An Unclear Confusing Strange Distrubing Dream

All that I can remember of this unclear and confusing and strange and disturbing dream is that it took place over a period of time with time jumps that took place over a period of years during the day and night, from me being in college until me no longer being in college, and I was possibly not myself during some or all the dream but it is too unclear and confusing for me to remember exactly if I was myself or not during various parts of the dream so this dream will make even less sense without those important details.

I think that most of the dream involved a somewhat familiar or recycled dream world where there is a parking lot of a maybe large warehouse/airport/store-like building of some kind (it probably varies depending on the dream), in some dreams there is a long roller coaster-like thing and/or conveyor belt and/or structure in this parking lot area behind the building, and in most dreams and in this dream I probably walked through this area a lot and would spend time in this area alone and/or with some of my former classmates like my former male classmate SS who were in college with me during this dream and in some dreams I have a job in this area.

We probably would cross this area a lot when going to and from our college and dorm which was across the street in front of it, to the left of it was a field of grass with some apartment houses, behind it was a neighborhood, and to the right of it was a raised fence and concrete wall-like structure but I am not sure what was on the other side of it.

I am not sure what happened during most of the dream, I just remember that years later when I was no longer in college there was a man who somewhat reminded me of a live-action version of the video game character Lee Everett from the Telltale Games video game The Walking Dead who had just been allowed to stay an apartment house with a woman who was or who reminded of the actress Alice Braga, and a woman with him who I assume was his pregnant mother was allowed to stay with Mrs. Braga and her children.

This apartment house was in the field by the area where most of the dream took place, the building and its parking lot were abandoned now probably and Donald Trump had recently bought it and was probably going to turn it into a business of some kind and he had some Trump Towers where the neighborhood was and he possibly bought the apartment houses and/or other properties in the neighborhood, and to make things even more confusing I possibly jumped between being myself and being the live-action Lee Everett-like man and to make things even crazier when this would probably happen the pregnant mother would change too to match which ever man I was at the time.

Mrs. Braga seemed to possibly be a single mother with at least two kids, the Lee Everett-like man and/or I and our pregnant mothers seem to be going through hard times I assume so Mrs. Braga seemed to be helping us out it seemed, and one night something very strange and distrubing happened where his/my pregnant mother started having pains and she started giving birth and a baby was born and the umbilical cord was still attached and the baby looked strange and deformed and possibly dead as I looked at it and I probably got to hold it briefly.

I think that this part of the dream was possibly partly inspired by a post by True George that I read last night called Creepy Photography.

My memory is unclear but I think that the baby looked like it had half a head or that its head was only partly formed, it was possibly pale white and it looked strange and dead almost doll-like but I can not remember, and it was possibly not moving or making any noise but I can not remember.

He/I tried to get our mothers to go to the hospital for her and the baby’s sake, things probably jumped back and forth between him and his mom and me and my mom at first, but then it maybe ended on maybe his mom and him and his mom was refusing to get help and she started acting crazy.

His mother grabbed a gun or a weapon of some kind as she held her possibly dead baby, his mother was acting crazy and was threatening the man/me and Mrs. Braga, and the man/me tried to get her to calm down and put down the weapon/gun and let us get them to the hospital.

To make things even more confusing I was probably the man or seeing things from his point of view during these jumps between being him and myself and between his mom and my mom, there was possibly some rewinding/repeating of time several times as we tried to deal with this situation like a video game where you get to try again maybe, but I can not remember.

This was all confusing, crazy, intense, creepy, sad, serious, and more and Mrs. Braga threatened to kick us out if I could not get his/my mom under control because she did not want her children to be in danger by living with someone who is a threat.

This is probably why I did not want to type this dream and why I waited so long to type it, whatever happened during this night part of the dream with our pregnant mothers giving birth and going crazy and threatening us and refusing to go to the hospital, bothered me/creeped me out/saddened me/disturbed me/et cetera so I probably did not want to think about it or remember it or share it (just imagine having to jump between being someone else and yourself while repeatedly dealing with a situation like this with your pregnant mother (which was strange enough for a woman her age) giving birth to a possibly dead and deformed strange-looking half-headed baby with all the blood and other body fluids and umbilical cord still attached while your mother goes crazy and threatens everyone with a gun/weapon while refusing to go to the hospital.

I can not remember or make sense of most of what happened or describe it properly, just know that it was somewhat like a scary movie and exploring a fear or worse case scenario that you never want to have to deal with or experience or something like that, and so be glad that I can not remember or describe it properly.

He/I had to be concerned about our mothers, baby sibling or dead baby sibling, Mrs. Braga and her children, and more so the situation was complicated and serious as he/I tried to handle the situation without anyone getting hurt and/or kicked out and/or arrested and/or killed.

His/My mom ended up leaving outside with our baby sibling or dead baby sibling in her arms still attached to the umbilical cord while she still had a weapon, he/I could not find her/them so he/I was worried about their safety and the safety of others because of his mother who was acting crazy and who was armed, and the next thing that I remember is going outside the next morning and his/my mother and baby sibling were still missing.

Donald Trump rode by in a black limousine looking around at the new property he had bought, I did not see him, but I somehow I knew that he was inside the limousine.

There were some men with whitish-colored skin wearing dark-colored suits and sunglasses investigating something that had happened in the past that possibly involved the Lee Everett-like man and/or I and/or some of my former classmates back when we were still in college, and there was one or more other men trying to recruit some people for something and the actor George Clooney was one of these men (Quentin Tarantino was probably one of these men as well) and he was probably acting like his character Seth Gecko from the film From Dusk Till Dawn; and this was probably inspired by an anniversary trailer that I saw last night for this film as I was viewing various film trailers on YouTube in the related videos section/whatever like the trailer for the 2017 M. Night Shyamalan film Split and some scary films which possibly partly inspired the confusing jumping between me being the Lee Everett-like man and then being myself throughout parts of the dream and the disturbing night part of the dream.

The men doing an investigation were close to suspecting the Lee Everett-like man and/or me and/or my former classmate and/or whoever, and Mr. Clooney/Seth Gecko and his group were starting to take an interest in the Lee Everett-like man like they wanted to recruit him to their group or recruit him for a mission.

Something happened where a man approached the Lee Everett-like man/me screaming for help, this and some other things made me realize how part of this dream seemed video game-like, and this reminded me of radiant quests/radiant AI in a Bethesda video game because when this part of the dream repeated and/or the next day it was a woman instead of a man who approached him/me screaming for help.

I started to notice the strangeness of the dream, but I woke up before I could realize that I was dreaming.

The end,

-John Jr


Default WordPress Theme Twenty Seventeen Demo Has Been Released

Some of you may know that for several years in a row now I have tried to keep up with news on the default themes for WordPress each year, throughout each year I do random web (internet) searches, and I search through various official and unofficial Automattic/WordPress blogs and websites including some that belong to some staff members (employees) trying to get early news about the default themes for WordPress each year.

This is usually not easy and finding this information is usually hard because most of those blogs/websites do not talk about this usually, except some of the blogs/websites, which I usually do not look at or follow because I am only a user with a free account so that led to the Twenty Thirteen theme slipping under my radar even when I had tried to find information about it so I was surprised when it was released suddenly years ago without my knowledge of it even being worked on yet or discussed yet.