Large-Headed Rattlesnakes

I slept well and I had some clear and detailed dreams, but I forgot most of them and I forgot some parts of the dreams that I do remember.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day in my parent’s yard near the storage buildings and The BV, and while I was walking in the yard I noticed a rattlesnake laying in the grass near The BV and the rattlesnake had a larger than normal head.

This is the most poisonous snake that I have seen in my parent’s yard so I decided to go get a shovel to kill it, and as I walked over to the storage buildings to get a shovel I saw another large-headed rattlesnake that was mostly underground by a toolbox with its head above-ground like it was coming from underground but it stopped to relax first.

This surprised me to see two rattlesnakes and for them to have such large heads, this confused and worried me, and so I looked around closely at the grass and ground looking for more snakes as I got a shovel which was a flat shovel.

I then killed the large-head rattlesnake whose head was above-ground by the toolbox by chopping its neck with the shovel and decapitating it, and then I started walking to kill the other large-head rattlesnake but I saw my brother GC and our dad so I stopped to warn them and tell them about the situation.

They were going to help me kill the other large-head rattlesnake so I gave my brother GC my shovel, our dad grabbed a metal stick or pipe, and then I found a pointed shovel and we walked over to kill the other large-head rattlesnake.

The plan was for my brother GC to chop its neck and hold it down, I would chop the middle of its body and hold it down, my brother GC would then chop again while I held it down, then I would chop it again while my brother GC held it down, and our dad would stand back to cover us from any other possible snakes and help us if necessary.

I am not sure if we got to start my plan before I woke up because I can not remember now.

Dream 2

This dream took place during the day on one of my off-days from work, today is really one of those days and Sunday is the other (because the library does not open on that day), and I decided to go to The B Parish Library where I work to get one or more DVDs and/or audio books and/or books that I wanted.

When I entered The B Parish Library I saw my female coworker Ms. M and another female coworker at the front desk, I can not remember the rest of the dream other than getting my items and going to the front desk, and there I greeted my coworkers and Ms. M was the library clerk checking out my items.

We talked as Ms. M checked out my items, we talked about how it was my day off and some other things involving the item(s) that I was checking out and several other topics, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

There was possibly another dream before this or another part of this dream that I possibly remembered after getting in bed again after voice recording my dreams, but I can not remember that dream or that part of the dream now other than it possibly involved me shopping and/or looking for something and then leaving and/or walking into this part of the dream or this next dream.

This part of the dream or this dream was probably inspired by me watching Imogen Heap’s Tiny Human music video (which is probably about the experience when she gave birth to her first child) last night and her last video blog (vblog) episode #5 which talked about her pregnancy among other things (that vblog is old so she already had her baby months ago):

At the end of the dream I remember walking into a nice almost opera-like theater where a concert was taking place on stage with audience and performers being nicely dressed, and there were two women with white skin performing on stage playing music and maybe singing and maybe more.

They both wore nice dresses, at least one of them had long curly brown hair, and there was at least one large black piano and other musical instruments that they were using and that they had on stage among their props and decorations.

During their performance the two women suddenly started arguing and then fighting, it seemed fake and staged to me like professional (entertainment) wrestling so I assumed that this was part of the show, and it happened as I was walking on stage.

No one was getting hurt during their fight but then one of the women grabbed a musical instrument and she threw it at the other woman, and the musical instrument hit her in the stomach and she fell back behind the piano and/or a prop and/or part of the stage where you could not see her.

I still assumed that this was part of the show and that the other woman was okay, and so I walked over to the woman who had thrown the musical instrument and we started talking.

At some point while I was thinking about the situation as I talked with the woman I realized that the other woman who got hit in the stomach appeared to be pregnant when I thought back on that moment she got hit in the stomach, I assumed that this was faked and that she had a pillow or something under her dress to appear slightly pregnant, but then I realized that the other woman still had not gotten up to join our conversation and I still had not seen her since she fell back where we could not see her after getting hit in the stomach with the musical instrument.

I then started to wonder if that had been real and that maybe she was really pregnant, maybe they really got into an argument and fight during their performance, and so I asked the woman if she had seen the other woman since she fell and she said no so I decided that we should check on her to see where she was and if she was okay.

We found her laying on the ground holding her stomach, she said that she was pregnant and that she thinks that she was injured and could not get up, and so I told the other woman to get help so she did.

They had some emergency medical people backstage so we waited on them to run from backstage, but I woke up as I stayed their talking to and trying to help the injured pregnant woman.

The end,

-John Jr

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