Secret Meetings & Plate Lunches

Last night I got in bed early but I could not sleep, I briefly got up to do some burpees and I got back in bed but I still was not able to sleep until later, and so I did not get as much sleep as I wanted but I slept pretty good considering.

I had some dreams but I did not voice record them before I went back to sleep so I forgot most of my dreams from last night, and so now all that I can remember of my last dream or my last two dreams is that one or both of them involved a group who would meet in secret in probably secret locations or a secret location to have secret meetings and have plate lunches during their secret meetings.

I am not sure if this group would be considered a secret society or not, I do not think that they were up to anything weird or negative but I can not remember any of the details about this group and their meetings and goals or anything like that, and I was possibly part of this group or I would possibly go to some of their secret meetings.

Plate lunches were an important part of the secret meetings I assume, I think that I remember everyone looking forward to the plate lunches each time and eating some good free food that was probably different each time, but I could be wrong. 😀

My former male classmate DH was possibly in the first dream and he was definitely in the last dream, and all that I can remember of that dream is that it took place inside a fictional larger version of my former classmate DH’s parent’s house.

My former classmate DH was there along with some fictional younger family members of his and his fictional girlfriend or wife who had light-brown or light-medium brown skin with long dark-brown and/or black hair, and one of the fictional family members of my former classmate DH was a boy with light-colored skin with curly brown/yellow/maybe slightly orange hair whose hair was maybe a somewhat rusty color combination of those three colors.

I was there as well and I remember them (us) playing video games, watching television, talking, and the kids playing in what I assume was the living room.

The fictional girlfriend or wife of my former classmate DH spent most of the time laying on a couch next to my former classmate DH, and at some point it was getting close to time for one of those secret group meetings from the first dream or the first part of the dream.

My former classmate DH and I quietly signaled to each other that it was almost time for the secret meeting, we probably signaled reminders to each other about where the meeting was and where the plate lunches were, and the secret meeting location this time was underground through maybe a hidden entrance in the floor of this house somewhere maybe and the plate lunches were either in there already or were hidden in another location.

I remember the fictional family member of my former classmate DH, the boy with the curly hair, walking down a hallway when I heard him make a noise like he was injured so I went to see if he was okay.

Around the corner on a short hallway that crossed into a longer hallway I found the boy standing near some wooden structures, maybe tree trunks that had sharp edges from when they were cut and the bark was removed, and you had to cross over these wooden structures to get through the hall.

The boy had what looked like dry blood on one of his shins and a vertical cut on it, there was some dry somewhat maybe purplish blood on one of the wooden structures, and it seemed that he had accidentally hit his shin on a sharp edge and got cut.

I was confused by how the blood was dry already and how it looked somewhat purplish, I assumed that the color looked strange because of the color of the wood making it look strange and/or the poor lighting in this area, and I asked the boy if he was okay and he said that he was.

The others walked over to see what happened, the girlfriend or wife of my former classmate DH checked the boy’s cut and talked with him, and he was okay.

My former classmate DH and I were about to leave to the secret meeting and/or to get our plate lunches first, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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