Where Is Gillian Anderson (Dana Scully) And / Or Her Body (Corpse)?

I slept through most of my dreams from last night without waking up to voice record them.

So all that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was inside a dimly lit and dark windowless house, maybe underground in some areas, but I am not sure.

The first floor was possibly above-ground and could be reached from a parking lot and / or sidewalk, and inside the house was possibly a narrow spiral staircase that took you to the underground floor or floors; and I was possibly investigating something, but I am not sure.

During my assumed investigation and / or whatever I possibly remember something involving some strange possibly bald men with white skin, a cat, a refrigerator, and maybe more.

During my assumed investigation and / or whatever that I was doing, I somehow heard / read a rumor or rumors and / or a conspiracy theory and / or conspiracy theories involving the actress Gillian Anderson; who played the character Dana Scully on The X-Files television series and films, et cetera.

The rumor(s) and/or conspiracy theory (conspiracy theories) said that Mrs. Anderson was dead or assumed dead and that her family did not even get to see her dead body at her funeral because her body was missing.

I am not sure if her body went missing or if they never found it to begin with.

The rumor(s) and/or conspiracy theory (conspiracy theories) said that Mrs. Anderson had possibly accidentally stumbled across something and/or was inspired to investigate something.

It was either directly and/or indirectly related to her character Dana Scully and her time on The X-Files television series.

She was either filming an episode of the television show when she stumbled across something and/or she was inspired to investigate something, or an experience from her time on that television show led her to stumble across something and/or to be inspired to investigate something.

It all possibly started when she was in character as Dana Scully, but she did her investigation as herself (Gillian Anderson) out of character on her own time after an episode was filmed and/or the television show was filmed.

No one knew what that something was, but the rumors were that she had stumbled across something that possibly involved aliens and/or she started investigating something involving aliens or a conspiracy involving aliens.

The rumors assumed that she must have found something real and was killed because of it by someone/something/some group (government, military, corporation, et cetera), but no one really knew what happened to her.

She was rumored to be dead, and it was rumored that her body was missing and/or never found.

I did not want to think that the rumors were real at first, something happened when I was looking around this house, or I was leaving it.

I saw the actor David Duchovny who plays the character Fox Mulder on The X-Files.

Mr. Duchovny, who was himself & he was not in character as Fox Mulder, was investigating the death or assumed death and disappearance of Mrs. Anderson and/or the disappearance of the body of Mrs. Anderson.

So it seemed that some of the rumors and/or conspiracy theories were possibly true, or that he believed some of them too.

I talked to Mr. Duchovny about his investigation, my assumed investigation, the rumors & conspiracy theories that I heard, trying to see if there were any connections between them; and trying to figure out what was going on and if I could help in some way.

Mr. Duchovny was seriously trying to figure out what happened to Mrs. Anderson, and he felt that her family deserved the truth.

That they should get a chance to find her body and lay it to rest if she was dead and if her body was really missing.

I remember going inside the house with Mr. Duchovny, showing and explaining to him what I found so far during my own possibly unrelated investigation.

He and/or I found a yellow box in the top or bottom of a white refrigerator.

There was a picture on the box of a dessert that was like a chocolate chip ice cream sandwich or an ice cream dessert that looked like a taco, or it was a non-frozen chocolate chip dessert taco with white cream.

This was possibly a clue for my assumed investigation and his, but I can not remember.

I started to wonder if my assumed investigation possibly had some connection with what possibly happened with Mrs. Anderson.

I decided that I would help Mr. Duchovny with his investigation while I also continued my assumed investigation.

Likewise, I was curious to figure out what was going on with both cases and to find out what or if anything really happened to Mrs. Anderson or not, and what did Mrs. Anderson stumble across and/or start investigating.

I also wondered if it was possible that her assumed investigation was also connected to all of this, and that maybe our investigations would lead us to what she had found.

It was possibly that something was really going on, it was rumored that the government and/or military and/or company and/or whoever either refused to answer questions that Mrs. Anderson’s family had asked and/or they claimed to know nothing about what happened to her.

Her family and others did not believe them, and they assumed that they were lying about something and hiding something.

If this was true, then we could possibly end up missing and/or dead if we got too close to the truth of what was possibly going on.

Because if this was true, someone/something/some group was possibly trying to keep something a secret and were willing to do whatever it takes to keep it a secret and to cover up things.

Either way, Mr. Duchovny was determined it seemed, and I was curious.

I wanted to help and solve the cases, and so we were both willing to take some risks, but I woke up.

THE X-FILES Season 10 Promo – A Global Phenomenon (2016) David Duchovny Gillian Anderson FOX HD

The end,

  • John Jr

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