Surviving Waves

File:Aivazovsky Ivan Konstantinovich Bracing The Waves.jpg
Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this confusing and unclear dream from last night is that it was inspired by my brothers KD and TD talking about college as I was sleeping in the real world and the Ghost In The Shell franchise, the dream took place during a day when the weather looked like it was going to get bad, and most of my family (except my brother CC and his family, and maybe my brother GC who may have not been in the dream but I can not remember) and I went boating and/or fishing in an ocean or sea.

You could not see any land, only water, and I remember my brothers KD and TD talking about college and they possibly had prosthetic bodies and/or mechsuits like on Ghost In The Shell but I can not remember.

Things are confusing and my memory is not clear but I remember the weather getting bad and the waves got bigger and worse, I remember us having to switch between several boats and/or submarines and/or ships and/or vehicles, and during this I remember something about my brother TD and KD having to jump between dealing with things related to college and college American Football and the dangerous waves and something else.

The waves got so strong and big and dangerous that our lives were in danger, I remember risking my life to help my family move between boats/ships/submarines/vehicles, and at some point my dad had to help me as I risked my life to get them all on the last boat/ship/submarine/vehicle.

My dad helped to save me by helping pull me in before the waves got me, I was outside risking my life to get them inside, but then that left me outside holding on as the waves came crashing down so my dad saved me at the last moment.

After the waves passed I saw what looked like a large black ship with an orange part at the top approaching us like it was going to crash into us, but at the last moment it flew in the air.

Instead of being a ship it was a large strange flying machine that my dad said was a bat (animal), the orange part was its head it seemed and it seemed like a giant mechanical bat whose wings did not move and it had a strange design that did not look much like a bat to me and it possibly looked like something from the Japanese animated film Angel’s Egg or something like that, and I remember my mom making a comment about it but I am not sure what she said; and that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr


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