Back In The 1980s And 1990s

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Last night I was sleeping good and I woke up at almost 3 AM to use the bathroom, I had remembered one or more dreams, but my brother GC was still awake and I ended up talking with him for over 30 minutes so I forgot those dreams or I forgot to voice record them and I could not go back to sleep which was a problem because I already was not going to get as much sleep as I wanted to for work in the morning so this made things worse.

I had to do some burpees and walk around a bit before trying to go back to sleep again, and eventually I was able to go back to sleep again and I had one or more dreams.

I possibly woke up and went back to sleep without voice recording the dream or dreams below, and so my memory of this dream or dreams was damaged by this and because I possibly had a false awakening dream but I am not sure.

All that I can remember of this dream or dreams is that I was riding in or driving an automobile with my parent’s during the evening or night in the city of D driving past the fairground on the right side of the street heading in the direction toward W Park.

Something that I can not remember happened where we started to notice strange things, I guess you could say I started to notice the strangeness of the dream, and it probably started to look like this area or part of this area was back in the 1980s and/or 1990s.

We parked outside of a small fictional building on the right side of the street before you pass W Park, and we got out as we got distracted by 1980s and 1990s things that we were seeing around us.

I was not sure if this was a dream, some special occasion where people were decorating the area and themselves to look like the 1980s and/or 1990s, or what was going on.

I do not think that the dream went lucid because we were probably distracted by the nostalgia and we started naming things that we recognized and we tried to guess which year these things were from, and so we just enjoyed the moment instead of trying to figure out if this was a dream or not.

We walked into the small one-story building that we parked outside of, and the inside was a small 1980s and/or 1990s-style restaurant/arcade/recreational area where many young adults would hang out to eat and drink and listen to music and play video games and games et cetera.

Everyone there was wearing clothing and hairstyles from the 1980s and/or 1990s, and the character Albert Clifford “A.C” Slater (played by the actor Mario Lopez) from the television series Saved By The Bell was working there.

We probably asked A.C. Slater about the 1980s and/or 1990s styling of the place and people, he probably responded with confusion because this was probably the 1980s and/or 1990s, and so it was like maybe a time warp (whatever) or something where this part of the city was back in that and/or those time periods.

Instead of confusing him further and instead of investigating further we just enjoyed the moment of being back in that and/or those time periods, it was like being in a living museum where this place were preserved in time to be relived or something.

We continued looking for things that we recognized and we each tried to guess what time period things were from, and we told each other stories of what we remembered of each object and the various memories that we had from that and/or those time periods.

It was nice just relaxing and enjoying the nostalgia, but my memory is so messed up now that I can not remember if the next part is part of this dream or not so I will just type it like it is part of the same dream because I am not sure.

I possibly met some people from the 1980s and/or 1990s in the restaurant/arcade/recreation center/whatever from earlier, and I possibly went with them and/or some people they knew to a house-like building that was somewhat like The E House but bigger and some of it looked different.

My parent’s were not in this part of the dream or this dream, and it was evening or night still and inside this house-like building among the people I met a woman with white or light-colored skin with long maybe light-medium-colored hair with a hairband or something down maybe the middle of her hair who was on the upper floor that over-looked part of the first floor.

This woman seemed like maybe the type of person who was really into nature and maybe some New Age-like stuff, we started a conversation, and somehow we ended up kissing and making out and then having sex on a bed.

This and some of the parts that happened next were inspired by some of the early parts of the film Enemy, which I started watching last night but I only got to watch 30 minutes of it so far and I will continue it today, and the parts that I am talking about involve the main character of that film being shown in a cycle of being at work and then coming home to eat/drink and spend time with his girlfriend and then have sex with her and then she has a negative-neutral response afterward and gets dressed and leaves and this cycle continues a few times.

After having a good time with some connection and having enjoyable sex, the woman I was with would act somewhat like the main character’s girlfriend in that film pretty much, and it is hard to describe how that looked and felt; the best that I can describe it is having all the joy and connection lost after getting your release after having sex and having the connection before it and the sex itself seem empty afterward, and then that person just gets dressed and leaves with a negative-neutral facial expression like they did not enjoy themselves and they only had sex with you to get a release and leave and/or something else.

In my dream there was a similar cycle, instead of me being at my job first, I would return to this house-like building during the evening or night to meet the woman (some of the people from the 1980s and/or 1990s or people they knew would be there too, but I was only there to see the woman), and we would have a good time and then kiss and make out in the bed on the upper floor over-looking the first floor without much privacy if any and then we would have sex; and afterward she would have that negative-neutral response every time and would want me to leave and/or she would leave.

One-time while we were kissing in a bed on the first floor in a hallway by the kitchen, this part of the house-like building looked like The E House, my uncle CE walked from behind us like he entered the house from one of the least used doors in the house; and he responded to us kissing by saying several things that I can not remember, and he thought that we were having sex.

I explained that we were not having sex, and then he told us about something that I can not remember before leaving.

Another time after we had sex I decided to finally ask the woman about her negative-neutral response every time after we have sex, but she responded angrily and did not say exactly.

I asked her if I had said or did something wrong, she seemed to have implied that someone told her that I had gone around telling others about how we have sex which was not exactly true, and so I told her so but she still was responding angrily.

I asked her what did she want me to do or say to fix this situation, she would not say exactly, but she implied something involving a burn tree I think.

I had no idea what a burn tree was so I looked it up on the internet on maybe my mobile phone, and I read that a burn tree was a piece of wood used to start a fire and usually a fire meant to cleanse something whether for natural purposes and/or in spiritual/religious/et cetera rituals et cetera.

I asked her if that was the burn tree that she was implying and what did she want me to do with one, I waited for her to respond, she kept never responding to anything clearly or exactly so I had to keep trying and try to figure out what she was implying each time by trying to translate her cues (hints).

We did not seem to be dating yet, just meeting up to have a good time and it usually ended in sex, but I told her that to me that it was not just about the sex and that I was really interested in getting to know her and forming a relationship so I just wanted to know what was wrong and how to fix it because I did not like how things always ended negative-neutral after we have sex even though everything else would always be good until that point.

She still continued to be angry and unclear and not answer my questions directly, but I woke up before I could learn or figure out or translate her cues to help me figure out what her problem was.

The end,

-John Jr


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