Dreaming / Sleeping Deeply

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I think that I probably slept and dreamt (dreamed) pretty deeply last night, a feeling that somewhat feels like the negative feeling that you get when you over sleep and/or when you get that congestion feeling in your head, and I had many deep dreams that covered many different topics/themes/et cetera.

I did not feel like voice recording any of them or sharing any of them for some known and unknown reasons so I did not bother trying to remember them, and so I can now only remember a few random dream fragments from last night that I will type all together.

The dreams that I do not remember covered various topics/themes/et cetera exploring them emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, philosophically, et cetera.

Some of those topics/themes/et cetera involved family, depression, anxiety, isolation, loneliness, hopelessness, divorce, fear, low self-esteem, and more using various ways and things to portray and explore those things.

The television series Game Of Thrones was one of the things used to explore some of those things, but most things were explored through dreams involving me meeting and talking with other dream characters dealing with those things.

I still do not feel like typing my dream fragments so I will only type one that I barely remember, it took place during the day, and I remember being at an interesting modern and artsy and somewhat bare library that was possibly combined with several other types of buildings.

Maybe this was the grand opening and/or an event was taking place there so there were various people there, I remember seeing a man who looked like my former male classmate LT sitting at a table with a woman who was either his girlfriend or wife, and I was not sure if it was him or not as I walked toward them to look at a shelf in front of them.

I kept my back to them as I looked at the shelf, I heard my former classmate LT quietly tell his girlfriend or wife that I looked like his former classmate John, and I heard him whisper: “Is that John?”.

I did not turn around or say anything to them, they were not sure if it was me or not so they did not say anything to me either, and I remember walking away from them keeping my back to them hoping that they would not realize that it was me because I did not feel like being seen or talking to them for some unknown reason(s).

At some point I went to another room where I ended up having a conversation with my former male classmate SC, I think that his wife had divorced him or left him and took their children with her, and so he has lived alone since then.

He was depressed and suffering from other things like loneliness, isolation, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, and more.

I listened to him and talked with him giving him some advice and encouragement, sharing some of my personal experiences and beliefs, and being honest with him about his situation and the struggles of dealing with things like this.

I probably had other interactions like this with other dream characters in the forgotten dreams, there was more to this dream before this part and after this part, but I can not remember now that I went most of the day without thinking about my dreams.

That is all that I can remember and I do not feel like sharing more than that.

The end,

-John Jr


5 thoughts on “Dreaming / Sleeping Deeply

  1. Most of the time when one falls out of their routine the time when they don’t follow it is when it is at a critical point. With that said I believe you may have been at a critical point and by falling out your routine missed a defining moment. It is the deep dreams that reveals what is in the subconscious. A message from the higher self, fragments from a pass life, the answers to questions that you have lingering in your head, exposing something in the future, or something in your past that you need to come to terms with, even communication with the extra physical. Yes, going against how you feel to do something you know should be done is a discipline. I strongly encourage to record the dreams no matter how you feel about them.

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    1. Hello True George,

      Well said, thank you for advice, and encouragement.

      Each time that I woke up briefly I had feelings/urges and more (probably part of me telling me to not bother voice recording them or thinking about them or sharing them) that basically told me to not bother recording them or remember them oddly, fortunately I slightly resisted this barely by at least holding on to part of those two dream fragments, and it was not easy getting myself to even type those.

      I guess those deep dreams brought up some things that part of me did not want to think about and/or share in the real world/publicly, who knows, and so I had to fight those feelings all day until I forced myself to type those two dream fragments.

      Anyway, thank you for commenting, and sharing your words of wisdom. 🏆

      -John Jr

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    2. When I think about it, I think that one of the feelings that I had was that I went too deep, and whatever I dreamed about during those too deep dreams during deep sleep left part of me and/or something/someone and/or the dreams themselves and/or something like that wanting me to not and/or telling me to not remember and/or record and/or think about and/or share them in the real world and/or publicly like I was not not supposed to and/or not allowed to and/or it was not recommended.

      -John Jr


      1. I’ve had similar experience. When I use the entertainment frequency programs. Theta is the frequency that allows psychic abilities, insight about your self to be accessed. It is pretty scary and the images are so real and profound. You may even have make contact with an extraterritorial. Sometime you may not be ready for what was seen and heard. But still record the experience and how you felt about it. You don’t have to make it public it is your reference as you progress ti is inevitable that you will experience this type of stuff again

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