A Haunted House And Property?

A bit after 3 AM this morning I was awakened from my dream not feeling well, I felt sick to my stomach like something that I ate was probably making me sick and that I was going to have diarrhea, and so I got out of bed to drink some water and apple cider vinegar and to use the bathroom to try to get as much of it out of my body and hope that I can get back to sleep and wake up feeling somewhat better before work.

I had already went to bed an hour later than I should have so I was not going to get enough sleep for work as usual, this interruption made things worse, and so I lost even more sleep time and it caused me to forget most of my dreams.

Eventually I was able to go back to sleep and I woke up feeling better than earlier, but my stomach was still in a battle and I did not get enough sleep for work again.

Dream 1

This dream involved my shelver job at The BP Library in some way, I was probably looking at shelves of items and shelf-reading, and maybe doing some sorting and setting up carts and maybe doing some shelving and other skills related to my job.

But that is all that I can remember after getting awakened by my stomach situation.

Dream 2

Unfortunately my memory of this dream got messed up because of accidentally waking up from the surprise (shock) of what was happening in the dream, and maybe because of my stomach situation so the most important details are missing and some of what I remember is probably wrong.

The dream took place maybe late in the afternoon at a nice one-story house with low ceilings, my first thought was a house that a director or author might live in, and it was several small rooms and buildings that were connected together to form a small compound for extra privacy.

My parent’s, my brothers KD and TD and maybe GC, and I had moved into this house recently it seemed.

The compound-like design of several small buildings and rooms formed a courtyard in the back, there were several small porches on several sides of the house with privacy bushes and walls and a nice view in the distance because we seemed to be up high and the neighborhood went down a slop it seemed where the other houses were spaced a certain level below the houses above it so that everyone had some privacy and no one’s view was blocked from the distance scenery, and so this was a nice small house and property and neighborhood where you could got outside and relax with privacy and a nice view.

I remember my mom telling me that my brothers TD and KD had told her that they had heard, seen, and experienced strange things since we moved into the house and she explained some of these things that they told her about.

She said that my dad had also reported strange things happening, I can not remember if my mom and my brother GC reported anything strange or not, and she wanted me to talk with my brothers KD and TD about this and she seemed to be a bit worried so I agreed to investigate.

I had also been seeing, hearing, and experiencing strange things that I assumed were maybe my imagination and/or things that could be logically explained such as: hearing sounds, missing objects, moving objects, objects being found in different locations than they were originally, sensing movements, new objects appearing, and other strange things that I can not remember.

Before going to talk with my brothers TD and KD I went to talk with my dad about what he had seen and heard and experienced, and he told me and maybe he explained a story that someone told him about this house and property where maybe a person (woman) was killed or died here many years ago allegedly or something like that but I could be wrong because I can not remember the details.

One and/or both of us had possibly found some very old brown (from old age) notes and/or a book an/or parchment and/or something like that which told a similar story of what allegedly happened at this house and property many years ago.

We read it and probably compared it to the story that someone had told my dad, they were very similar or identical, except the old paper or book probably gave more details but I can not remember any of the details unfortunately.

It seemed that maybe something paranormal and/or supernatural was going on, maybe a haunting by a ghost/spirit and/or an entity of some kind, but I am skeptical and I tried to not rush to conclusions so I kept an open mind.

I was starting to get a bit creeped out/afraid as I thought about my experiences and the ones that my family told, and the rumors my dad heard and the stories that we found on the old paper and/or book.

I walked to the back courtyard from the left porch where my dad was, which had a nice view and a covered sitting area, and I found my brother KD before I reached the courtyard and my brother TD was in the courtyard.

My brother KD told me what he had seen and heard and experienced so far, one of the things that he saw was an old woman who would just stand there doing nothing, and maybe she would disappear but I can not remember.

I possibly had thought that I had seen something/someone in the corner of my eye a few times as well, after hearing his stories I was getting more worried and concerned, and it seemed that something really was going on beyond our current understanding.

Before we could walk into the courtyard to talk with my brother TD, we saw the old woman ghost or entity standing in the courtyard that my brother KD had just told me that he had seen before, and she possibly had a slight hunch back and/or she was looking down slightly and she was wearing an old style simple lower class dress and something covering her shoulders and part of her body somewhat like a cloak (probably called something else) and maybe she had a head covering but I can not remember and she possibly somewhat looked like a stereotype of an old gypsy and/or old woman from a certain older time period but I can not remember because she was too far away to get a good look at her but I assume that she had white skin but I could be wrong because she was too far away.

She seemed to be a ghost/spirit or entity of some kind and not a living person, she appeared not far from my brother TD, and so we yelled for him to look out.

My memory is too unclear so I am not sure what happened exactly, maybe the ghost/entity of the old woman started moving toward our brother TD, and maybe a dog-like creäture appeared and started chasing him and/or she chased him.

We started running to help me, our brother TD ran to one of the porches but the dog-like creäture and/or ghost/entity of the old woman reached him and I saw a chunk of something fly in the air like maybe it/they bit a chunk off of our brother TD.

I probably yelled: “No!” and/or something else along with that and I was shocked, scared, panicked, not sure if our brother TD was injured, and more as we continuing running to help our brother TD but I accidentally woke up from the combined emotions and shock and confusion of what was happening.

The end,

-John Jr

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