Small Island And A Protest In Scandinavia And Werewolves?

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I went to bed later than I wanted to but I did have several dreams and I was able to voice record barely part of two dreams, but I did not voice record the dreams that I had after this and I woke up and I went back to sleep several times so I forgot some dreams and some details of the dreams that I do remember part of.

Dream 1

I finally finished watching the television film Small Island last night, and my first dream and my third dream was about this film.

This dream involved a fictional version of what happened after the character Queenie Bligh gave her baby (Michael) to Hortense Roberts and Gilbert Joseph so that they could raise her baby.

The dream followed Hortense and Gilbert moving to a new house and raising the baby, and the dream jumped through the years as the baby got older but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is suddenly being in a field during the day in another country somewhere in a country in probably Scandinavia, and there was a peaceful but somewhat loud protest taking place in front of a building in this field.

This was a nice looking area, some of the protesters were wearing camouflage military combat uniforms with a more circular camouflage pattern that somewhat reminded me of something the German military might use and they had bullpup rifles like maybe Steyr AUGs, but the other protesters were dreamed in normal clothing and did not have weapons and most or all the protesters had whitish-colored skin and seemed to be citizens of this country and/or other countries in Scandinavia (Scandinavian).

I had no idea what they were protesting and I had no idea how I got there or which country I was in at first, and so I probably asked some of the protesters what was going on and what country was this and they told me but I can not remember their responses.

A woman with whitish-colored skin walked from the entrance of the building to tell the protesters to stop blocking the entrance, and so the protesters moved back a bit.

I then asked the woman if we or I was allowed inside the building, and she said that I was allowed inside and that I could even rent a room so I went inside the building with her.

She walked to a wooden desk, the next thing that I remember is sitting in a small dark room inside this building watching a film with a few other people (at least two women and one man with whitish-colored skin), and I remember talking to a woman sitting on my right side.

I was probably asking her questions about this country and the protest and about my situation (how I probably had no idea how I got here), and I also talked about the country that I was from and we talked about other things.

I got some into the conversation that I was talking too loudly and disturbing the other people trying to watch the film, and so another woman in the room with whitish-colored skin with maybe long black hair had paused the film and was looking at me angrily waiting for me to stop talking so loudly.

I apologized and I started talking more quietly so the woman started playing the film again, and later something happened that I can not remember clearly where the man in the room and the woman next to me started to transform after something made one or both of them angry maybe.

I assume that the man started to transform first and the woman next to me started to transform to defend against the man, the man started transforming into what I assumed to be a werewolf, and the woman was too it seemed but she only partly transformed to where her eyes and teeth and fingernails briefly changed.

I then told the woman that we should run so we ran outside the door, I think that the others were left inside the room but I can not remember, and we held the door closed as the transformed man (werewolf) tried to open the door to get to us.

We held the door trying to keep him in the room, I probably felt bad about leaving the others in there and I hoped that they would be okay as long as we kept the werewolf focused on opening the door, but I can not remember what happened after this before I woke up except that the woman probably returned to normal but I can not remember as we held the door so that no one would notice that she could transform.

Dream 3

This dream was a continuation of the first dream, it involved Hortense and Gilbert and the baby from the film Small Island, but now the baby was an adult because many years had passed.

They possibly were living in The United States now but I can not remember, and they were inside a room in a house during the day talking.

It was just the three of them together as a family probably talking about the past, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr