A Supporter Of President Donald Trump Starts An Argument With My Family

I did not voice record or think about my dreams at first this morning so my memory of my last dream is fading fast so I have forgotten t a lot of it, and so it will not make much sense and important details are missing.

During part of the dream and/or when I was waking up from the dream I remember hearing the song Pilots by Goldfrapp being played (sung/sang):

The dream took place during the day and an event was taking place outside at a stadium and a field where there were various people, I am not sure what the event was about (it seemed like a somewhat patriotic/nationalistic almost fair-like family event hosted by the city) and it is possible that there were a lot of supporters of President Donald Trump talking about/celebrating him winning the The United States Presidential Election Of 2016 even though this event itself was probably not about that at all, and my family and I were there going to this unknown event.

My brothers were younger with my brothers KD and TD being so young that they were being pushed in a stroller (baby stroller) by our mom, and I remember seeing all of my brothers except for maybe my brother GC but I assume that my brother GC was probably with me (probably behind me usually so I did not directly look at him much during the dream) but my memory is so unclear that there is a possibility that he was not with me but I assume that he was with me.

Most of my family went to the stadium and field to the event while maybe my brother GC and I stayed on the outside of it exploring some indoor/outdoor areas trying to get through some challenges/puzzles/mazes/whatever to find something or to reach a certain area, this part of the dream was a bit like a video game where we had to solve puzzles and challenges and face obstacles in our journey to reach the goal(s), and some strange things possibly happened during this part of the dream that I can not remember.

At some point we needed to figure out how to get a door open to reach the next area, there was a computer that could possibly be hacked, and at some point I gained control of a military drone / unmanned aerial vehicle / UAV that could be used to somehow help us reach the next area by opening the door maybe and/or by doing something else.

I remember controlling the drone/UAV and flying it around the sky over the stadium/field, the drone was armed because I remember it being able to missile lock on targets as I flew it around, and I remember trying to stop this to avoid accidentally firing its weapons.

I can not remember if I ever fired the weapons or not or what happened with the drone, I just remember us getting through the door at some point, and I remember being on an upper floor of a multi-story building standing in a room with windows with a view of the parking lot.

Our family was leaving the event with our brother CC and our dad being further ahead of our mom who was pushing our brothers TD and KD in a stroller, and a President Trump supporter (we heard him celebrating and talking about President Trump) who was a thin long-haired rough man dressed like a biker with whitish-colored skin with facial hair who was riding a motorcycle was in front of our mom and our brothers KD and TD.

At some point the man turned suddenly without warning to the right in front of our mom and brothers TD and KD, and he bumped into them and then he stopped angrily and started yelling at them (a woman pushing two sons in a baby stroller) like it was their fault when it was really his fault and our mom had even apologized even though it was not her fault.

Instead of just yelling and driving/riding away on his motorcycle, he got off and approached our mom and young brothers KD and TD aggressively trying to argue with them like he wanted to fight or something, and I was super annoyed and angry by this and wanted to protect them and so I was trying to figure out how to climb or jump through the window to reach them because I was at least four stories up in this building with no way to reach them in time if I tried to leave the building normally.

As I was doing this I tried to stay where I could see what was going on, our brothers KD and TD got out of their baby stroller to defend our mom, and our brother CC ran over angrily to defend them and our dad was running over there too; and I was trying to get down there so bad, we were all ready to charge down there to their defense, and it was frustrating as I struggled to figure out how to reach them.

I was super on alert/defensive/worried about my family and pumped up/angry and ready and trying to get down there, I could not get the window open, and so I could not jump out or climb down (which I would have) so I was somewhat panicking a bit and ready to get down there and I wanted to knock that man unconscious if he tried to hurt my family (I was ready to hit him so hard that it would knock his biker jacket off 😀 ).

My brother GC and I were ready to get down there but I knew we would not make it in time so it was probably better if we watched and tried to record this as evidence if something went wrong, I did not like this at all though and I was still ready to get down there, and I felt that my family could handle this but I worried that the man had a gun or some other kind of weapon that he would probably use.

My brother CC was pumped up like I was and he was all in the face of the man making him back away from our family, and our dad had to hold our brother CC back as our dad tried to calm down the situation.

Even though our dad tried to calm the situation the man continued to make things worse, and then he was trying to argue with/fight our dad as well.

I woke up as I was still trying to either get down there and/or start recording what was happening as I tried to stay where I could see the situation.

Some of you reading this dream will probably falsely assume that I am angry about Donald Trump becoming The President Of The United States, but I am not and I actually predicted that he would possibly win and I thought that his victory was funny/hilarious and I am curious to see what he does and does not do and how will he compare to past presidents.

The end,

-John Jr

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