Stealing Back A Donation From A Place Of Worship

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it started late in the afternoon, I was inside a house and my mom told me that Mr. JH had died, and she gave me some money and some of his belongings that she wanted me to take to the male preacher/minister/religious leader of the place of worship (church/mosque/temple) that he attended before he died to donate the money and his belongings to his place of worship.

I left and I went to his place of worship, a small building of an unknown religion that seemed like maybe a combination of Protestant Christianity/Jehovah’s Witnesses/The Nation Of Islam/Islam, and I asked someone if the religious leader was there and this person told me that he was inside so I walked inside the dimly lit building.

The religious leader was a friendly somewhat short and somewhat older man with maybe light brown skin with short hair who was wearing very relaxed summer clothing, he greeted me, and I explained to him why I was there and I gave him the money from my mom and some of the belongings of Mr. JH which were to be donated to this place of worship.

The religious leader thanked me and briefly talked about Mr. JH, the donated belongings, and his religion and some of his experiences at this place of worship et cetera.

At some point I left, later that evening or night most of my brothers and maybe someone else and I drove back to this place of worship because I wanted to get back some of Mr. JH’s belongings that we donated, and so I was going to sneak into the place of worship and steal them back which is not something that I would do and is not like me at all and it makes no sense to me that I would even consider doing something like that.

We drove up to the side of the building, I opened a window and I climbed inside the place of worship and I stole back some of the donated belongings of Mr. JH, and then we slowly drove away looking around trying to make sure that no one saw us.

We saw a man sitting at a wooden picnic table in a small park-like area not far from a house or mobile home, we waved at him trying to not look suspicious, but then I realized that the man recognized us and I barely recognized him as a thinner and less muscular version of my former schoolmate male SW so I drove over to talk with him to not seem suspicious.

I sat at the table talking with my former schoolmate SW trying to act like everything was normal like we were just passing through from somewhere else, and then we were going to leave.

I probably woke up as we were leaving, and it seemed that we were going to get away with.

I still can not remember why I stole those donated belongings of Mr. JH back, that was so shockingly bizarre and confusing and so not like me, and so even I am confused and disappointed by my actions in this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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