The Death Of A Hero: Should I Have Taken The Shot?

I am not sure if this is one or two dreams, my memory is too unclear, but I will type it as one dream.

All that I can remember of my dream from last night is that it took place during the day, I remember being somewhere that was possibly a college campus but I am not sure, and maybe there were college students there but I can not remember.

I possibly talked with some women/female students and then I went to look for someone and/or something, maybe someone and/or something that the women/female students were looking for, but I can not remember.

I remember walking outside and across a field where there were various people walking around, and in part of the field there were tables where people could sit and eat and drink.

I saw Lady Gaga sitting and eating at a table in the field as her character the reenactment version of the witch / goddess / deity Scáthach from the television series American Horror Story: Roanoke, and I stopped to ask her something (maybe I was asking for information to help me find whatever/whoever I was looking for).

Lady Gaga/Scáthach (the reenactment version) wanted me to sit down and join her as she ate her meal, but I can not remember if I sat down and talked with her or not but I assume that I did.

The next thing that I remember is being at a fictional version of my shelver job at The B Parish Library, the building did not look like The B Parish Library at all, and I remember being in an open office-like room (I guess this was the employee areas in the back of the building) with desks and computers with some of my coworkers like Mr. C and Mrs. D and Mrs. M.

Connected to the open office-like room there was a narrow hall that led to a diner/store part of the building where there was a counter in front of the entrance (which had glass doors and windows with a view to the outside) where maybe Mrs. M worked, a desk in the corner near the entrance where a fictional female coworker with whitish-colored skin with long maybe brown hair worked, and an area past the desk with a long bar-style counter/seating area where people could probably order their food/drink/et cetera and sit and maybe a store-like area where another fictional female coworker with whitish-colored skin worked.

Many of my coworkers had just voted in The United States Presidential Election Of 2016 and they were talking/debating/arguing about it, Mr. C (the security guard) assumed that most of them had voted for Hillary Clinton which annoyed and angered him, and I remember him saying that he believed that Hillary Clinton would put The United States further in debt while Donald Trump would be more likely to try to balance the budget so he thought that most people should vote for Donald Trump.

I said a few things and then after their argument I went to Mrs. D’s desk to ask her about something, and then Mr. C sneaked behind me and he briefly put me in a submission that my male cousin ME used to use against my male cousin DE and I when we used to wrestle sometimes when we were kids.

I used to hate that submission move which involved strongly pressing fingers into both of your temples on your head and moving the fingers in a circular motion while applying lots of pressure which would cause pain and would mess up your vision and would mess up your equilibrium.

Mr. C did this briefly as a joke so I laughed it off and I went back to ask Mrs. D something, but then Mr. C did the submission move again but this time he did it for a longer period of time which caused me to become paralyzed and it was like being moderately tortured as I was in pain and my vision was messed up and my equilibrium was all messed up.

After Mr. C stopped the submission I needed time to recover just to see clearly, to stand, and to walk.

While I was recovering Mr. C walked to the diner/store area to do a security patrol/his job, Mrs. M took a break from her job at the front counter, and then I slowly walked to the entrance in front of the now empty front counter as some patrons/customers were in the diner/store-like area ordering and eating and shopping and talking.

Outside the entrance I noticed a suspicious man and woman with whitish-colored skin who were talking to each other like they were planning a robbery, and so I tried to eavesdrop/listen to their conversation.

They were indeed about to rob us and they had guns and I learned that they were brother and sister, I somehow had a long barrel revolver (maybe a .44 magnum) in my right pocket so I got ready, and I was going to warn Mr. C (who was standing outside the building outside of the windows to the diner/store) and my other coworkers but the brother and sister entered the building before I could even take one step forward.

The brother and sister did not see me because I was still in the hallway, and they walked into the diner/store-like area to stand in line at the counter where one of my coworkers was working so it seemed that they would rob that and maybe the people in that area.

Mr. C was still standing outside the building but he was probably looking inside the building sometimes like maybe he was suspicious of the brother and sister but I could not warn him and there was a poster or something on the window in front of him blocking his view so I could not warn him using hand gestures, I could not warn my coworker at the counter, and so I went to warn my fictional female coworker at the desk in the corner by the entrance.

I quietly and calmly warned her about the situation and I told her to stay calm and act normal, and if I gave the signal that I wanted her to run down the hall and warn the rest of our coworkers and call the police and then hide or leave the building.

She started to panic so I had to try to calm her down, and I went over the plan with her several times.

I stood by her with my hand in my pocket holding my revolver ready to cover her as I waited to see if the brother and sister would carry out their robbery plan, at some point they started their robbery plan, and I gave the signal and I covered my female coworker as she ran in a panic to follow my instructions.

I covered the hall where the brother and sister could not see me, it was too risky to try to approach them with patrons/customers around so I decided to guard the hall, and maybe stop them on their way out when there were no patrons/customers close enough to get hurt or killed.

As I waited in the hall with my revolver out and ready, I listened as they carried out their robbery, and oddly I never heard or saw Mr. C like maybe he had walked away before this happened and maybe he did not know that a robbery was taking place.

Suddenly I heard a panicked male patron/customer warning the brother and sister that he had a gun, and he ordered them to drop their weapons and the what they were stealing.

I could not see what was going on because I was in the hall, but it sounded like the male patron/customer was pointing a gun at the brother and sister and then I heard a gunshot and screams.

The brother had been shot and killed by the male patron, and maybe the sister ran away during the panic as other people ran away screaming.

I heard the male patron panicking as I ran to see what was going on, he was in shock and he felt bad about shooing and killing the brother, even though I heard that the brother had failed to follow his orders and had tried to point his gun at him so he shot back in self-defense.

The male patron was panicking and trying to make the case that he acted in self-defense, and he started waving his pistol around at people and threatening people as he started to go crazy from the shock.

I could not approach them yet because I was afraid that he would shoot someone so I stayed hidden and I followed them as he led some of the patrons outside at gunpoint as he kept trying to make people believe that he had acted in self-defense, we believed him but for some reason in his shock he seemed to think that no one believed him, and he was too unstable to realize this.

The other patrons were afraid for their lives so they did not talk at all and they were crying and shaking et cetera, oddly part of the building was my parent’s house, and he walked them outside at gunpoint to the part of my parent’s yard outside of my parent’s windows.

I went into my parent’s room to look out of their windows for a better look, the situation was getting worse and worse as the male patron became more unstable, and at some point the situation was so bad that I decided to try to calm the male patron down.

I did not want to do this because I feared that I would have to shoot the man who had just helped stopped the robbery and who had probably saved lives in the process because he was too unstable and in shock to probably listen to reason, but I felt that people would die if I did not try to calm him down.

I hid my revolver behind me where he could not see it and I stood in the doorway of the back door with the door open as I calmly greeted the man trying to let him know that we believed him and that we felt that he did the right thing, that he was in shock, that the situation was over and that he needed to put the gun away and stop pointing it at people and threatening them, and I warned him not to point his gun at me because I did not want to shoot him but I would if I felt that he was going to kill someone.

The man continued to panic and act crazy and get more unstable as he waved his gun around at people ranting and yelling, and at some point I feared for my life and the lives of the people next to him so when he started turning in my direction like he was about to point his gun in my direction I warned him to not do it and I had to make a quick decision as he refused to stop and I shot him when I thought he was about to shoot me.

I shot him with a center mass shot in maybe the chest, I possibly fired another shot as well but I can not remember, and the man fell to the ground dropping his gun and he died.

I really did not want to shoot him, and I felt bad and it was worse because he had helped stop the robbery and so it was like having to kill the hero.

I told the others to come inside so they ran inside, I still needed to protect them until emergency services arrived, and I briefly approached the dead man who I had just shot to apologize and to check to see if he was really dead (he was dead).

Even though he was dead I let him know that I am sorry that it had come to this and that this is not how I had wanted it to go and I did not think that he deserved to die under these circumstances, I let him know that stopping the robbery was a good thing and that he had probably saved lives and he was a hero, and that I was sorry that I was not able to save his life like I had wanted to; and I let him know that he was probably not in his right mind at the end so what he did was not exactly under his control probably, and that I would remember him as the hero and not the unstable man I ended up having to shoot and kill.

I went back inside to check on the others, and I started to ask them what they remembered of the moment and if they felt that I did the right thing.

I felt so bad about what had happened that I started trying to replay the events in my mind to see if I had made a mistake or not, was he about to shoot me or was he only going to wave the gun in my direction and did he really point the gun in my direction or not, and so I started to question my memory as I asked others what they remembered as I compared their memories to mine which started to become unclear.

The end,

-John Jr

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