Training / Being Tested / Challenged / Observed By A Large Floating Head Entity / Thing / Alien / Hologram?

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it involved my former male classmate JC.

I was also in the dream, I remember my former classmate JC being in a very good and playful mood, and so he was joking around a lot.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Dream 2

This dream is very confusing and unclear and nonsensical, my third dream is the same way, and so neither dream makes much sense because I have forgotten all the important details of both dreams and most of both dreams.

All that I can remember of this dream now is that it took place during a dark day or late afternoon or early evening in the parking lot where N Auto Parts is now.

Where the building should be, there was a strange multi-story structure that you could climb on.

I was there with some other people, and some of us were being trained and/or tested and/or challenged and/or participating in a game and/or something like that one-at-a-time.

There was a large floating talking male head-like entity/thing/hologram/whatever handling this.

The large floating head entity/thing spoke like a man, and it/he somewhat looked like a man.

I am not sure if it was really male or was it just an it or if it/he was something natural or paranormal or supernatural or alien or some kind of technology like a hologram.

Maybe it/he was a combination of some of those things, and maybe it had an aura/shield/energy/field/casing/whatever (maybe a blueish color) around it.

The large floating head entity tested us one-at-a-time.

The test involved us having a short amount of time to hide on the strange multi-story structure and the large floating head entity would look for us.

The goal was probably to avoid being seen/found by the large floating head entity.

On my first turn I climbed to the top of the structure, the large floating head entity found me and at this point no one had passed the test/challenge/game/whatever yet, so we started over.

The large floating head entity talked with us several times, but I can not remember any of the details.

On my second turn, I decided to grab on to the strange structure and lean on it to try to have my body blend in to the structure while not moving.

Because I felt that the large floating head entity probably had difficulty seeing you if you did this because of some kind of flaw in its/his vision.

I did better than anyone so far, but I can not remember if I passed the test/training/game/challenge or not.

I do remember the large floating head entity being pleased and complimenting my strategy.

The large floating head entity had us keep repeating this like this was some kind of training to help us.

Maybe we were also being observed like those who passed would be selected for something, but I am not sure.

That is all that I can remember and make sense of from this dream.

Dream 3

This dream was like the second dream, and it possibly involved the large floating head entity, but I am not sure.

I do know that I was being tested/trained/challenged/possibly observed.

This time he/it/they had me repeatedly trying to predict things like he/it/they were training and testing my prediction skills like they were trying to improve them and/or unlock them and/or test them to see if I had the abilities that they were looking for.

I assume that it/he/they were trying to see if I had precognition/prescience abilities, and if they could improve them and/or unlock them to higher levels so that they could use me/those abilities.

I think that I was sitting in a chair in a room with some light and maybe there was darkness around this light, so you could not tell where we were.

Maybe slightly like a room in an alien spaceship/spacecraft and/or some kind of secret facility and/or somewhere like that, maybe.

He/it/they kept encouraging me to keep trying even if I felt that I had no idea, like perhaps they felt that I had the ability.

I just needed to keep trying to unlock it, and/or maybe I was predicting things correctly; they were possibly collecting this data.

This prediction training/testing possibly included remote viewing with them wanting me to try to view certain distance locations and describe what I see, but I am not sure.

I did not think that I had any of these abilities, they kept encouraging me to keep trying over and over like it was either working and/or they felt that they were close to unlocking these abilities in me.

That is all that I can remember or make sense of.

Basically, in the second and third dreams, I felt a bit like a test subject/person in training/person being considered for certain unknown tasks/things.

Walking Dead Chappelle’s Show – SNL

The end,

  • John Jr

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