Sleep Paralysis & My Former Classmate JC & Orgonite & A Party

I woke up during the night to use the bathroom, I remembered some dreams but I did not voice record them, but I did think about them during the night when I would wake up and go back to sleep between dreams but eventually I forgot most of my dreams after doing this several times without voice recording them.

So now I barely can remember part of a sleep paralysis experience, and part of three dreams from last night.

Sleep Paralysis

I assume that this happened when I was awake and that it was not a dream, but I am not completely sure.

I remember waking up during the night probably early during my sleep cycle, and I probably woke up laying on my back.

When I went to move I realized that I was paralyzed and the usual sleep paralysis feelings started with feelings of a presence in the room, feeling of fear, heightened senses, et cetera so I assumed that I was having a sleep paralysis experience.

I tried to move but I could not, I tried to take a deep breath and close my eyes for a moment to resist the fear and paralysis, and I assumed that I would start hallucinating next as I felt a presence in the room so I looked at the door to see if I saw anything/anyone.

For some reason (maybe because of me sensing a presence and/or wanting to see if my brother GC would see anything in case I did hallucinate and then I could see if he saw it too to confirm whether something was there or not) I remember trying to move and say something to my brother GC who was sleeping across the room in his bed but I could not speak, and I started trying to resist the paralysis and fear and yell something to my brother GC and I managed to make a strange sound of me barely yelling/mumbling something unclear which possibly caused my brother GC to move slightly from the sudden sound but he did not wake up.

My fear levels slightly increased but I felt determined to end this experience early and I felt that I could resist and fight it and that I was curious to experiment with whether wearing the orgonite pendant made any difference or not, and so I got a burst of confidence and I went to calm myself and then force myself out of the experience before I start hallucinating and then eventually I was able to end the sleep paralysis faster than usual without any hallucinations this time other than feeling a presence in the room as usual.

This was possibly one of my shortest sleep paralysis experiences, this all happened in a matter of seconds, even though it might seem longer when reading this.

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream is that it probably took place during the day, and I remember talking with my former male classmate JC.

Maybe we were walking around and talking and maybe we saw some of his family during the dream, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream was inspired by me browsing the internet last night for information about orgonite, orgone generators, and orgone et cetera and checking up on old websites from back when I first heard about these things when reading some of Flynn’s old posts years ago.

Back then I skeptically bought an orgonite pendant as an experiment to see if there was anything to this or not, after a brief experiment with it I ended up not using the orgonite pendant for years until recently when I decided to experiment with it again, and so I am checking around to see what has changed in the years since I last tried to research this.

Before I went to sleep I was browsing around at some of the products (like orgonite pendants) and information on the website Orgonise Africa (which was the last website that I looked at before going to sleep) like their post Orgonite And Muti – A Natural Synergy, and so this dream involved some of those things with me continuing my research during the dream but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 3

Unfortunately I have forgotten most of this dream, it probably took place during the day, and my parent’s were probably in the earlier parts of the dream.

I think that my parent’s were going to go to a party later that was going to take place at a fictional version of the area across from the field by my parent’s house across from the street where The E House is along that side street, and there was a larger yard further from the street where there was a one-story brick house.

My parent’s left and I remember walking alone, later in the dream I was walking up the street toward where the party was going to take place, but I was late so it seemed that my parent’s had already left and now the party was overly crowded with a somewhat rowdy and rough and dangerous-looking crowd of people from around Eastside who looked like they would be more likely to get drunk and/or high and start fighting and shooting and arguing with each other so I decided to not go to the party.

I woke up as I walked by the party.

The end,

  • John Jr

7 thoughts on “Sleep Paralysis & My Former Classmate JC & Orgonite & A Party

    • That is a good question True George.

      Does it do anything beyond a placebo effect/response?

      I am not sure, I am approaching it from a skeptical point of view leaning toward the idea that it does not really do much if anything at all and I definitely do not believe some of the many claims about it and the whole thing seems a bit goofy and gimmicky and new-agey and pseudo-scientific to me, but I am trying to keep an open mind.

      Unfortunately I am not a scientist or a trained researcher or anything like that, I have no tools to test this, and I am sadly not even bothering to follow the scientific method and I am not keeping notes et cetera but I am also curious and I have the same question as you and more.

      Back when I tried the orgonite pendant a few years ago I probably did not really notice enough of a difference to say if I noticed any changes or not, but this time I have noticed a difference with: a better balancing of mood and energy and recovery (from negative social/mental/emotional situations/dreams), a reduction in negative thoughts, increased energy levels, and being able to handle having less sleep better and handle waking up early better when I am wearing the pendant et cetera.

      The two or three times that I briefly took off the pendant so far, not very long (no longer than a day or two or only a few hours), I have noticed some immediate and gradual decrease in those things compared to when I wear the pendant.

      I am being very skeptical so I am currently assuming that this is a placebo effect/response but I am trying to keep an open mind, this has surprised me and gotten my attention this time though, and that is why I am once again looking into this because I want to experiment with another orgonite pendant from a more established seller this time because:

      the pendant that I have from years ago was from a lesser known seller and I bought it mostly because it was cheap and because the seller answered my questions and he was kind but it is a very basic orgonite pendant (it lacks extra materials et cetera) and there were flaws made in its design (the materials did not sit properly in the resin so when it hardened some of the materials (crystals and metal) were not completely covered by the resin so part of the crystals are not covered completely and some of the metal is slightly exposed to air and so some of the metal has oxidized a bit on the surface level, but the seller was kind enough to give me one or two free small pieces of orgonite because of this) so I want one or more better and bigger and more advanced orgonite pieces to experiment with this time to give it a fair chance.

      So I am looking through some of the previous sellers and for new sellers trying to decide who to buy from this time, I do not want to spend much money on this experiment (my previous budget was $25 years ago) so my options will be limited, and then I have to decide which pendant to get and this time I will possibly also buy a larger (medium-sized and/or small but larger than pendant) orgonite piece for the bedroom and/or for the house too to see if I notice any difference or not from a larger non-pendant orgonite piece.

      Some of the sellers from years ago seem to be gone now, including the seller who I bought my pendant from, but a few of the older sellers are still around and right now Orgonise Africa (one of the sellers I looked at years ago, but I did not buy from them) seems like the seller who I might try buying from this time (maybe the small Muti pendant or the large Muti pendant or the Andalusite pendant, and maybe a tower buster (TB) or medium pyramid or holy handgrenade (HHG)) but I am still looking around for more sellers and trying to decide if I want to spend any more money on this experiment or not.

      Have you ever heard of orgonite before and have you and/or anyone you know ever tested some and/or similiar things before, and what is your opinion?

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr

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      • No I haven’t heard of orgonite before. But I do know that crystals affect energy. However the energy that is put out depends on the free will. Controlling your energy is something that is developed with practice. So it doesn’t matter who you purchase the pendent from, it will do what it is designed to do

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        • Interesting, thank you for answering my question, and for sharing that True George.

          Out of curiosity, for fun (no expectation of this being an endorsement or anything), to help narrow things down a bit, and hypothetically based on the combination of materials and the design and the price:

          1. Which of these three pendants would you choose and/or recommend to someone?

          2. Which of these two medium-sized orgonite pieces would you choose?

          3. Which of these two small-sized orgonite pieces would you choose?

          4. Now based on your two choices from question 2 and question three, which one of those two would you choose, the medium-sized orgonite piece or the small-sized orgonite piece?

          Thank you and sorry for all the annoying questions 😀 ,
          -John Jr

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            • Thank you very much for answering my questions True George, which is very helpful, and now I would like to know your reasons for each of those choices if that is okay.

              1. Why did you pick the Muti Pendant S over the other pendants?

              2. Why did you pick the Orgonite HHG over the medium-sized Orgonite Pyramid?

              3. Why did you pick the Muti TB over the Lapis Lazuli TB?

              4. Why did you pick the smaller Muti TB over the larger Orgonite HHG?

              I am surprised to hear that you plan on buying one yourself, I would not want you to waste your money, these things may just end up being gimmicks; but having another person testing this too sounds good to me, and we can compare notes/experiences.

              5. I am curious about which one do you plan on getting, if you do decide to buy from one from this seller, if that is okay?

              I am still in the process of looking around trying to compare different sellers and pieces and asking a few more questions before making a decision about buying one or more or not, once I do decide I plan on letting you know, and so I will try not to forget to let you know.

              Thank you very much True George and please do not waste too much money on this experiment 😉 ; I would hate to feel somewhat responsible for you wasting money to experiment with something that might turn out to be just a gimmick.

              -John Jr

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            • Hello True George,

              I have an update on the orgonite experiment.

              Recently I talked to the person who told me about orgonite years ago, and this person now thinks that it just works off the placebo effect (which is what I am assuming) pretty much and that it does not work for them anymore.

              After hearing this it seems that the placebo effect was broken for me as well with my old orgonite pendant, but I could be wrong.

              Today I noticed that the prices for some of the smaller pendants on the Orgonise Africa website are now almost 50% cheaper so the Muti Pendant S is now $11.14 instead of $22.27, and so I decided to buy that pendant and the Muti TB which ended up being less than $25 so I stayed under budget for this experiment.

              I decided to at least give it a chance instead of cancelling the experiment even though I expect it to fail the experiment.

              I will try to remember to update you again in the future.

              -John Jr

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