A Jack Reacher-Like Man Gets Framed

Source: Wikipedia

Last night I woke up several times but I did not voice record those dreams so I forgot all of my dreams except barely part of one dream.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it possibly took place in New York during a gray day that was supposed to be somewhat cold, but I am not sure if that was the name of the city or if that was the name of the state or both or if I am even correct about that at all.

I had a job and I went to work, I remember walking down a hallway and a fictional female coworker of mine with whitish-colored skin was just arriving to work as well so she was walking behind me, and we went into a fictional version of my female coworker Mrs. J’s office at The B Parish Library so that we could clock in for work on one of the computers in a fictional computer lab that was in this fictional version of her office so I assume that this was my shelver job at a fictional larger version of The B Parish Library.

Mrs. J was still out on her maternity leave and a fictional female coworker with whitish-colored skin was filling in for her, there were some patrons entering the room to use the computers, and my female coworker who followed me into the office/room/computer lab and I tried to figure out which computers could we clock in for work on.

My fictional female coworker who was filling in for Mrs. J was using this office/room/computer lab for a program of some kind where she would teach patrons how to do something but I am not sure what, she also handled the computer lab, and this was also her office.

Something happened inside other parts of the building so I am not sure what happened but I do know that the police were responding to whatever happened so we were waiting for them to handle the situation, and I remember hearing some police officers yelling commands at someone so I looked outside the door into the hall to see what was going on.

A group of male police officers were at the end of the hall yelling commands at a Jack Reacher-like man who was dangerous (he was skilled and well-trained and very experienced in various combat and other related skills, and he could have easily killed and/or defeated all of those police officer using only hand-to-hand combat) , they thought that he was the person responsible for whatever had happened but he was not and he was actually there trying to help with the situation and was doing his own investigation, and someone was setting him up but they did not know this yet. (I am not sure how I knew all of this)

The Jack Reacher-like man probably said a few things to them but they did not believe him, he did not want to hurt these police officer so it seemed that he was pausing to decide what to do (hurting them was an option, but he felt like giving them a chance today), and then he decided to let them arrest him to see what happens because he knew that he could escape if he wanted to or needed to so he probably was going to see if they would realize that he was telling the truth before taking him to jail.

As the Jack Reacher-like man was letting the police arrest him the person who framed him entered the hall from the opposite end, this person was a man with whitish-colored skin who was a sheriff or police officer, and he had a rifle and he raised it so that he could shoot and kill the Jack Reacher-like man.

His plan was to frame the Jack Reacher-like man and kill him before he could prove his innocence, he would give an excuse for shooting him and he expected the other police officer to cover for him, but something happened where someone saw him and he ended up accidentally shooting a police officer instead of the Jack Reacher-like man so the other police officers arrested him instead and they let the Jack Reacher-like man go who then probably proceeded to continue his investigation.

The police did a forced evacuation of the building but they somehow missed the room that I and the others were in, and I walked outside to the back of the building which had a small beach oddly and so there was water next to the sand.

Oddly the police forced the evacuees (the people forced to evacuate the building) to swim a lap in the cold water for no clear reason, I was standing near the building so they did not see me, and I watched in confusion as the evacuees swam into the water and back and stood in line on the sand.

I then realized that my fictional female coworker and I never did clock in for work, and so I tried to think about what to do about this.

I was not sure if I should enter the building and check in or what I should do, I also was not sure what to do about the work time that we missed, but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr