Beasts Of The Southern Wild

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Late last night my brother GC and I watched a low-budget somewhat lesser known (in my opinion) film called Beasts Of The Southern Wild (for some unknown reason(s) I keep wanting to call it Beasts Of The Southern Wind :D), a few years ago I had heard that it was a good film but I had never seen any trailers or reviews of it or even knew what it was about, and so when I shelved it at work at my shelver job at The B Parish Library this week I decided to check this film out and watch it this week so I did.

I did not know what this film was about and I had no idea what to expect but I was assuming that it would be like a combination of the film Beasts Of No Nation and a Hayao Miyazaki film or a Studio Ghibli film, I assumed that the film was going to take place in either Africa or Australia (I ended up being wrong about this), and I assumed that I would be surprised by this film like I was with the film Beasts Of No Nation which had good cinematography and good acting (like the main character Agu played by the actor Abraham Attah) and that almost seemed real at times (almost like a documentary at times) and it was like/felt like how I expect films to be/feel like (if that makes any sense).

Beasts Of The Southern Wild was not as good as I had expected and the cinematography was not as good as I had expected (but the giant ancient beasts looked very good, especially for a low-budget film) and it did not have that feeling of how I expect films to be like I got when I saw Beasts Of No Nation, it is a low-budget film so I can understand so this film did a great job on such a low budget, but it was still a good film with good acting (like the main character Hushpuppy who was played by the actress Quvenzhané Wallis) that almost seemed real at times and more like a documentary and I teared up a few times and I had to stop myself from crying during some emotional scenes in the film.

Like Beasts Of No Nation, Beasts Of The Southern Wild is a film that deserves/needs to be more known/popular and seen by more people, and like Beasts Of No Nation this film is among the best films that I have seen this year so far.

Beasts Of The Southern Wild covered topics like family and community working together, living a more natural life and having some happiness even in poverty while also showing some of the struggles, surviving natural disasters and the effects/affects that natural disasters can have on an area and on the people and things living there, perseverance, dying and death, suffering from illness, imagination, and more.

Beasts Of The Southern Wild might not be the greatest film and it may have not been as good as I had hoped, but I still liked the film and I think that it is a good and sometimes emotional and well-acted film (especially for a low-budget film) and I would recommend that people watch it (I wish that our parent’s would have watched it with us) and watch the film Beasts Of No Nation at least once.


-John Jr


A Supporter Of President Donald Trump Starts An Argument With My Family

I did not voice record or think about my dreams at first this morning so my memory of my last dream is fading fast so I have forgotten t a lot of it, and so it will not make much sense and important details are missing.

During part of the dream and/or when I was waking up from the dream I remember hearing the song Pilots by Goldfrapp being played (sung/sang):