Sleep Paralysis & Dog Fighting?

Sleep Paralysis

This possibly happened partly in a dream and in the real world or just one of those, I am not sure, but I will consider this not a dream.

Just a few days ago I had another sleep paralysis experience (Sleep Paralysis And Food Poisoning And A Shapeshifting Blood Moon?) that I almost forgot about, like last time this experience happened.

I did not get out of bed to voice record it before going back to sleep several times and dreaming several times, unlike last time, I was able to remember part of it when I woke up again later.

This was a short experience that I handled better than last time, I have some previous experience with sleep paralysis, so it does not bother me as much as it used to.

The heightened senses and strong feeling of fear and strong sense of a presence is still always there even if I do not hear or see anything, but I can handle it.

While you are experiencing sleep paralysis it can be terrifying, but afterward it usually does not bother me much now, and I actually think that it is interesting.

I am not that afraid of it afterward, usually (sometimes I am, though).

Last night I got in bed very late, and it seemed that I woke up shortly after going to sleep.

I could be wrong because I did not check the time, but it felt like this happened almost as soon as I barely started sleeping.

I woke up in bed, I was possibly laying on my right side, but I am not sure.

I could not move, and I got the usual sleep paralysis feelings of heightened senses & a strong feeling of fear & a strong feeling of a presence.

Then I saw possibly the same short shadowy female entity (shadow person) that looks like a girl with long black hair from my last sleep paralysis experience, who somewhat reminds me of Sadako Yamamura / Samara Morgan from The Ring films.

The female entity (shadow person) was hiding behind my brother GC’s filing cabinet that is next to my bed (so she was shorter than the filing cabinet), and she was barely looking around the corner of it looking toward me.

Her appearance was all black and shadowy, like a shadow shaped like a girl with long black hair, and so I could not see any eyes or a mouth or a nose or any face et cetera.

She was barely peeking (looking) around the filing cabinet, so I could not see most of her body or face.

I do not remember her making any noise or trying to communicate with me, so she was just looking at me while hiding behind the filing cabinet like she was trying to avoid being seen.

I remember trying to move, I could feel my muscles struggling to move as I struggled to lift my arm, like I was trying to fight a heavy gravity or force holding me down.

I felt like I was slowly resisting it enough to maybe barely move my arm.

Then suddenly I was able to move, and she was gone.

I did not get up to voice record this experience and I went back to sleep and dreamed several times, and so that is all that I can remember of this experience.

This was a short and more tame experience than usual, and so my previous sleep paralysis experience a few days ago helped to make this experience easier.


I forgot most of my dreams because I failed to voice record them each time that I woke up when my brother GC would warn me that I had snored.

When I woke up, catching myself drooling once or twice.

So now I can only barely remember part of the end of my last dream from last night, which took place during the day.

I was at my parent’s house and my parents were probably there, even though I only remember talking to my mom.

There was something happening in the dream that involved the Automatron DLC for the video game Fallout 4, which I played last night.

It had something to do with me, probably experimenting with various parts for my robots as I tried to build a general purpose robot or robots.

While I was doing this, I remember seeing my male cousin ME walk down the street and possibly through the yard several times.

I possibly saw my former male classmate AJ and / or one or more other men walk down the street as well.

At some point, I saw my cousin ME and maybe my former classmate AJ past the dead end sign.

Then I saw my male cousin DE walk up the street toward them and I saw them talking.

The next thing that I remember is something about possible dog fighting.

It seemed that maybe my male cousin ME had taken one or more dogs from my parent’s yard and was trying to have a dog fight between them and one or more dogs.

My former classmate AJ and/or someone else was part of this as well.

They probably were hiding in an area past the dead end sign while they did this, and that is probably why I saw them walking through this area several times.

I assumed that my cousin DE had caught them and had confronted them, and then I assumed that he had told my mom.

I was not sure if this was true or not, but I was ready to be angry if it was.

I probably went outside to talk with my cousin ME and my former classmate AJ to find out what was going on.

I probably approached them and talked with them, they possibly admitted doing this, and I was angry.

I lectured them, but I handled it pretty well considering.

But I can not remember what else happened before I woke up.

The end,

  • John Jr

8 replies on “Sleep Paralysis & Dog Fighting?”

Hello Sissh,

You are welcome.

I know what you mean, I think that they did a good job on that video portraying the average sleep paralysis experience, if only people could feel the intense heightened senses and intense fear and intense feeling of a presence while watching the video so that they could have a better idea of what it is like for the average person in these experiences.

That is what makes it worse in my opinion.

-John Jr

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Sleep paralysis is still spooky for me I’m glad you’ve managed to get over the fear of it a little! Like you, after its over it doesn’t tend to scare me but during it I find quite terrifying. Last week during an episode of sleep paralysis I hallucinated that my girlfriend was an evil ‘ring like’ girl from my nightmare and it scared the life out of me! Nice post 🙂

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Hello Benjityrer,

Welcome to the sleep paralysis club 😀 , I am glad that you also usually recover well after sleep paralysis experiences, and thank you for sharing that and commenting.

In your most recent sleep paralysis experience was the ring girl-like hallucination of your girlfriend an all black shadow person or could you actually see her face and skin et cetera?

Thank you,
-John Jr


Hi John, aha thanks. It was a very vivid hallucination down to a bloodstained white gown! I think this was an expectation thing more than anything else, if I didn’t have the dream about the ring like girl I would imagine the hallucination may have been more hazy and ‘presence’ like! Thanks for replying!

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