Luke Cage Versus Gangs

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it was inspired by the Netflix television series Luke Cage (Marvel’s Luke Cage) which I watched an episode of last night before going to sleep.

I assume that I was in some parts of the dream but I can not remember, I just remember seeing Luke Cage and a woman (maybe the character Claire Temple from the television series Luke Cage) talking alone outside in a field near a quiet street during the evening or night, and she probably was telling him about how gangs were terrorizing the community (neighborhood(s)).

Luke Cage decided to try to stop the gangs from terrorizing the community, and so a war started between Luke Cage and the various gangs.

The gangs kept trying to kill Luke Cage but their guns and other weapons could not kill him, but they kept trying anyway(s) (using drive-by shootings and other types of surprise attacks against Luke Cage et cetera).

Luke Cage lived in a small multi-story apartment building, I possibly went to this apartment building during the evening or night on an upper floor that Luke Cage lived on, and the comedian Martin Lawrence and a woman and a young man were sent by the gangs to meet together with Luke Cage to have a meeting with him at his apartment to distract him so that they could try to blow him and his apartment room up using explosives (bombs) because their other weapons had failed to kill him so far.

I saw Martin Lawrence and the woman and the young man arrive to Luke Cage’s apartment room for their meeting, Luke Cage welcomed them inside, and I remember Mr. Lawrence and the people with him acting a bit nervous during their meeting and Luke Cage possibly seemed to suspect or know that this was a set-up (trap).

At some point it was time for Mr. Lawrence and the people with him to leave so that the gangs could detonate the bombs (explosives), I am not sure what happened, but I do remember an explosion going off that destroyed some or most of Luke Cage’s apartment room but it did not kill Luke Cage to their surprise and disappointment.

Luke Cage then forced Mr. Lawrence and the people with him to spend the night at either what was left of his apartment room or in another apartment room, he treated them nicely but let them know that they could not leave, and the next morning journalists and firefighters et cetera and supporters of Luke Cage and some enemies of Luke Cage had gathered outside the apartment building.

The firefighters and emergency services were dealing with the damage and crowd control, the journalists were recording everything and interviewing people, and supporters of Luke Cage formed a defensive line to keep back the enemies of Luke Cage and to show Luke Cage that they had his back and supported his fight against the gangs.

Mr. Lawrence and the people with him were afraid of Luke Cage after seeing him survive the explosion so they decided to stop helping the gangs or pretend to stop helping the gangs, and they walked outside to give a brief press conference acting like they had supported Luke Cage since the beginning or they pretended to be neutral to avoid angering the gangs.

Among the Luke Cage supporters forming a defensive line was Rick Grimes and his group from the television series The Walking Dead, Rick probably gave a speech in support of Luke Cage, and him and his group probably formed the strongest part of the line.

While they were distracted and standing arm and arm, an unknown enemy of Luke Cage walked up to Rick, he started punching Rick in the chest and stomach very fast in a quick series of combinations, Rick let out a strange noise and blood shot from his mouth after getting punched in the chest like maybe his heart had burst, and he fell to the ground seriously injured or dead.

The attacker tried to sneak away but was grabbed by at least one member of Rick’s group as some of the others checked on Rick who was laying on the ground, there was a bit of chaos as there was a struggle with the attacker and the rush to help Rick, and there was a risk that a larger fight could start.

This attacked seemed to be planned and meant to cause some chaos and to break the defensive line and as a distraction, and so I remember looking around trying to figure out what their plan was and what would they do next.

Luke Cage probably walked to a window to see what was going on outside, Claire Temple was possibly with him talking with him and making sure that he was not injured from the explosion earlier, and I assumed that she would try to help Rick once she realized what was going on outside or I was going to tell her and warn Luke Cage that this attack seemed part of a bigger plan but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

2 replies on “Luke Cage Versus Gangs”

I guess you are waiting to see the new season of the Walking Dead to see if Rick survives.
Luke Cage a powerful hero I used to read about in Marval Comics. Luke and his His partner Iron Fist were heroes for hire. He was even hired to oppose Captain America and was hired by SHIELD to do jobs….

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Hello True George,

I actually did not finish the last two or three episodes of The Walking Dead, maybe I will finish them before the new season starts (if I even try to watch the new season), but I kinda got tired of the show dragging on; I did watch all of Fear The Walking Dead, but I actually enjoy watching Itsreal85gaming play The Walking Dead video games by Telltale Games more than the actual shows. 😀

You probably know more about Luke Cage and Iron Fist than the average person who watched the Luke Cage television series and the future Iron Fist television series, I did not know anything about either character until the television series Jessica Jones, and I did not even know that Iron Fist existed until I saw a short video about him when the future Iron Fist television series was announced.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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