Being Used As Bait For A Great White Shark

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day at an indoor/outdoor area near one or more connected ponds and/or lakes and/or rivers and/or bodies of water, and I was there among other people who were eating and drinking and talking et cetera.

At some point I was on one side of the corner in a doorway, and there was a woman and a man with brownish-colored skin with black hair talking to each other on the other side of the corner in the outdoor area when I accidentally farted so I apologized and I sprayed some air freshener around the corner that I got from the room behind me.

Shortly after this I was approached by a man with whitish-colored skin with dark-colored hair who asked me to help him move some objects (books and other things) from some shelves in the indoor/outdoor areas, and so I did but at some point while I was doing this I saw a very large Great White Shark in the water and eventually it started trying to attack me.

I learned that the man had tricked me and he had used me as bait to lure the Great White Shark out, while the shark was attacking me the man had planned to kill the shark while it was distracted, but he had not told me any of this so I had thought that I was just helping him move stuff to and from shelves and probably organizing the stuff on the shelves like I do at my shelver job at The B Parish Library.

I learned that the man wanted to kill the shark in revenge because the shark had killed the man’s male friend or boyfriend or husband or someone like that who also had whitish-colored skin with dark-colored hair, but things did not go according to plan and the shark probably tried to attack him (he realized that he was not prepared enough to kill the shark) too so the man ran away once the shark had focused his attention back to me.

To get away from the indoor/outdoor area you had to cross various obstacles like narrow docks and land et cetera that crossed over the water so you had to do this slowly because the shark was able to jump in the air over and near these areas, and so you had to dodge and run and hide and stop et cetera depending on the situation.

My plan was to be on the defensive at first until I could cause the shark to lose sight of me, and then I would look for an opening and a way to kill it or defeat it or catch it or stop it.

I remember running around hiding, dodging, stopping, blocking, et cetera during my battle with the shark who kept trying to kill me in various ways.

At some point the shark lost sight of me and he swam down to a low and shallow area trying to find me, and I hid on a hill overlooking the shallow area below where the shark was and watched for an opening as I tried to figure out my surprise attack plan against the shark.

On another hill overlooking this area was the alley by my parent’s house where the pet cages are oddly, and I saw my female cousins DE and RE and one or two other girls practicing martial arts and using nunchucks (nunchaku) in this area.

I was worried that the shark would come after them and I wanted to warn them, but this was risky because I might lose my hiding spot and the shark would come after me before I could come up with a sneak attack plan and/or the shark would notice them and attack them before they could escape.

I tried to warn them by quietly calling their names trying to get their attention but they were too focused on their martial arts training so they did not hear me so I started to worry, and I stopped to think about how I could get their attention without causing the shark to notice them or me but I woke up.

The end,

-John Jr

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