The Mission To Save Saul Berenson

I am not sure what order each part of this dream from last night are supposed to be in, and so I will type them randomly.

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during the day and I was driving down the street past a somewhat fictional version of W Park from the street by the shopping center, and I parked in the parking lot across from the shopping center.

On a fictional grassy area next to this parking lot I saw my former male classmate DH standing while sweating and breathing hard like he had been exercising (probably jogging), and he stopped to cool down because he was finished and/or tired so I walked over and greeted him and talked with him; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

In another part of the dream I probably saw a trailer or commercial for maybe a film about aliens, and it looked interesting so I wanted to see it.

In possibly another part of the dream my brother GC went with me to a movie theater (cinema) to watch the film that I saw on that trailer (commercial), I assume that we drove but I can not remember, and inside the lobby there was a somewhat over-fat male worker with white skin and maybe a receding hairline behind the counter.

I forgot something in my automobile, maybe my money, and so I went to get it while my brother GC bought his ticket for the film.

When I got back inside the cinema my brother GC was gone, I assumed that he had already went inside to watch the film, and so I went to buy my ticket but I could not remember the name of the film that I wanted to watch.

I told the male worker that I think that the film was about aliens so I asked him if any of the films playing was about aliens, he said yes, and so I bought a ticket for that film hoping that it was the correct film.

The poster for this film looked like it was in black and white, the trailer that I saw was for a film in color, and so I hoped that I had not just paid for a ticket to the wrong film.

I asked the male worker if he had seen my brother GC, I described him, and the male worker said that he was watching one of the films but he could not remember which film so I went to watch the alien film that I just bought a ticket for.

Inside the movie theater auditorium (room) I did not see my brother GC, the film that started playing seemed like an old black and white film, and I was not enjoying it and it was not the film that I saw in the trailer so I went back to the lobby to see if I could switch and watch a different film instead.

While I was doing this my brother GC walked over, he was looking for me, and he had possibly been watching the wrong film as well.

We could not figure out which film I had seen in the trailer, I asked the male worker about the black and white film and he said that it was terrible, and so my brother GC and I decided to watch another film since we could not figure out which film I had seen in that trailer.

Unfortunately we were also disappointed with this film, and we started to leave in disappointment without seeing the film that we had arrived to see.

Another part of the dream involved me being in an one-story building, I walked from one area that I can not remember down a long hallway to another area, and in this area some nice over-fat women with white skin were selling objects like markers (invisible ones whose ink would only show in maybe the dark or something like that, pink ones, and more), popsicles (cheap artificial banana, another artificial fruit flavor that was red, and some other random flavors), and a few other things.

I looked around at some of the objects and I remember asking about the popsicles, the women said that they were cheap and nasty in their opinion so I did not buy any, and then I walked to another area where there were some women renting out some office spaces.

A thin man with brown skin wearing a baseball hat (cap) who looked like the boyfriend or husband of my former female classmate FS and his young son who had brown skin with short black hair were in this area, and the man was looking at the office spaces like he wanted to rent one.

I walked through the office areas that were for rent, and I found a hidden room that led to what I assume was a secret CIA room where CIA agents and maybe other agents were working.

This was like the television series Homeland, they had many computers and screens and other devices, and they were communicating with various agencies and the military as they worked on a mission to save the character Saul Berenson from the television series Homeland.

Saul had been taken hostage by an Islāmic terrorist group, which actually happened on the television series during one season, and he had managed to escape the building and contact them and he was trying to reach the extraction point where the military would arrive to rescue him.

The dream jumped to Saul wearing a disguise and running with an AK-47 in his hands, he was wearing clothing of one of the members of the Islāmic terrorist group and a turban, and I saw dead members of the Islamic terrorist group scattered around the outside of the compound like Saul had killed them.

It was day and the compound was in the middle of nowhere so Saul was running to reach the extraction point, but the assumed leader of this Islāmic terrorist group or the leader of the group holding him hostage caught up to Saul and they started fighting.

The leader was a man with light-brown skin, Saul actually fought well and managed to create some space and knock the leader to the ground, and then Saul was going to shoot and kill him.

The leader looked afraid and shocked as Saul was about to pull the trigger, he probably begged Saul to not shoot him (they exchanged a few words), but then there was a gunshot as Saul was about to shoot him and Saul fell to the ground.

Behind Saul was a man with light-brown skin holding an AK-47, he had shot Saul, and he was part of a group of reinforcements of the Islāmic terrorist group.

The leader was angry that he shot Saul, they wanted and needed him alive, one or more military helicopters were arriving to pick up Saul but they saw the huge group of reinforcements and they saw Saul laying on the ground shot so they quickly flew away disappointed and sad.

It was not clear if Saul was dead or alive, the dream jumped back to the CIA room as the CIA agents and others looked shocked and sad and angry and disappointed, and there was a lot of confusion.

No one probably bothered me as I stood there watching this, there was a woman with white skin who was dressed up and she had been the one leading the mission to save Saul, and after the shock of failing their mission she immediately ordered everyone to focus on the Islāmic terrorist group.

They rounded up some people to interrogate and I remember watching one of their interrogations from a room where some of the agents were watching the interrogation from a different room, I remember them interrogating a man with white skin who knew a bit about the Islāmic terrorist group (maybe he was a follower of Islam who had once had some indirect involvement with them once), and he told them that they would help followers of Islam (Muslims) get to different countries and they would provide other services to help people so they were not just a terrorist group.

But they were very dangerous and violent and the Muslims they helped were usually afraid to speak out against them or to help the authorities stop them because they were afraid of being kidnapped and tortured and killed et cetera, and because this terrorist group did some positive things too.

This man was also afraid and only revealed this much because he was afraid that the CIA were going to torture him, maybe they did rough him up a bit and they were angry about failing to rescue Saul so they were pressuring and threatening him very hard, and so he told them what he could.

They had been investigating this Islāmic terrorist group and some other terrorist groups, but their investigation had not been going well and Saul getting kidnapped and now shot had changed things so now they were focusing most of their resources on this one terrorist group.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr