A Fundraiser And Being A Hitman

Dream 1

All that I can remember of the end of this dream is that a fundraiser was taking place at a multi-story building during the day, I think that they were trying to raise funds for the local public schools (public school system) in B Parish where I live, and so The B Parish School Board was probably over the fundraising; and they teamed up with local public servant volunteers (teachers, librarians, and more) to help them with the fundraiser.

The fundraiser probably involved free food in the form of a plate lunch of one meal per-person to encourage people to come to the fundraiser, and on an upper floor of the building they were selling various items that you might find at one of those tool sales where they move from city to city selling objects about once a year.

I entered the building, the free food and some of the volunteers were probably on the first floor but I was going to get my free plate lunch after I shop first, and so I continued up the stairs to reach the upper floor where the sale (fundraiser) was going on.

The stairs eventually led to a floor that you had to walk across to reach another set of stairs that would take you higher, this floor was dimly lit and had supernatural and/or paranormal-like things going on, but I can not remember if this was real or part of an experience to entertain people.

I heard strange sounds and voices and maybe music with some of the voices probably saying things to you, I possibly saw what looked like ghosts (spirits), and other things that were a bit creepy and scary and that played with your mind like this was a form of mind games and some of the sounds/voices/music/ghosts/spirits/visuals/et cetera seemed to be trying to be or appear (seem) to be things/people who were familiar to you (like dead family members and dead friends et cetera) or at least connected to them in some way.

I was not sure if this was real or fake but I tried to stay calm and not let it get to me as I made my way across this floor to reach the stairs so that I could continue to the fundraiser, and eventually I reached the stairs and I walked up to the floor where the fundraiser was.

There were various aisles of things being sold, mostly tools but many other types of things as well, and I saw various teachers I knew like my former PE (physical education) coach Mr. K and a few public servants like my coworker Mrs. H who is the Branch Manager of The B Parish Library volunteering to help with the fundraiser so they were helping people and working the cash registers et cetera.

Most of the objects were non-named brand and unknown name-brand products that looked low quality, which is normal for tool sales, and one of the objects that I looked at was a white 7 inch computer tablet with 8 GB of memory (ROM) and I assume 1 GB of RAM but it did not say what operating system it had or how fast the CPU was.

It had a cheap-looking and low-quality white plastic case that could open and close to protect the screen, but everything looked very low-quality like it would not last long and it cost $50 so I would rather get a budget Amazon Fire tablet or a budget RCA computer tablet at that price so I decided to not get it.

My former PE coach Mr. K and another teacher were talking near me, we talked briefly and then they continued walking to help other customers, and then my coworker Mrs. H walked over to help me so we talked briefly about her volunteering and about some of the products for sale and then I left but I can not remember if I bought anything or not.

There was a woman with white skin with long hair leaving at the same time as me so we both reached the supernatural and/or paranormal-like floor at the same time, and I warned her about supernatural and/or paranormal-like things letting her know that I was not sure if it was real or fake and I told her to try to not let it get to her because they/it would probably play mind games with her so that she should probably assume that what she saw and heard was a trick (like the voices and visuals et cetera of dead people you know).

As we walked through this floor the woman failed to follow my advice so it/they got to her, she saw and heard voices of dead people she knew and assumed that it was them, and so she started to cry and breakdown and get scared et cetera.

I tried to keep her calm and get her to snap out of it but that was not working very well because the mind games and things had gotten to her, and she was too emotional and her mental defenses were down and she was becoming unstable like someone having an emotional breakdown.

I had to physically move her along so that she would not stay stuck there chasing after these ghosts/spirits/entities, if this was even real, and so that she would not have a complete mental breakdown and I was not sure what these ghosts/spirits/entities would do to her if they were real (maybe possess you once they broke your defense down?).

I managed to physically move her through the floor with me until we reached the stairs to get back to the first floor, she was still crying a bit and shaken up, but I felt that she would probably recover.

I talked with her a bit to help calm her down and I reminded her that I warned her about the strange things happening on that floor, I told her that it/they had somewhat effected/affected me as well, but that I was fortunate enough to resist and keep moving.

I gave her some words of encouragement, some advice, and I recommended that she talk to and spend some time with some people she trusts and to go get professional help if she feels that she needs it to help her recover from this experience and other things going on in her life and I wished her well as I said goodbye.

I got my free plate lunch on the first floor and I returned home to my parent’s house, my dad was about to leave to the fundraiser to get us some more plate lunches (he had probably gotten some already), but I told him that it was only one per-person.

He works for The B Parish School Board so he thought that it was okay for him to get more, I disagreed, but he was probably going to get more anyway but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, the dream was like the Hitman video games where I seemed to be a hitman on a mission to murder (kill) a rich person at a multi-story house in a field, and so I was sneaking across this field avoiding security sensors and alarms and cameras and other people as I tried to reach my target (but I can not remember who my target was, but I assume that it was a rich man with white skin with maybe brown hair who owned this property).

There were some small buildings (storage buildings, barns, et cetera) near the house that I sneaked by and through as I avoided the security system (sensors, alarms, cameras), and I started crossing the field to enter the house but suddenly out-of-nowhere a man wearing a baseball-style work hat riding an orange or red riding mower drove across the field backward toward me cutting grass not realizing that I was there so he was about to run me over as I crouched in the field sneaking.

I pulled out my fiber wire (garrote), I jumped on the back of his lawn mower and I started to choke him to death with it, and as I was doing this suddenly out-of-nowhere I noticed a teenage girl with white skin wearing a nice summer dress standing in the field with her back facing me doing something that I can not remember (possibly practicing something on a standing object, maybe martial arts or painting or sculpting or building a scarecrow or something, but I can not remember).

I assumed that she was the daughter of my target, she did not see me yet so I hoped that she would not see me because I did not want to kill her too, and I quickly choked the male worker on the riding mower to death with my fiber wire (garrote) and I changed into his clothes as a disguise.

The riding mower was still on and making noise loudly so no one saw or heard me murder the male worker, not even the girl in the field, and so I drove the riding mower to one of the small buildings to hide his dead body.

After hiding his dead body I continued riding the riding mower pretending to be the male worker as I tried to find a way into the house and to find my target so that I could kill him, but I woke up as I was riding around cutting grass scouting the house as I pretended to be a worker.

The end,

-John Jr

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