A Digital Converter Box Or Digital Adapter | A College | Idris Elba Coaching A Team & Punching A Large Talking Tiger

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Dream 1

My first dream got interrupted by something bothering me in the real world so I was tossing and turning in bed, eventually I woke up to see what was going on, I felt strange and my lower left back was hurting and the feeling was strange like maybe it was a kidney and not my back itself that was hurting.

I ate too much last night and something was probably also bothering my stomach and my chest a bit, I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep, but the strange pain was bothering me so I got up to use the bathroom and wash my face because I felt the strange I feel like I am dying panic attack-like feelings (difficulty breathing, weakness, feeling of low pulse and low blood pressure, feeling of dying like my body is shutting down, et cetera) starting.

Things got worse so I used my usual calming techniques and I did some burpees and jumping jacks and walked around to make sure that I was not having a heart attack or dying, and I passed the tests so I started to feel better slowly as I walked around.

I drank some water with apple cider vinegar and ate an orange and then I got back in bed after the dying panic attack-like feelings went away, and all that I can remember of the dream that I had before this interruption involved me being inside a house.

The dream involved one or more digital adapters and/or digital converter boxes that I had to set up, like in real life we needed to connect all of our televisions to them because our cable company is upgrading to digital cable (I already got them set up and working last week), and so the dream involved me doing this.

I remember there were at least four different connections on all four sides that allowed you to connect at least four televisions to one digital adapter and/or digital converter box, I remember there was a problem, and I tried to solve it but that is when the strange pain woke me up in the real world.

Dream 2

Somehow this dream got forgotten until I barely remembered part of it after remembering part of my first and third dream, and this dream took place at a familiar college from one or more past dreams it seemed.

I can not remember most of this dream now but I remember being inside the college and seeing hallways and classrooms, and at some point in the dream I met my former female classmate RB and my former male classmate EB (they are twins) who both happened to be walking through the same hallway as me.

This was my first time seeing them in person since we graduated from high school many years ago probably so I stopped to talk with them, I remember making fun of myself and mentioning some of the negative things in my life like how I am now older with a receding hairline and a bald spot, and things like that.

They tried to be polite and say that it was not that bad and that I should not make fun of myself like that, they had aged better than me and were married with children and had jobs and were doing good in life, while I have none of that going on in my life.

There was more to this dream before and after this part that I had remembered, but that is all that I can remember now.

Dream 3

All that I can remember of this dream is that it started inside The E House which seemed somewhat apartment-like now, my mom was there and a fictional family member, and I wanted to move into one of the rooms like each room was now its own apartment room and the rest of the house was shared by the people in each room.

The fictional family member was annoying and kept getting in the way by trying to claim every room, my mom seemed to be helping to manage things, and I remember arguing with this person until I decided to leave to another apartment house.

Outside it was day and I remember going to an one-story apartment house near where Walmart should be in the city of D, inside I met a man with white skin who needed help with setting up a digital adapter or digital converter box, and so I helped him.

Somehow we then both joined a sports team (maybe baseball, but I can not remember) of mostly maybe high school students (we were the only two adults on the team) who were about to play a game inside the apartment house and the actor Idris Elba was our coach; and we were going to play against a team from The Netherlands, and so none of this makes any sense. 😀

Mr. Elba was a serious and strict but good and charismatic coach who coached us well, he was very verbal, and I remember doing very good in the game and we won the game.

After the game Mr. Elba gave a big speech and then he started congratulating some of the players who did the best in the game, oddly he skipped me even though I did the best, and then something strange that I can not remember happened where I think that a large/giant talking tiger (like Shere Khan from The Jungle Book) suddenly attacked us.

Things happened so fast and by surprise and were so strange and hopeless that I ran like a coward instead of helping my team as the large talking tiger attacked them, which is not like me, and so all of them probably died in the attack.

I ran outside like a coward until I reached a small white one-story apartment house where the abandoned Dairy Queen building should be by Walmart, and I sneaked inside the apartment house to hide like a coward.

Two animated assassins lived in this house, they were enemies who were in a competition against each other but they were not at home right now, they each had a photograph of themselves on their walls so I saw what they looked like and which rooms belonged to them, and they looked like maybe 1980s and 1990s Japanese anime characters with one of them looking somewhat like Porco Rosso from the Japanese animated film Porco Rosso and maybe the other looked somewhat like Kurapika from the Japanese animated television series Hunter X Hunter..

I hid like a coward in the room of the assassin who looked like Porco Rosso, as I was hiding like a coward the Porco Rosso-like assassin returned home, and I explained the situation to him and I apologized for sneaking into their apartment house.

Outside the window I saw the large talking tiger looking for me in the distance, I was scared and I felt that I could not defeat him but did not want anyone else to die as he searched for me as I hid like a coward, and so I decided that I would go outside and lead the large talking tiger to a secluded place so that I could fight him and die instead of hiding like a coward while people die.

I did not think that I could win but I was tired of acting like a coward and I was angry at myself for leaving my teammates to die, and so I wanted to at least die fighting trying to avenge my teammates.

To my surprise the Porco Rosso-like assassin decide to join me, our plan was to lure the large talking tiger to a secluded place nearby and distract him as we take turns using hit and run tactics on him, and so we walked outside to lead him to the secluded place where I expected to die because I felt that we could not win.

The secluded place was some somewhat nice ruin-like place where the shopping center by W Park should be, there was possibly a pond and small waterfall here, and so we had obstacles that we could use to our advantage.

The large talking tiger followed us to this area, I prepared myself for my assumed death, and at this point I probably stopped being afraid and I was ready to use hit and run and distraction tactics as long as I could to annoy the large talking tiger until I died.

The large talking tiger probably approached us talking and smiling and laughing and taunting us about how we were going to die, I told him that I expected to die and I did not think that we would win, but I was going to fight him as long as I could regardless and that I hoped to annoy him as much as I could before I die or something like that.

He complimented me on my bravery and/or stupidity and then the fight started, we used our tactics as planned, and at some point I remember the Porco Rosso-like assassin distracting the large talking tiger.

He possibly died but I can not remember, I just remember making my last stand against the large talking tiger by attacking him by surprise or he approached me first, and my plan was to avoid his bite and then punch him until he stopped moving hoping to overwhelm him with punches to stun and eventually knock him unconscious and/or kill him.

I had no weapons or armor and he was too big and strong to grapple so striking him using hand-to-hand combat was my only option, and so I followed my plan and I got an opening and I started punching the large talking tiger non-stop.

I stunned him and overwhelmed him with punches to the face, if only you could see it, even I was surprised, I just kept punching him over and over like bap! bop! boop! wap! wam! et cetera as he was stunned and staggering backward unable to do anything.

I thought of my assumed dead teammates and our coach Idris Elba and how I had been a coward earlier, I used all of this and I put it into my constant attack of punches and combinations, until the large talking tiger fell to the ground and I kept punching him until he was unconscious and somewhat after he was unconscious to make sure.

I was going to keep punching him and punch him to death until his skull smashes in but I decided to risk my life by sparing his life if he promised to stop killing people and not harm me, I waited until he woke up again, and I offered this deal with him and to my surprise he accepted my offer.

He got up and walked away, I was not sure if he would try to kill me again later or not, but I hoped that he would not break the deal.

I watched him walk away beaten, I was still surprise that I won and that I did not die, and I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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