Getting Lost In A Shopping Mall With A Stuffed Five Nights At Freddy’s Toy

The second part of this dream from last night or the second dream involved me walking around lost for so long that it caused me to forget most of the first part of the dream or the first dream.

All that I can remember of the first part of the dream or the first dream is that I remember seeing a woman who was or who reminded me of the actress Katharine Isabelle, I remember her making a facial expression that I can not describe, and I am not sure if this part of the dream or if this dream was positive or neutral or negative.

I just remember her making that facial expression, we probably talked and/or I heard her talking with someone else (maybe she was somewhat loudly trying to convince me and/or someone else of something, but I can not remember), but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream or of this dream.

All that I can remember of this part of the dream or this dream is that I was inside one of the largest shopping malls if not the largest shopping malls that has ever been in any of my dreams and there were probably a record-breaking number of people shopping in this mall (like an entire city full of people), and I was walking around the shopping mall (mall) looking inside and at various stores (businesses).

At some point I was inside a JCPenney or JCPenney-like store inside the mall, I had a maybe clear glass bottle of a special type of vinegar that I have never heard of before with the name of the type of vinegar written on a label on the bottle (maybe citrus vinegar, but I can not remember), and then I saw a Five Nights At Freddy’s stuffed toy (plush toy) of a character or fictional character from that video game or similar to one of those characters sitting on a shelf.

I stopped to look at the stuffed toy, it looked a bit old and the label was worn to where you could not see the price and other information, and it looked rough, so I assumed that was part of the style because it was in too rough condition to sell as new or to sell at all at a place like this.

For some reason(s) that I can not remember I decided to take the stuffed toy with me, and I was probably going to ask an employee about it, and I remember walking to the dressing rooms because I probably wanted to try on some clothing and ask an employee about the stuffed toy.

Standing at the dressing rooms was a female employee, she said that no merchandise was allowed in the dressing room area and that an employee would have to assist me when using the dressing room, and so I had to go put up the vinegar and stuffed toy first before she could let me use the dressing room.

I put up the vinegar, but I could not remember where I got the stuffed toy from, so I looked around, but eventually I got lost so bad that I was no longer inside JCPenney or the JCPenney-like store, so I continued walking around the mall trying to find the store again, and I was still holding the stuffed toy.

Now I only wanted to return the stuffed toy to the store, and so I walked, and I walked, and I walked among groups of people shopping.

Some areas had lines of people, so I had to wait, this mall was huge and a bit confusing, and so I was trapped in a long cycle of being lost for a very long time.

At some point I was in an area that over-looked a courtyard-like area with many stores, like it was the first floor or main floor of the mall, and so I walked down to this area.

I walked around until I found a JCPenney store, but it was possibly not the same one from earlier, and I walked to a small desk with a somewhat older over-fat female employee with dark-brown skin with short curly black hair wearing glasses who seemed to be based on a real person that I have seen before in the city of D sitting at it.

I explained my situation to the female employee, I simply wanted to give her the stuffed toy, but she dragged the conversation on and on until she said that I would have to pay a $10 return fee even though I did not even buy it (maybe it was a fee for them to return it to the other JCPenney in the mall) but I was not going to pay for that.

She then said that she would give me a good deal and sell the stuffed toy to me instead, I asked how much, and she said that she would sell it to me for over $100, and I responded with confusion and I refused that, and I explained why.

I was somewhat worried that she would threaten to call security and claim that I had stolen the stuffed toy, which was not true, but I did accidentally leave the store with it without paying because I got lost, so I kept trying to solve this situation.

The employee continued to try to sell the stuffed toy to me until she finally gave up after I got so frustrated that I told her that there was no point in trying to sell it to me because I was not going to buy it and that I no longer even cared if she tried to claim that I stole it, and I think that she finally took the stuffed toy back and let me go, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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