safe or a good idea to stack babies like this but the female nurse(s)/whoever with white skin who brought them stacked them like this before leaving.

She or they were going to come back for the babies soon, so we had to take care of them until then, and I remember watching and taking care of the babies and switching the order of the babies in each stack to hopefully prevent them from suffocating or getting crushed or being uncomfortable.

I was very worried about the babies being stacked like this so I hoped that the nurse(s)/whoever would return soon before the babies get hurt or die, I watched the babies closely to make sure that they were alive and I kept adjusting them, but I got tired of waiting because I was worried about the babies so I unstacked them.

I hoped that all of them were okay and alive, I checked them all and they were alive, and I hoped that it would stay that way so I continued waiting for the nurse(s)/whoever to return because I was still worried about any damage to the babies after being stacked that long.

I felt a bit better now that they were unstacked but I was still concerned about the babies and I wanted a doctor or nurse to check them, and I wanted to complain to the nurse(s)/whoever for stacking them like that; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The last part of the dream possibly involved a school or college, I remember some of my former classmates were there and my male cousin ME, and at some point my former male classmate JC was supposed to have an assumed private fight against the actor Dustin Diamond but other people in the school or college knew that they were going to fight.

I remember going outside with my former classmate JC and another person to the fight location by a truck, my dad had a lot of tools and junk in the back of this truck which had a covered camper (whatever) that you could climb into, and so we climbed inside waiting for Mr. Diamond.

Mr. Diamond arrived and him and my former classmate JC got into position to fight and the fight started, at some point during the fight Mr. Diamond grabbed a shovel, and so my former classmate JC jumped into the back of the truck with us to get a tool to use as a weapon.

As my former classmate JC was fumbling to get a weapon Mr. Diamond stabbed him in the face with the shovel, fortunately not hard enough to kill him, but it was hard enough that the shovel party stabbed into his face causing him to bleed a lot.

I got angry and I started complaining and I stopped the fight, I told Mr. Diamond that he could have killed him, and I had the other person help my former classmate JC.

I then found out that someone was secretly video recording the fight, so our classmates and my cousin ME were watching this secret video recording online, and I looked online to see them announce that my former classmate JC had lost the fight and they showed the fight card with images of both fighters showing the fight stats and who the winner was.

I remember complaining that this was supposed to be a private fight, and then I challenged Mr. Diamond to a fight so we started fighting.

Mr. Diamond lasted longer than I expected, probably because he had weapons, but I remember grabbing a shovel and another tool from the back of the truck and eventually I probably disarmed him and we fought in hand-to-hand combat and I defeated him after a longer than expected fight.

I returned to the school or college to complain to the person who had set up the fight about how they had secretly video recorded the fight, I think that it was possibly a woman with white skin with yellow hair but I can not remember, and it seemed that both fights were a big deal and people were talking about it.

I assume that this person made a lot of money on both fights as well, other people probably bet on the fights, and people were making fun of my former classmate JC for losing to Mr. Diamond who was expected to be defeated easily.

I remember my cousin ME and other classmates stopping to talk to me about the fights, and to congratulate me but I was disappointed that my former classmate JC got hurt and embarrassed and that Mr. Diamond gave me a harder time than he should have in our fight (I did not try very hard in the fight, but I still had a harder time than I should have had which was embarrassing to me).

There was more to this dream but that is all that I can remember.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “A New House & Unstacking Babies & Fighting Dustin Diamond”

Hello True George,

A video game theme, interesting, neither of these dreams remind me of video games at all really but that would be an unusual video game. 😀

In what ways did these dreams seem like the theme of a video game?

-John Jr


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