Shelf-Reading (Shelf Reading)

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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place in The BP Library, I was working at my shelver job, and I was doing some shelf-reading (shelf reading).

I remember checking some items on the shelves that started with the letter M, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream that it was a somewhat dark and strange maybe cloudy late afternoon or early evening, and I went to a store with a somewhat large parking lot with a large tent set up outside in the parking lot where you could buy and/or pick up some items.

I remember seeing some students, probably teenagers and mostly young women with dark brown skin with black hair, arguing and it involved some relationship drama involving a boyfriend.

As I looked around the store I remember doing some shelf-reading to make sure that some of the items were properly organized on the shelves.

I possibly went to the cash register where an over-fat balding male employee with white skin with black hair wearing a white apron was standing behind so that I could buy some produce that I had to pick up from the tent outside, and so after this I walked outside to the tent to look around to see if there was anything else that I wanted to buy and to pick up the produce I bought.

There was a woman with white skin with yellow hair wearing glasses and her young son with white skin with medium-colored hair walking to the tent as well, and behind the cash register for the tent was a female employee with white skin with yellow hair wearing glasses.

I looked around a bit and I got some of the produce, I started to walk away, and when I was halfway across the parking lot the female employee yelled to me to let me know that I forgot to pick up all of my produce so I thanked her and I turned around to get the rest of my produce.

I remember having some apples and bananas but I can not remember what the other produce was, I reached the tent and I briefly talked with the woman asking her some questions, and then I woke up as I went to get the rest of my produce.

The end,

-John Jr


4 thoughts on “Shelf-Reading (Shelf Reading)

    1. Hello True George,

      I have not thought about it much, my first assumption is that they are just random dream characters with no real significance, but I can not remember what the mother and son were saying and doing as they walked to the tent and after they got there; but I probably greeted them, and maybe the represented something but I am not sure what if anything.

      When I said they had white skin I did not mean straight white like the color but the common whitish skin color (white being the closest primary color that I can use to describe that skin color), I do not know many colors so I usually just use the primary colors when trying to describe skin color and hair color and eye color et cetera, I try to physically describe people and entities in my dreams; I do not believe in or support race among us modern humans so I usually do not use the fake/false racial grouping adjectives or the fake/false race system when describing people/entities since they are not valid according to science as far as I learned, and so describing people/things physically makes sense to me instead.

      I forgot to mention that most or all of the students who were arguing in the dream had dark brown skin with black hair.

      Thank you for commenting.

      -John Jr


      1. The beings we see in dreams represent something. I think that out of body experience and dreams intersect sometimes. What we see or even what is revealed to us our conscious mind may not be ready or accept what we really see. Seeing beings that appear white could have been one of those things.
        Also we may see someone that we know. We could be either interacting with that person. A possibility that that person is also dreaming the same thing. Or the mind is just placing a familiar image on an image that the conscious isn’t ready to accept, or have no interpretation because you have never seen that type of being.
        On a whole, the race of who one sees in a dream depends on self image perception. One may see imagery that is opposite to the person’s traits.

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