Morgan Webb And Witches?

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Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I was with my brother GC, and I remember going inside a one-story house-like building several times during the dream so I assume that the dream took place over several days or longer.

It felt like this building was possibly located near the BB grocery store on Southside or Westside in the city of D, and each time I would see and talk to a thin man with white skin with maybe some freckles with short yellow hair who wore glasses and Morgan Webb.

The thin man would probably be described as nerdy and smart, he possibly lived in this building but I am not sure, and maybe Morgan Webb lived there too but I am not sure (there would usually be some other people there as well, but they were background characters who I never talked with or paid attention to really).

I just know that I would see them either already there and they would leave at some point or they would arrive after I get there and then leave at some point after we talk, and we usually would be in a room with maybe white/gray carpet and some tables and maybe chairs.

I am not sure if Morgan Webb and I were friends and/or associates and/or dating and/or close to dating or what, I can not remember, but I do remember talking with her each day like we knew each other and possibly had a relationship of some kind whether distant or close that was possibly growing (building/improving) each day because I think that there were some positive and close and familiar feelings there.

During the dream I heard/learned that there were some people who had special powers (abilities) and some who had magic and/or both, these people had groups and would probably recruit others with similar powers and/or magic, and one of these groups were witches or assumed to be.

The witches were the only group who were possibly named and/or assumed, the other groups were never identified so I have no idea what powers they had, but I did not know who the witches were or what they could do.

One day when my brother GC and I were in the room and when the thin man and Morgan Webb were not there (maybe they had just left), my brother GC shared something with me calmly like it was no big deal, even though it was a big deal.

My brother GC revealed that he had recently found out that he had powers, he did not say what his powers were but I assumed that he was a werewolf but that was my wild guess, and he told me that he has been attacked several times during his nightly walks (he usually walks the dogs) by at least one group who were the witches I think.

No group with his powers had tried to recruit him or communicate with him yet so we were not sure if he was the only person with this power which would mean that there was possibly no group for people like him yet or maybe that group did not know about him yet or maybe people with his power preferred to keep to themselves.

I was very curious about this but I was also concerned about the attacks, and so I asked my brother GC about the attacks and the group who has attacked him several times.

I think or assume that he said that the witches were the group who had attacked him several times, and he told me that I knew all the members of their group but he would not tell me who they were.

I assumed that the thin man, Morgan Webb, and the other people we would see in this building and room were possibly the members of the witch group but that was my wild guess because my brother GC would not say for some unknown reason(s).

One of the reasons that I assumed this was because my brother GC did not share (reveal) this information with me until the day that there was no one in the room with us, he could have told me days ago but he did not, and he only told me when no one else was around.

I had some many questions and thought about all of this, I wanted to know more about the powers and magic and groups, and I wanted to know why the witches or whoever was targeting my brother GC now that he had powers and why they were not attacking me.

I also wondered if my brother GC and I had the same power or powers, could I be a werewolf too (if my assumption about his power was correct), or if I even had powers or if my powers could be activated or if they were already activated but I did not know it yet.

I also hoped that Morgan Webb, the thin man, and the other possibly witches were not targeting my brother GC; especially since I probably saw them as friends, and maybe Morgan Webb and I were even closer than friends but I am not sure.

I started to wonder if Morgan Webb and the others were in the process of recruiting me, maybe they felt or knew that I had powers and/or magic and that I would be a witch, and so maybe they were befriending me and preparing me for the day that my powers/magic activate and/or they would activate my powers/magic and/or they would reveal to me that I already had powers/magic.

It was even possible that they already considered me part of their group, and that I just did not know it yet and they just had not made it official yet as they possibly waited to see what powers and/or magic I would have once they possibly activate.

I did not know the facts and these were just some of the thoughts and guesses and assumptions that I had, I wanted to help keep my brother GC safe and figure out what was going on, and I wanted to talk to the witches or the group who kept attacking him to find out why and to see if I could get them to stop.

My brother GC was very calm and relaxed like he was not worried at all, the attacks did not seem to bother him either, and so I assumed that his powers were so strong that the group kept failing to defeat him but I was not sure.

I woke up as I was thinking and asking questions and trying to figure out what to do next, my brother GC did not share much, and so I probably was going to talk with Morgan Webb about this but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream involved some reviewers (critics) reviewing things (probably films (movies)), Double Toasted was possibly involved and/or a Double Toasted-like group, and they possibly wanted me to help them with some reviews so I possibly helped them or I was going to help them but I can not remember.

I probably went to a one-story building during the day where the reviewers (critics) were to help them, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr