Westworld & Health Care (Healthcare)

This dream from last night was partly inspired by the HBO television series Westworld, which I watched an episode of last night.

I can not remember most of this dream, especially the parts of the dream that were like the television series Westworld, but I think that the dream had some parts of it that were in the western themed Amusement Park from Westworld or one like it and some parts looked modern.

At some point in the dream during the day in a modern area what was possibly in the western-style Westworld-like amusement park in an area away from everything with dirt and small dirt mountains (whatever) I remember a film crew filming a reality television-like show where they were following a family (husband, wife, and their young adult son and the son’s girlfriend) with whitish-colored skin and the girlfriend of the son had long yellow hair.

The family was probably lower class (low-income) and they were showing the film crew around the house and telling their story and the story of the house, they were trying to clean the house up and fix it up, and I remember using a pressure washer to clean off some of the inner walls while they walked around talking and being filmed by the film crew.

The family was happy to be telling their story and I remember them talking about their son and his girlfriend, how they were a bit embarrassed about the condition of the house and how they wondered what the girlfriend thought about it, and the girlfriend told her story about how they met and when she first saw the house and met her boyfriend’s family.

The girlfriend supported the plan to fix up the house and she said that it did not bother her that bad, but that the house definitely needed to be fixed up and cleaned.

I remember trying to avoid wetting the inside of the house too much with the pressure washer, and that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

Later I remember my family and I deciding to use our new public (government) health insurance that we got after we finally got our health insurance cards in the mail, and I remember going to a multi-story hospital for a medical checkup with a doctor on an upper floor.

I probably did some paperwork given to me by the nurses and I waited in a large waiting room with white and black hard floors with other people, and at some point I remember hearing someone telling me that I was called so I went to one of the rooms.

There was a small room with some hospital beds where there were other people, they had several of us in the same room at the same time like people with the public (government) health insurance got treated worse than other patients or something so it seemed the doctor would check us one-at-a-time with no privacy, but that was just my opinion or wild guess about why they were cramming us in one room like this.

At some point a male nurse with whitish colored skin entered the room, with a bad attitude he told me that my name had not been called yet so he told me to go back to the waiting room, and so I did; and so earlier who ever had told me that my name had been called was wrong.

I then realized that I had my proof of health insurance but I did not have my health insurance card, and so I left to get it and somehow my parent’s house was not far away so I remember quickly getting there and I found my health insurance card in the top of my chest of drawers and I left to return to the hospital.

I probably called my family with my mobile phone to let them know and to have them make sure that they had their health insurance cards too, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hello True George,

Good question.

Most of the Westworld parts of the dream probably took place earlier in the dream so those parts were probably mostly separate, but I am not sure.

But there is a possible correlation because every episode of Westworld that I have seen so far has had scientists/doctors checking synths in sterile medical/scientific environments in each episode, and recently most of my family and I really did get government/state health insurance (for the first time in years for me to have health insurance) so we still are waiting for our plans and to pick our doctors et cetera so I plan on using it to finally go to the doctor (I have been to dentists in this time, but not normal general doctors) for the first time in years (maybe 2012) once everything is set up.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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