Lifeguard Swoozie (Adande Thorne) & A Sea Serpent (Sea Monster)

This dream from last night was inspired by a Swoozie (Adande Thorne) video called Not So Sexy Lifeguard, which is a real life story from his life:

Not So Sexy Lifeguard

I had some more dreams last night and I remembered at least one of those dreams when I woke up to use the bathroom, but I did not voice record it before going back to sleep, and so I forgot it.

All that I can remember of my last dream from last night is that it took place during the day.

I remember walking to a somewhat familiar fictional lake with dirt and grass around it that was somewhat near a highway.

I saw Swoozie (Adande Thorne) working at the lake as a lifeguard.

I think that a woman and her young daughter with whitish colored skin with maybe yellow hair were telling Swoozie that the woman’s husband/the girl’s father was either drowning and/or had gone missing in the water, and they were panicking.

Swoozie started walking around the lake trying to find him, and the wife and daughter and I helped.

The lake water was super brown/dirty, so you could not see very far in the water at all, except near the edges of the lake in the most shallow areas.

We could not find him, so emergency services were called as we continued to search for him.

I remember the wife and daughter crying and calling out to their husband/father, and eventually a male paramedic with whitish colored skin with dark-colored hair wearing rubber gloves arrived.

We told him that we could not find the man or his body, the paramedic warned that we needed to find him fast before it was too late, and so we continued searching for the man without luck I think.

I remember the paramedic questioning Swoozie about what had happened and telling/warning Swoozie that we needed to find the body because it would be a health risk and health code violation if the body stayed under the water decomposing.

So it would not be safe to swim in this lake for a while if that happened.

During our search we did see an alligator under the water, there was the possibility that an alligator had killed the man and/or was eating his body, but we were not sure.

I am not sure if they found the body or not because my memory is too unclear.

I just remember there being a railed area over-looking the lake where people could sit and relax at tables.

I remember going to this area as some people arrived, like my male classmates DH and SS and JC.

There were some women with mostly light-brown skin with mostly dark-colored hair except for the assumed mother-in-law who probably had lighter colored hair because her hair was probably graying and maybe one of the sisters-in-law who looked different from the others who I did not see until later.

Who arrived too who I assumed to be family members of the wife (YC) of my former classmate JC and maybe his wife YC was with them as well, or she was with my former classmate JC.

I assumed that they were his mother-in-law and sisters-in-law.

They could speak English and possibly another language that was possibly Spanish, but I can not remember.

I remember them sitting at a table behind us talking as I talked with my former male classmates SS and DH.

My former classmate SS complimented me on my clothing at some point and I thanked him.

I was wearing a mostly dark-colored T-shirt and maybe some khaki pants, and I remember seeing my former classmate JC sitting at a table signaling me with facial expressions.

My former classmate JC seemed to be signaling to the direction of the table where his assumed mother-in-law and sisters-in-law and maybe wife YC were sitting.

He seemed to be signaling that one of his sisters-in-law liked me and/or that I should talk to one of them, like he was trying to get me to start dating one of his sisters-in-law.

I possibly walked over to talk to my former classmate JC to see what he was trying to signal to me.

I can not remember our conversation, but I do know that our conversation was interrupted by his assumed mother-in-law, who told one of her daughter’s that she should talk to me if she liked me and that she/I had her permission and blessing to date and that she wanted us to date.

I thanked her and I said a few things that I can not remember, I did not even know which daughter they were even talking about and none of us had met before.

So our conversation was probably related to my confusion as I tried to deal with this sudden and surprising situation.

I am a bit shy, but the daughter who they were referring to was even shier than me.

I had not seen her earlier and she looked older and less attractive and had more wrinkles and worn skin than all of her sisters and looked older than me by at least 10 years even though they said that we were the same age.

She looked different from her sisters because she had whitish-colored skin with yellow hair, while they had light-brown skin with dark-colored hair.

The assumed mother-in-law told her to speak up and say something and asked her if she was interested in me or not and if she wanted to go on a date with me or not.

I remember the daughter responding to her mother in English was a heavy accent that I could not quite identify, but it sounded somewhat like an average accent of someone who speaks Spanish combined with an Eastern European accent of some kind.

The daughter said yes and some other things that I can not remember, we were introduced to each other and I probably agreed to a date.

Then the next thing that I know, we seemed to be on a date by the lake and/or a new area near the alley by my parent’s yard where the pet cages are.

I remember there being a man near the lake, and we heard something about maybe a large sea monster being in the lake.

I wondered if that is what happened to the man from earlier, and then along the edge of the right side of the lake we saw a large long maybe reddish-colored with some other minor colors male fake-looking (like maybe a Chinese style sea serpent used in parades and festivals et cetera) sea serpent who I recognized by name from either a past dream and/or a false memory.

I told the others the name of this sea serpent, maybe something like Big Ben or Long Ben (it was an adjective followed by a first name), and that he was a special old *something that I can not remember* of this lake or who was living in this lake.

To my surprise, Long Ben Or Big Ben or whatever his name was seemed to be afraid of the possible sea monster that was mentioned, so he surfaced.

He started to slide on the land moving toward us, and this was the first time that anything was powerful enough to make even him afraid to be in the lake.

The woman and the man and I started to move away from him, he kept sliding toward us, which became creepy and scary, and so we started to run through the alley by my parent’s yard to avoid him.

We reached the end of the fence, and we ran into the field.

Then a man with a pistol walked through the fence behind us like maybe he was the one responsible for the possible sea monster and/or was somehow controlling Long Ben or Big Ben or whatever his name was and the assumed death of the man earlier.

I remember the man laughing and smiling like a villain and there were some words and questions exchanged between us, and then it seemed that he was going to shoot us.

So I asked for a double-barreled shotgun that someone in our group had, I shot the man in the chest and/or stomach as he was about to shoot us, and he fell to the ground.

He was not dead, and he tried to shoot us again.

So I tried to shoot him, but somehow I missed or nothing came out of the shotgun when I shot it but air, even though I moved to almost point-blank range.

So someone else in my group had to shoot him in the head with a pistol to stop him from shooting us, and this time he died, I think.

I picked up his weapon and gave the double-barreled shotgun to maybe the woman, and we probably prepared to defend ourselves from Long Ben or Big Ben or whatever his name was and/or the possible sea monster.

We were probably no longer being chased, but I can not remember.

I do remember wanting to go back to the lake to see if we could see the sea monster and stop it if possible, but I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

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