Some Of My Coworkers At The BP Library Wearing Black Lives Matter (BLM) T-Shirts

Several months ago Chris Stuckmann on YouTube made a video called, The Japanimation Era – Retro Rewind, about some of the older Japanese anime that he saw when he was a kid.

Some of those anime films I had not seen yet so I decided to download the first one he mentioned, which was called They Were Eleven, and I did not expect to like this older anime because I thought that I would not like the 1980s visual style and I thought that the dubbing would be terrible and I assumed that the anime would not have aged well and I have never heard of this anime before.

Yesterday my brother GC and I finally made ourselves watch They Were Eleven, we expected to hate it, but we both were surprised by this film because we actually liked it and it was much better than we expected; and the visual style and the dubbing was pretty good to my surprise for an anime this old:

I only remember part of the end of my last dream which once again involved my shelver job at the BP Library, and so I was inside the BP Library probably during the day.

I remember there were various computers around the library in the front or back that we employees could also use to clock in and out on the time clock, but there was something strange with these computers that I can not remember and there was something illogical and overly complex and overly specific about the use of them that you had to follow before clocking in or out.

In the dream some of my coworkers were members or supporters of Black Lives Matter (BLM) so they would sometimes wear black T-shirts with white letters that said BLM, and our branch manger Mrs. PH was one of these coworkers who I saw wearing one of these Black Lives Matter T-shirts as she sat at her desk in her office.

I remember hearing news stories and/or rumors that sounded fake or partly fake that seemed to be trying to divide people and cause tensions, specifically targeting members and supporters of groups like Black Lives Matter like they were trying to make them riot or act out aggressively against others and divide themselves to weaken and/or destroy and/or discredit movements like this (basically something like COINTELPRO), and it seemed to be working (even on some of my coworkers in the dream).

I remember thinking about this, I know that a lot of real things are happening out there because I have seen and heard and experienced some of it myself and I believe that there are many problems with the systems that are currently in control of our world, but most of these rumors and/or news stories that I heard in the dream sounded so fake and were presented in a way that seemed clearly intentionally trying to manipulate certain people and groups to make things worse.

But I woke up as I thought about this.

The end,

-John Jr

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