Bran Before Braid

On pretty much every off-day from work since I started my new shelver job at The B Parish Library I wake up at 10:30-something AM regardless of when I went to sleep, which is annoying and I can not go back to sleep when this happens usually, and so as usual I was suddenly awakened from my last dream at this time which caused me to forget all of my dreams except for barely part of the end of my last dream from last night.

Some of this dream was possibly inspired by a video that I watched last night called Ghetto Brawls: Queen Of The Hood (Queen Of The Hood), and so it is possible that some women were having street fights in one or more of the videos that some dream characters were watching during this dream and/or they were actually having a street fight or street fights somewhere in the building but I am not sure.

All that I can remember of the end of this dream now is that it took place in a dark or very dimly lit building that was somewhat library-like, and in at least one part of the building people were watching a video or videos on a large screen like if a library or somewhere like that decided to set up a temporary cinema (movie theater) so there were individual chairs for people to sit on.

That room was a large room with an open entrance next to the main entrance and front desk(s) and it looked like a large non-child themed version of the children’s section at The B Parish Library, and at the very end of the dream as other people were watching something and probably making a lot of noise like they were very into whatever they were watching I remember looking at DVDs on some shelves near the front desk(s) where a female employee with white skin was sitting.

As I looked at the labels on the DVDs I noticed that labels with the word BRAN were shelved before the DVDs labeled BRAID, I felt that this was probably not shelved properly because I thought that BRAID would go before BRAN, and so I told the female employee about this to see if she agreed.

If she agreed I was going to organize and shelve those DVDs properly, but I woke up as I was telling the female employee about this.

The end,

-John Jr

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