Did I Help Commit A Crime?

File:US Army 51870 CID agent at crime scene.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place inside an one-story store/maybe college-like building, I was there with some other people, and something happened that I can not remember that probably involved theft and some people being killed and I was there and I was possibly involved in some way but I can not remember.

I just remember the police and detectives arriving, the building was put on lockdown as they did their criminal investigation, and so no one could leave the building and we all got interrogated by the detectives.

I wish that I could remember what had happened before all of this, did I really help steal something and/or kill some people and possibly try to cover it up before the police and detectives arrived?

This really bothers me that I can not remember this, if that is true than that is not like me at all and I would be ashamed of myself, I wish that I could remember what happened and what was my involvement if any.

I possibly had a stolen item hidden on me but I can not remember, and I had possibly tried to cover up evidence but I can not remember.

There was a male detective with whitish-colored skin who slowly started to suspect that I was possibly involved in some way, and so he questioned me several times and he kept trying to find evidence against me.

I remember being somewhat worried, I possibly had done a pretty good job covering up evidence of my possible involvement, but the police and detectives probably arrived before I could finish or double-check my possible clean up of evidence.

I remember answering the detectives questions truthfully and I used various techniques to avoid criminalizing myself, the detective still did not trust me, but he probably slowly became less suspicious as he continued to fail to find any physical evidence against me.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was possibly partly inspired by the video game The Walking Dead: Season Two, I watched a gameplay of Itsreal85gaming playing it last night, and this dream took place during the night and there were possibly zombies in this dream world even though I can not remember seeing any so this dream was probably about surviving in a zombie apocalypse like int hat video game.

My family, an unknown man with whitish-colored skin and possibly one or two other people, and I were staying in a slightly fictional larger version of The E House.

There was a fictional room on the other side of the door that leads to the bus stop, and this room was like a combination of a living room or family room and bedroom and maybe even a bathroom.

There were probably beds and sofas in this room and we all seemed to be staying in this room together for safety, and the electricity was probably working because the lights were on.

I possibly took a bath in this room but I can not remember, I just remember everyone leaving except for me, and at some point the unknown man with whitish-colored skin returned.

I remember us going outside and back inside several times, I remember adjusting the curtains for privacy and security, and we probably did security checks inside and outside.

I remember us talking as we did this but I can not remember what we talked about, I also can not remember what else happened, but I do know that my family were going to return soon.

And that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr