Your Stats Are Booming! | November 15 2016

Today I got this message from

Your blog, John Jr’s Dream Blog, appears to be getting more traffic than usual!

38 hourly views – 1 hourly views on average

A spike in your stats

Thank you 🙂

-John Jr

6 replies on “Your Stats Are Booming! | November 15 2016”

Hello Annette,

That is nice. 🙂

Recently I have been getting more views (except for yesterday and today), mostly just Home page views from the United States, but I do wonder if those views are from real people or bots because I have not really been getting new comments/likes/followers/et cetera to match having those kind of views and the views are usually only for the Home page and not actual posts or pages.

I commented on your post DAilY PRomPt/MYthICal, but I do not see my comment; and so I assume that maybe Akismet blocked my comment as spam so it might be in your spam folder.

Thank you for commenting,
-John Jr

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