Bad Weather & Witches

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during a gray day and the weather was getting bad, and it seemed that a bad storm was on its way.

I was riding in maybe a car with my former male classmates JB and MT (who are both cousins, not my cousins, but they are cousins), my former classmate JB was driving and my former classmate MT was in the front passenger’s seat.

I was sitting in the back seat, I am not sure if anyone else was with us or not at this point, but I do know that later in the dream there was at least one woman with us (who was possibly a witch) and some children (kids).

We were driving in the countryside it seemed away from the city, we seemed to be trying to reach a place to take shelter, and my former classmate JB knew how to reach this place.

I remember my former classmate JB driving fast and dangerously as he drove off the road, across grass, and over a hill where we reached the place being used as shelter.

This place had a one-story building and maybe one or more tents set up, I am not sure about the tents though, and there were other people there as well trying to seek shelter.

And it seemed that maybe this shelter was set up (being run) by some witches who really had magical powers, who were probably all female because I do not remember any men among them, and most people or everyone was outside because maybe the witches were not letting anyone inside yet as they organized things.

I remember my former classmates JB and MT, at least one woman with maybe white skin with long hair, some children who were with the woman, and I going inside the building unlike everyone else so maybe we sneaked inside but I am not sure.

We could see what happening outside through a window I assume, we were in a room inside the building, and the storm was probably getting closer and the people outside were probably getting a bit impatient.

Something happened that I can not remember, an attack (possibly planned, and so maybe this shelter was a trap) started where maybe some or most of the witches started attacking everyone and they had maybe some robots and/or entities and/or creatures helping them (maybe they were summoned and/or they were already there, I can not remember what they looked like, but there were only a few of them; and I know that they were strange), and we were safely inside the building as the chaos happened outside (the attack was bad and scary enough that we decided to stay hidden inside instead of trying to help, I guess the magic and robots/entities/creatures/whatever and the shock made us feel like we did not stand a chance against them, and we had the children to worry about).

We heard screaming and we saw people running and hiding and being attacked outside, the witches and robots/entities/creatures/whatever probably did not know that we were inside the building at first, but we knew that would not last long after one of the robots/entities/creatures/whatever flew or glided and/or walked inside the building looking around to make sure that no one was inside the building.

We hid and it probably did not see us, it then went back outside, but then a witch with white skin with long maybe brown hair saw us from outside through the window so she started running to enter the building to attack us.

Someone among us knew about an exit in the building that could be reached from above the ceiling, we burst a hole in the ceiling and we climbed inside the ceiling, and we crawled to the back of the building until we reached an exit that led to the back of the building.

The witch ran into the room and she saw the hole in the ceiling, she probably guessed our plan and she ran outside to reach the back of the building before us, but we reached the back of the building before she did.

We were not sure what to do next or where to go because the attack was still going on and we had no idea where all the threats were and we were outside now where the chaos was going on, and the assumed storm was coming so it would not be safe outside soon.

The witch reached the back of the building where we were hiding, another female witch (who was possibly the woman with the children, but I am not sure) helped us by fighting the other witch (there were words exchanged before and during the fighting, but I can not remember what; but maybe the attacking witch knew the witch or woman helping us or at least knew that she was a witch), but the attacking witch ran at the witch or woman helping us and there was an explosion like the attacking witch either blew herself up to kill the witch or woman helping us or she used a magic attack that blew up the witch or woman helping us (either way the explosion looked like it was probably magical).

This explosion probably got the attention of the other witches and robots/entities/creatures/whatever, and so maybe some of them went to see what happened and saw us.

Then either another helpful female witch or the witch or woman we thought was dead helped us and/or a few of us started fighting to defend the children and others, but I can not remember and I woke up at the beginning of this fight to survive and defend the others until they could hopefully escape.

The end,

-John Jr

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