Needing To Leave A Buffet Restaurant Early To Go To Work

File:Indian-style all-you-can-eat buffet - West Springfield, Massachusetts.jpg
Source: Wikimedia Commons

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I went to work at a slightly fictional version of The B Parish Library where I work as a shelver, and the employee area was bigger than in real life.

After arriving to work I remember walking down the main hallway of the employee area in the back, some of my real coworkers were there like Mr. J and Mrs. J, but there was also one or more fictional coworkers there like one woman who was or who looked like my former female classmate AV.

This fictional coworker of mine and I ended up going into the same room, probably a larger version of the IT Department where Mr. J and Mrs. J work and maintain the servers, and they had a young man with whitish-colored skin with black hair working with them who seemed to be a volunteer being trained by them to one day become part of the IT Department.

I remember them talking and I remember Mrs. J complaining about something that involved missing desserts (maybe donut holes), while they were talking and training the young man on a computer, I was on another computer doing something that I can not remember.

I do remember wanting to show Mr. J the behavior of certain kinds of pop-up ads because I wanted his opinion about this and I wanted to learn if The B Parish Library had anything in place to deal with these annoying pop-up ads and malicious websites, I currently use the free Adguard extension (which is better than Adblock Plus) and the free Adguard DNS to deal with ads, but when I went to show Mr. J he assumed that I did not know how to exit out of these ads and he told me how to exit out of them.

He seemed busy and distracted so I did not bother letting him know that I only had the pop-up ads still opened because I wanted to show them to him and ask him about them, and then I probably exited out of the internet browser and I probably left the room to continue my work.

I either finished work at some point and/or the dream jumped in time to the next morning before work as I drove to a fictional buffet restaurant that I wanted to eat at before going to work, and this buffet was located in a downtown-like area in a city with tall buildings so this city did not look like the city of D at all so I am not sure what city I was in.

I arrived at the buffet restaurant and I parked my automobile, this was possibly an indoor/outdoor building but I can not remember, and many (not all) of the people eating there had brownish-colored skin.

It seemed that maybe a family with light-to-medium brown skin with black hair from a country in the part(s) of Asia often called The Middle East owned this buffet, and a boy with light-brown skin with short black hair was working at the cash register.

The boy took my order, I remember asking him if a drink was included with the price of the meal, and I remember the boy telling me the many reasons why his dad/family do not drink sodas but he was interrupted by his grandfather because the boy was talking too much and holding up the line.

His grandfather told me that soda gets stuck in their beards and that it causes skin irritations and that it is not good for you, and then I was directly to an older man with medium-dark brownish colored skin who started working at the cash register instead of the boy who talked with me some more and he handed me a soda so I slowly drank some of it as he talked as I paid so that I could eat at the buffet.

I accidentally bumped my watch and it changed the time by an hour, I was not sure if the time change an hour forward or backward, and then I realized that it was either almost time for work or that I was late for work so I did not have time to eat.

Before I could walk to a table, it was pretty crowded so there was not much room, I decided to turn around to ask the older man if I could get a rain check or something so that I could come back after work or the next day to eat because I had paid already but I did not have time to eat and I had not even gotten any food yet or even looked at what food they had yet.

But I woke up before I could do this.

The end,

-John Jr


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