Talking With Former Classmates And Working At My Shelver Job

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All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day and at some point in the dream I was outside in an area with chairs outside in a field area near trees and maybe a trail, and some people including some of my former classmates where there.

I was wearing my long sleeve button shirt tucked into my dress-like Dickies work pants with my black dress-like shoes that I wore for my last few job interviews and on my first day of work at the BP Library, and at some point I sat down in one of the chairs when I noticed my former female classmate CW sitting near my former female classmate LB and my former male classmates RM and BS.

My former classmate CW looked more attractive and like she had not aged much since we graduated from high school many years ago, you could tell that she was older than back then but she looked more attractive from a distance, and at some point she and some of the others noticed me sitting down so they walked over to talk with me.

When my former classmate CW got closer I saw that she looked older and not as attractive than she had looked from a distance but she still had aged pretty well, she seemed happy to see me, and we started talking briefly with my shelver job at the BP Library being part of the conversation.

My former male classmates RM and BS stayed back and did not really say anything, and my former female classmate LB was in a very positive and playful mood and she joined the conversation with her energized mood compared to my quieter and lower energy and more shy mood.

My former classmate LB tried to energize me and get me to join in the fun, after talking with them I remember walking the trail and talking with my brother GC.

After this part of the dream I remember being at the BP Library wearing the same clothing and working on my shelver job shelving (putting items on the shelves), and several patrons stopped to ask me for help and to ask some questions.

A few of the patrons knew me and they briefly talked with me and about my job, and one of them asked if the BP Library were hiring and I told them that I did not think so and I gave them some advice.

I told them that jobs at the BP Library are sometimes posted at the official job website and that job applications are then put at the front desk, so I recommended that they sign-up for job alerts and check the front desk and ask about job openings each time that they visit the BP Library, and I encouraged them to definitely give it a try.

They thanked me and walked away, and I continued shelving and then I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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