Church + Cher + Film Trailers + New Taco Bell Frozen Desserts = ?

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during a nice day in a slightly better-looking version of the City Of D, I was with my dad and my brothers KD and TD, and I remember us following our dad inside a building.

A fictional man who my dad probably knew was having a probably Christian church service, I assume that the man was a preacher and this was a church, and I remember this man being short and standing at the front of the room as people sat in the church pews (seats).

I think that I was in a wheelchair for some unknown reasons even though I probably could walk, the man my dad knew was preaching and the crowd was verbalizing and were very into the church service, and I probably remember feeling out-of-place and so I started sneaking away to escape in the wheelchair at some point.

This part of the dream is unclear, I am not sure if this happened at the back of the room or where it happened exactly, but I remember hearing the voice of the musician Cher talking with a man about the church service and the people at the church service.

While I heard them talking I was seeing old maybe 1980s and/or 1990s video footage either on a television and/or in my mind and/or somewhere else, the video footage started with things related to their conversation, and I remember Cher and the man saying that the people at the church were a cult or like a cult.

Cher and the man said very negative things about the people at the church like how they were outdated when it came to technology, and they gave some examples of the people probably not having or knowing what VHS or fax was/meant or how to use them; and they gave other examples of how the people at the church’s beliefs were outdated and wrong in their opinions, and things like that.

The next thing that I remember seeing and hearing after the Cher conversation with the man was several fictional old film (movie) trailers with one trailer being about a Japanese film in a literally dark and strange rough maybe post apocalyptic futuristic city that showed a Japanese man being chosen or forced by several Japanese men into maybe an underground location as part of some annual ritual or something where he was probably supposed to find a Japanese woman, and maybe he was supposed to fall in love with her or something like that and have children as part of a strange ritual or something.

The other film trailer was about a film called Dogs, even though it was called dogs the creatures or non-human animals that I saw in the trailer did not look like dogs, and the trailer showed the two-story house in the city of D where Saint V should be and there were many strange creatures/animals/maybe flying ghost-like entities there like something strange and partly paranormal and/or supernatural was going on there but that is all that I can remember of this trailer; there were more film trailers, but those are the only two that I can barely remember part of.

After the film trailers I saw a Taco Bell commercial about 5 new frozen (cold) desserts that they had, after that I left the church or where ever I was and I probably left the wheelchair behind, and I walked outside until I reached the Taco Bell parking lot.

On the window of Taco Bell I saw a poster with the same image that I saw on the Taco Bell commercial of the 5 frozen (cold) desserts, and so I walked inside the Taco Bell to look at the menu for the names and prices to decide if I should get one or more of the frozen desserts or not.

I saw no other customers but I did see two female Taco Bell employees with one of them having white skin with yellow hair wearing a Taco Bell uniform and hat, I did not see a picture of the new items on the menu at first glance, and so I went to ask the female employee about the new frozen desserts.

I then saw a small poster/menu of the desserts on the counter, I let the female employee know that I saw the menu now, and then we started talking about it but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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