Dashie (Charlie Guzman) + Ancient Papyrus (Papyri) + A Werewolf Or Werefox Superhero = ?

I assume that this is one dream but I am not sure and my memory of it is flawed and confused, and so it will not make much sense.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream from last night is that it was evening or night, there were things that happened before this part of the dream but I can not remember the beginning until to the middle of this dream, and Dashie (Charlie Guzman) from YouTube was playing a video game.

The dream is extra confusing because it possibly moved between different layers of the dream world between the parking lot and/or sidewalks and a fictional small underground room along the sidewalk of the Walmart in the City of D, a video game, maybe Dashie’s video on YouTube I assume, not physically being in the dream world itself, and more.

In some parts of the dream I was standing on the sidewalk of Walmart during the evening and night possibly jumping between watching Dashie play his video game through his video, through the video game itself, and from the parking lot and/or sidewalk.

The video game itself possibly took place during the evening and/or night, possibly a somewhat survival horror video game combined with maybe science fiction but I can not remember, and at some point Dashie finished/won/beat the game.

Along the sidewalk near where the employees have an area to smoke I and/or someone else found a tiny underground room that had some ancient papyrus/papyri in it, this other person went into the room but I probably watched from above on the sidewalk, but I could not tell if they were scrolls or just rolls or special casing to protect some scrolls or papers.

They seemed to be very ancient so it was even hard to tell if there was any text or not on the papyrus/papyri because I was too far away, and so I asked the person who was in the room but they were focused on something else and did not seem to care.

I assumed that maybe ancient knowledge from science and/or religion and/or history et cetera were written on some of them, that this could be one of the greatest ancient discovers , and so I was a bit excited and a bit worried about them being damaged.

The dream becomes even more strange and unclear at this point so I am not sure what happened exactly, maybe I went into the underground room and then I was leaving it and/or something left out of it and/or something arrived from earlier in the dream or another layer of the dream, but I can not remember or make sense of it.

I just remember maybe leaving the underground room and closing the doors to find a somewhat large maybe werewolf or werefox humanoid man/male wearing a superhero outfit with cape (because he was a superhero or something) looking like he was about to have sex on the sidewalk with a smaller female humanoid werefox or fox-like entity who was laying on her back on the sidewalk, and they both had their clothes on but maybe her pants and underwear were down but I can not remember and they both could talk probably.

There were other people going in and out of Walmart but no one seemed to notice or care, instead of a penis entering the vagina the superhero werewolf’s or werefox’s groin area or penis or whatever opened up and slowly pulled in or covered the female werefox, and once it covered her groin area he started pumping or thrusting like in normal sexual intercourse.

This was all odd and confusing to see as it was happening as I walked out of the underground room, I was confused and not sure what to think at first, and while this was happening a woman with white skin with brown hair wearing a jacket and pants was standing not far from them speaking quietly to someone with a hidden communication device like she was a spy spying on the superhero werewolf or werefox.

I heard the woman reporting what was happening, she ordered them to move in now while he was distracted, and she ordered them to not kill anyone because they wanted him alive.

Before her hidden team could move in to capture the superhero werewolf or werefox, something happened in the distance past the apartment buildings, and so a male superhero with white skin flew through the air to help.

The superhero werewolf or werefox wanted to be the one to save the day so he stopped having sex or whatever he was doing, he changed into a human male with white skin with yellow hair, and he flew off trying to get there before the other superhero.

I heard both superheros arguing about saving the day as they flew toward whatever was going on, they both seemed to have big egos/whatever, and so they started fighting each other because they did not want to work together.

They knew each other and there was a negative history between them so they already did not like each other, and they both seemed to like getting the praise when they save the day so neither of them wanted to share praise for saving the day.

It was sad and embarrassing and silly watching and listening to them fight each other, the woman and her hidden team could not move in to capture their target so they waited and watched, the female werefox or humanoid fox probably watched, and I stood there still a bit confused and probably shaking my head in disappointment as these two superheros fought each other instead of helping people.

I probably woke up as you could hear sirens in the distance as emergency services were responding, and you heard the two superheros arguing while they fought.

-John Jr

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