Hillary Clinton Goes Insane (Crazy)?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place inside a dimly lit windowless cave and/or underground-like auditorium where I was sitting with many of my former classmates from high school and other students like maybe we were back in high school again, and there were possibly some performances and some guest speakers before maybe a film was played on a large projector screen like at a movie theater (cinema).

The ceiling was tall and the room was dark so I am not sure if the ceiling was rock or was is a building ceiling, there was possibly some water in the back but I am not sure, and at first I was sitting near the middle of the auditorium where one of the special guests was sitting.

This special guest was Hillary Clinton (who possibly was here campaigning) who also had security with her, probably United States Secret Service agents (one of them was a somewhat large bald man with whitish-colored skin) with her, and at some point I wanted to walk to a different area on the left side but I would have to walk past Mrs. Clinton but I was afraid that her security would not let me walk by.

I saw another student going to walk by Mrs. Clinton to go to the left side of the auditorium, so I followed this student, and to my surprise Mrs. Clinton’s security let us walk right in front of/by her without stopping us so I was able to walk to the left side of the auditorium where I went to the top back of it to sit and talk with some of my former classmates who(m) I knew as the film or whatever played.

At some point I seemed to be part of a class led by a female teacher with whitish-colored skin with yellow hair who wore glasses, and we were below the auditorium seating and on the lower rows.

I was standing up next to maybe an automobile or a structure of some kind as I talked with my former male classmate AH as I ate a piece of fried chicken, I could somewhat taste the fried chicken and it was a bit greasy and the texture was realistic, and as my former classmate AH was talking to me while I ate the fried chicken he was interrupted by our teacher who thought that we both were talking (only he was talking at the time).

Our teacher was angry and disappointed in us and she lectured us and complained, I continued to eat my chicken during this, and then she continued teaching.

Our teacher told us that a special guest was possibly going to arrive soon, she did not say who this special guest would be, but for some unknown reason(s) I assumed that it would be the dead musician Michael Jackson (I did not remember that he was supposed to be dead).

I then possibly had a daydream of Michael Jackson walking over to greet us and to teach us some dance moves, Mr. Jackson picked a volunteer from the class which was me, and he showed me how to do the moonwalk and the reverse moonwalk and I remember trying to do it.

After this daydream or part things get even more confusing as I noticed that the alley by my parent’s house where the pet cages are was in this auditorium, things were still dark but some of us noticed a cat at my parent’s house named Dawn as she carried what we thought were her two kittens, and some ribs from a non-human animal that she had killed.

Dawn walked down the alley and into the yard of The No Longer Abandoned House, and she jumped on the bottom of a table and she dropped the ribs and let what we thought were her two kittens down so that they could eat the ribs.

To my surprise and confusion there were two opossums and not two kittens that she had let down to eat the ribs, they were not adult opossums but they were bigger than baby opossums (almost bigger than her), and the two opossums started to eat the ribs.

This did not make much sense to me but I tried to rationalize it, and I woke up shortly after this.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it possible took place at a place where people travel to, maybe a resort-like place, and I remember walking on a beach and I saw Bill Clinton walking along the beach.

Later in the dream I was maybe inside a building sitting down at a table eating when Hillary Clinton and maybe some of her security walked by, and Mrs. Clinton saw that I had a pie (maybe a lemon pie, but I can not remember) and she said that the pie looked good and that maybe she has not been able to find one of these pies anywhere in a long time and she asked me if she could have it.

I thought that she was joking at first and I said yes, to my surprise she was serious and she took the pie, and I assumed that she would pay me for it or someone in her group would pay me for it but no one paid me for the pie and she left with the pie after thanking me.

Later in the dream I was in a mostly dark room again like in the first dream, instead of a large auditorium it was a small room with mostly people who seemed to be rich and maybe on vacation because they were dressed more casually, and there was possibly a projector screen again that was possibly playing a film and/or music but I can not remember.

Most people were sitting in chairs and standing while talking, I was sitting alone on the right side and I and maybe an old man with dark-brown skin were possibly the only people who did not seem rich so we were out-of-place, but I could be wrong.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton were there talking with people, I did not see any security with them but they were possibly in the darkness securing the outside of the room and inside edges of the room but I am not sure, and Mr. Clinton looked different and younger because he had super sun tan that made his skin a brownish color and his hair seemed to be dyed to make it darker (maybe a dark gray).

At some point Mrs. Clinton saw me sitting alone, to my surprise she recognized me as the guy who let her have his piece of pie, and so she walked over to greet and talk with me alone and she seemed relaxed and real instead of fake to my surprise.

Mrs. Clinton told me that she remembered me from earlier (I think she called me The Pie Man or The Pie Guy), she told me that the pie was good and she probably thanked me again, and then we started talking but I can not remember what we talked about.

At some point something strange happened, I am not sure if this song was playing from the projector screen or not, but I remember Mrs. Clinton quietly singing part of a song to herself and doing this seemed to cause her to slowly start acting strange and unstable.

I am not sure what song it was exactly but it was possibly the song Monster by Kanye West or another song, and she sang a few lyrics in a somewhat unstable creepy villainous way but at first I assumed that maybe she had drunk a bit too much alcohol and that it just seemed strange because she was trying to sing it a certain way.

After singing a few lyrics and starting to become a bit unstable and very relaxed Mrs. Clinton asked me if she had paid me for the pie earlier, I said no, and then she yelled for her husband Bill Clinton to get his attention as he was talking to some people on the left side of the room.

At this point her instability seemed more like a drunk person, Mr. Clinton did not hear her at first so I told her so, and then Mrs. Clinton sat on my lap and/or left leg and she yelled for Mr. Clinton again like she was trying to make him jealous or something.

I was confused and a bit shocked and I remember sitting there thinking that this was not a good idea, Mr. Clinton heard her this time and he started finishing his conversation before leaving to see what Mrs. Clinton wanted, and during this short wait Mrs. Clinton briefly talked to me while sitting on my leg and/or lap in her unstable very relaxed mood but I can not remember what she said.

Mr. Clinton walked over to us and I went to shake his hand and greet him, as Mrs. Clinton was still on my leg and/or lap which was very awkward, but the old man with dark-brown skin was trying to greet Mr. Clinton at the same time with a handshake so I paused a second before shaking Mr. Clinton’s hand first and then I let the old man talk with Mr. Clinton.

After their brief conversation Mr. Clinton sat on the left side of Mrs. Clinton, Mrs. Clinton got off of my leg and/or lap and sat between us, and I remember Mrs. Clinton talking about Mr. Clinton’s tan and how he looked younger and I remember joining in this conversation.

I assumed that Mrs. Clinton had first called Mr. Clinton over to pay me for the pie from earlier, but before Mrs. Clinton could mention this she started sitting part of that song again but louder this time.

Mr. Clinton noticed this and he asked Mrs. Clinton to stop before someone hears her, Mr. Clinton seemed to recognize that his wife was becoming more unstable and that he needed to try to get in under control before it gets worse like this has happened before or something, and after singing part of this song a second time Mrs. Clinton grew even more unstable but instead of a drunk-like unstable her instability became like a physical health problem and/or mental disorder type unstable that had her reverting and attacking a bit child-like along with creepy and strange and somewhat villainous and insane.

She responded to Mr. Clinton’s demands to stop with some sounds that a misbehaving child might make, and then she started laughing in a creepy villainous-like way that creeped me out and she probably started having a bit of creepy insane tantrum about how she wanted to sing and maybe talking about how close she was to achieving her dream of becoming president and she made some scary remarks that I can not remember like a power-hunger villain who was going to do something terrible with that power.

I was shocked by what I was seeing and hearing, I could not believe this and I looked around to see if the others were noticing this, but they were not because it was dark and they were further away and she was not loud enough yet.

If anyone were to record video of this it would probably be the end of her presidential campaign I thought to myself, it was disturbing and strange seeing someone like Mrs. Clinton going insane-like this and I wondered what was going on, and it was like getting to see a hidden secret exposed like sometimes she becomes unstable like this for some reason(s).

Mr. Clinton rushed to get this situation under control before the others notice, he did not pay attention to me, and he put his hands on Mrs. Clinton and he kept telling and trying to get her to stop and he warned her (that the others might see and that this would probably destroy her chance of becoming president if the public found out et cetera) and told her that she needed to contain herself.

Mrs. Clinton was physically resisting him and going pretty much insane and was having a tantrum and saying crazy things and making noises and laughing in a creepy unstable insane villainous child-like way, and so Mr. Clinton physically had to drag her away as she was kicking and continuing her insane tantrum.

This was all creepy and shocking and disturbing and confusing et cetera, Mr. Clinton took (he had to literally lift her in the air and drag her because she was kicking and resisting) Mrs. Clinton behind a curtain area, and maybe a few people saw this but they probably did not realize what was going on.

I sat there a bit shocked and confused and a bit creeped out, I looked around to see if anyone else noticed but they did not seem to have noticed really, they probably just assumed that she had a bit too much to drink or something and they probably did not see or hear the crazy stuff; and I woke up as I was trying to process/make sense of what had just happened.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.

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