This Has Happened Before (Déjà Vu)

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Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this interesting dream is that it took place during the day at a fictional mobile home or small house on the right side of the highway leaving the city of D so it was slightly outside or was almost outside city limits, and I think that I entered this unknown house for unknown reasons.

I had no idea who lived here and if anyone was inside the house or not, when I entered the house I saw a man with white skin inside the house, and he seemed to be looking around and possibly stealing guns and maybe some other objects that he was finding inside the mobile home or house.

The man saw me and he somewhat took me hostage at gunpoint, he had me sit on the living room couch, and I calmly talked with him because he seemed a bit unstable and confused like he did not know why he was here or what he was doing exactly.

He asked me if I lived here and I said no, he asked me if I knew who lived here and I said no, he asked me why was I here and I said that I did not know, and then I asked him the same questions and he had the same answers except that he said that he assumed that he was here to see if there was anything that he could steal but he was not sure and that was just his assumption.

The man became confused and a bit more unstable because he had no idea how he got here or why or anything, he probably started yelling and pointing his gun wildly trying to get answers, and then I realized that we both seemed to be in the same situation.

I then realized that this has happened before and I remembered this mobile home or house, this man, the guns, and that last time we both had no idea how or why we were here or who lived here.

I was not sure how many times this has happened before, I just knew that it happened before it seemed and in pretty much the same way probably, and so this was a déjà vu experience.

I talked calmly to the man trying to calm him down and prove what I was saying, and to prove myself I started telling him what happened last time and I probably showed him that there were some guns hidden under the floor in the living room behind a small hidden door that was probably under the carpet.

Everything that I said ended up being true, we found the guns hidden in the floor and the rest of the guns that were hidden around the house, and now I was no longer his hostage it seemed.

We both were confused and we started trying to figure out what was going on, we tried to do some experiments that I can not remember, and at some point I recommended that we call the police and explain the situation to them.

We called the police and we explained the situation to them, I let them know about the guns and that I was no longer a hostage, and then we prepared for their arrival.

Calling the police was possibly part of an experiment, just in case something strange happened we brought some guns with us in case we needed to defend ourselves, but I made sure that we kept them on the ground and that we tried to look non-threatening and that we followed the commands of the police when they arrive to hopefully avoid getting shot.

We walked outside to get the guns in a pile on the ground but the police arrived quicker than I expected and they pointed their guns at us and they yelled commands at us, we put our hands in the air and I explained the situation and I told them about the guns on the ground and inside the house and that we were unarmed, and then the police told us to lay on the ground on our stomachs with our hands behind our heads so we did.

There were some women with the police who seemed to be mental health counselors or something like that (remember one of the women being tall and thin and having white skin with short yellow hair), the police approached us, and they checked us for weapons and they started gathering the guns.

They split us up and they took me inside the house near the entrance to give my statement to them and the counselors, they knew the man who had temporarily taken me hostage, and they said that he had a history of doing strange things and being unstable in their opinions so they thought that he had some mental disorders and/or something like that so they seemed pretty relaxed because they knew him and assumed that he was just crazy and needed to be stabilized again.

I calmly and logically explained everything to them and that this has happened before, and that something strange was going on that seemed to cause the man and I to sometimes return to this house and possibly some other locations for unknown reasons and for us to have no memory of what happened before arriving at this house.

I wondered if it could be something in the atmosphere and/or environment, maybe something electromagnetic, that happens sometimes that somehow caused this strange behavior in the man and I; and I mentioned this possibility to the police and female counselors.

I also wondered if someone or something had done something to us to cause this and/or was controlling us, maybe aliens and/or unknown entities and/or other humans using us as test subjects, and/or there was some unknown natural phenomenon causing it; but I did not mention this to them to avoid making myself seem even more crazy.

The police and the female counselors acted like I was crazy and they did not even bother to really listen to me or  to record my statement, and they told me that I could go without even bothering to file an official report of what happened even after I asked them to.

I tried to explain that I was not crazy and that something strange was going on, that two people who do not even know each other being effected/affected in the same way several times and going to the same location(s) with no memory of how or why was unusual and worthy of being investigated, but they just ignored me like I was not even there.

They assumed that what I was saying was just crazy talk and that I was possibly crazy so they were blocking out anything that I had to say, I then knew how the other man must feel and other people who are considered crazy, and it was a bit sad being ignored like this but not surprising.

I knew that there was no point in wasting my time with the police or the female counselors so I walked away, my dad was at the entrance talking with the police to my surprise, and so I started to walk toward him to talk with him before leaving.

I planned on meeting with the other man soon and trying to figure out what was happening, what happened to us, and why because I knew that something strange was going on; and I wanted answers, but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day and I was inside my parent’s house, something strange was going on with my male cousin DE and he looked strange and different than in real life, and he rang the front doorbell and he was carrying a bag of stuff like he wanted to stay at our house for the night or longer and take a bath.

He looked strange, different, sick, possibly unstable, and I did not want him here and I did not want to be around him so I told my brother GC that he was here so we both decided to leave to a fictional small house or mobile home that our aunt JE (the mother of our cousin DE) owned but no longer lived at as far as we knew.

We drove to this fictional house or mobile home which was almost out of city limits in a field with a few other houses with yards, we entered the house and no one seemed to be there as expected, but we did not check the house yet.

My brother GC probably took most of his clothes off and he got in a bed to sleep in a bedroom on the right side of the living room near the entrance, I told him that we should check the house first, but he did not think that it was necessary.

I then heard what sounded like a television or radio coming from a room at the back of the house, I went into the bedroom where my brother GC was to warn him, and then on the living room floor outside of this bedroom I saw our aunt JE move from under a blanket on the living room floor.

Our aunt JE was asleep (sleeping) on the living room floor, we did not see her at first because the blanket was covering her completely and we were not paying attention, and so I warned my brother GC and he started getting dressed so that we could sneak out the house without waking up our aunt JE.

As we were about to sneak out of the house a boy with white skin with short brown hair who lived at a house slightly across the field on the right side started trying to enter the house through a door on the right side of the house that led to the kitchen, and so I told my brother GC to sneak out of the front entrance while I deal with the boy because he probably saw me.

I answered the door that the boy was trying to enter, I asked the boy why was he trying to enter the house, and he asked me a question instead and I told him that my aunt owned this house.

I asked him if he was a family member, he said yes, and I asked him to prove it by naming some of the children of my aunt JE but he asked me to name some of them first so I did.

He still refused to answer my question, we came to a truce where we both went outside after we both agreed to not enter the house if I also left the house, and the boy and I talked in the field as some dogs ran around and some children who lived in the neighborhood (the boy started the conversation, I wanted to leave, but I did not want to seem suspicious).

The boy asked me to help him with his bicycle that was by an opening in a homemade barbed wire fence for his yard, and so I did hoping that he would leave and play with the other kids if I did this so that I could leave with my brother GC before our aunt JE wakes up and before his parent’s see me because to them I would just be an unknown man talking with their son.

After helping the boy with his bicycle and standing it back up, his parent’s called for him, and then I used the opportunity to escape before they could see me and before the boy could continue bothering me.

I woke up as I was walking to my automobile to escape with my brother GC.

The end,

-John Jr