Dashie (Charlie Guzman) & The Search For A Rumored Legendary Jazz / Blues Musician / Mentor

I had some more dreams but all that I can remember of this dream or two dreams is that it or they took place during the day, the end of the dream or dreams took started at a multi-story chemical plant/construction site that was possibly dug or carved into this area because there were tall dirt/mountain-like structures around it with a lot of metal and pipes, and some construction/chemical plant-like workers with safety vest and safety glasses and hard hats.

Dashie (Charlie Guzman) from YouTube filmed several videos here in the past in the dream, and he was there again filming a gaming video of him playing a Mario Kart video game as some male workers watched.

There were other people watching as well who were fans of Dashie, and there were other people walking around the area probably playing Pokémon Go.

The Mario Kart level seemed to be inspired by this area and it had a dangerous and fun track along dirt/mountain-like structures like the ones around this area, and I think Dashie was racing as Yoshi against Donkey Kong.

After finishing the race Dashie stopped to take photographs with and talk with the workers who were fans, and other fans who had watched him while filming his gaming video.

I was probably near this area as well and I started walking around, and the next part is either part of the same dream or is another dream.

There was a multi-story building that was possibly in or near this same area, there was a classroom/office-like room with desks and chairs and windows with a view to the outside, and a male journalist with white skin was in this room doing some investigative journalism on a story involving two fictional legendary male jazz/blues musicians who he was a fan of.

During his investigating he found that there was a possibility and rumor that the two legendary jazz/blues musicians had been taught by the same musician, an older male unknown even more amazing jazz/blues musician than either of them, and the journalist wanted to go investigate this.

This rumored mentor possibly lived in another country and would be hard to find, it was not even known if his was real or if he was still alive, and so this would take a lot to uncover so he wanted to personally meet and talk with the two legendary jazz/blues musicians.

The male journalist brought this information to his boss asking for the resources to continue his investigation but his boss probably did not feel that he had enough proof to justify the expenses needed to investigate this part of his story, and so the journalist begged his boss who probably refused unless he got more proof first.

I remember the journalist being angry and sad and disappointed, he started staring out of the window listening to some sad music by the two legendary jazz/blues musicians, and I remember the music sounding like the song Almost Blue (the Chet Baker version) and some of the music from the short film Untamed:

The journalist even stopped the music and he started playing one of the sad jazz songs on maybe a trumpet, he was pretty good, and then he got an idea and he ended up calling the two legendary jazz/blues musicians asking them questions.

I can not remember what he learned but I assume that the rumors were true, but neither of them had seen their mentor in years so they wanted to see him again if he was still alive or while he was still alive.

The journalist probably wanted to plan a meeting between them and their mentor in the country where the mentor lived, he could then make this into a film documentary about it and continue his story by being there to record things and interview all of them, and so he probably ran to his boss with the news hoping to get the resources needed; but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “Dashie (Charlie Guzman) & The Search For A Rumored Legendary Jazz / Blues Musician / Mentor”

Yeah, just imagine how things might be if more people remembered more of their dreams, and if more of those ideas/et cetera were remembered and brought into the real world.

Thank you for commenting True George,
-John Jr

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