A Luke Cage Inspired Dream

I probably only got about three hours of sleep last night and I did not voice record my dreams, and so now I barely remember part of one dream.

This dream was inspired by the Netflix television series Luke Cage, which I have been watching an episode of each day until I finish this season, and it involved a man who seemed to be based on the character Luke Cage.

This man had done something wrong or had been framed, and I remember an older man trying to help him.

The older man got him involved with maybe a basketball program to help troubled youth (young people) in their community, and they were doing other things to help their community.

There were some dangerous people in this community and something happened that I can not remember between these dangerous people and the man, and eventually maybe this man ended up getting special powers/superpowers (abilities) somehow (basically this dream was following parts of the Luke Cage plot).

The man and the dangerous people began a conflict between each other as the man tried to help people and the community, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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