Remote Viewing & Seeing Into The Past?

I am not sure if this is one dream or three dreams from last night, but I will type them as one dream with three parts.

Part 1

All that I can remember of this part of the dream now is that it took place during the day at my parent’s house where my mom and I were, and I think that my former male classmate AK was there and this was the first time that I have seen or communicated with him since he moved away to U back when we were still in high school many years ago and a fictional man or young man with whitish-colored skin with yellow hair was with him (maybe a family member or friend).

I can not remember why my former classmate AK and the unknown man or young man was there, I just remember talking with my former classmate AK, and I remember doing something that I can no longer remember (maybe my former classmate AK needed help with something, and maybe he kept having me do something over and over again that I can not remember).

During this part of the dream I was also possibly looking at the budget RCA Voyager Pro tablet computer with keyboard case that I recently bought online for my mom during an early Black Friday sale, which I opened for her yesterday, and so I was probably trying to get more familiar with it because I never had a device with the Android (in this case Android 6.0) operating system or a tablet computer before.

Unfortunately I have forgotten the important details of this part of the dream, but I assume that they possibly connect with the third/last part of the dream but I am not sure.

Part 2

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during the evening, maybe several evenings, because I had various memories of driving at different times during this part of the dream.

Each evening I had memories of driving in the right lane of the highway/road in the city of D past Pizza Hut like you are going to leave the city to reach the city of R or the city of L, and each time there would be people driving in from of me who would suddenly stop and/or make a right turn without warning (no turn signals and no slowing down).

Each time there was a sports car that would do this, there were various automobiles that would do this each time, but this sports car was the one automobile that I would repeatedly see each evening when driving.

Even during the dream I recognized that I kept seeing this same sports car each evening and they would always stop and/or make a right turn in front of me suddenly, and during the dream I came close to having automobile accidents trying to dodge and stop around and behind these various automobiles that would suddenly stop and/or make a right turn in front of me without warning.

It was very annoying, I knew that I had to watch the sports car, but the other automobiles were various random automobiles each evening so I could not predict these usually.

I had to drive cautiously like I usually do and I had to try to predict what people are going to do at a higher-level than I usually do, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

Part 3

All that I can remember of this part of the dream is that it took place during the day, maybe I was outside in the field across the street from the C Elementary School but I am not sure, and there was a man with me who was possibly my former classmate AK or man who somewhat reminded me of him.

This man had me keep repeatedly do something that I can not remember over and over again like he was trying to unlock a special power/ability that he thought or knew that I had, and he had me do this over and over until maybe he finally unlocked the power(s)/ability (abilities) inside me because something happened.

I remember seeing a trail of grass, one that was out of our view but somehow I could see it, and this trail was a wide trail that cut through a forest past the S Baptist Church that went down until it reached a multi-story apartment building several streets down.

I had false/fictional memories of my dad using this trail as a shortcut to reach the apartment building because one or more of our cousin’s used to live there, and sometimes I would be riding in my dad’s automobile with him when he would use this shortcut when I was a kid.

I told the man what I was seeing and that got his attention, and he told me to keep going and to keep describing what I saw so I did.

Even though my eyes could not see this location and even though we were not physically at this location, I was able to see and move my vision like I was moving through this area, and so I followed the trail until I reached the parking lot of the apartment building.

I described what I saw and my memories of this location to the man, and then something even more interesting happened where I somehow knew some information and possibly saw something that happened in the past involving this man’s father who had left an object in this parking lot in a certain spot so I described this to the man.

The man looked like he was going to cry and like everything that I was describing was true and real and he was focused so hard that he seemed to be daydreaming and visualizing and recording everything that I said while confirming whether everything that I described was true or not, and he begged me to keep going and trying to remember every detail so I continued focusing on what I saw and heard and felt et cetera.

It seemed that I was able to do some remote viewing and that I could also somewhat see into the past now, and so it seemed that these abilities had been unlocked inside of me after the man had me repeatedly do whatever it was that he had me doing earlier.

It seemed that maybe the man’s father had died years ago and had left an object or something in that parking lot, and maybe the man was looking for that object and was also wanting to know some things about his father and what he was doing that day back in the past.

I was also able to somewhat detect or predict some of the feelings and/or thoughts that his father was having back then in the past, and I tried to translate this and let the man know.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

I am still not sure if the man was my former classmate AK or not and other important details like that, but if it was my former classmate AK I would not be surprised if he was working for a certain government agency and/or group who was interested in trying to unlock these abilities in certain people to use them for their own purposes.

My former classmate AK was one of the smartest people I have ever known and he was interested in rocket science et cetera back when we were in high school before he moved away, and so I would not be surprised if he was working for a government and/or some other kind of group like that on various secret research projects; and I have also had a past dream with him in it where him and his father were doing secret research for the government and/or some group like that.

The end,

-John Jr

By John Jr

Hello, I am John Jr, welcome.


    1. Hello Scott,

      I just looked up that name (which seemed a bit familiar), I think that I heard of him before years ago when I watched a video on YouTube about remote viewing, and in that video they interviewed Ingo Swann.

      Major Ed Dames was probably mentioned and/or interviewed as well in that video, but I can not remember.

      Thank you for commenting,
      -John Jr


      1. Okay, years ago I was driving long haul and listened to Art Bell on Coast-T0-Coast AM. It was syndicated and I could listen to him from one am to daylight no matter where I was. Paranormal was his bag. Ed Dames was evidently a viewer. True or not I sure passed a lot of miles listening to some pretty wild stories. You can Google that show and maybe find the archives.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Hello Scott,

          Nice, at my old scanner job one of my coworkers used to tell me about Coast To Coast AM, but I was never able to pick up the station at my parent’s house (maybe because we have a metal roof and live in a small city) or in my automobile; but I have heard some clips before online, and read some of the stories in internet forums et cetera over the years.

          I like hearing a bit about alternative, paranormal, supernatural, et cetera topics like that.

          I have read some people claim that Ed Dames was not one of the remote viewers during his time in the military, some consider him a scammer, some have pointed out various predictions that him and his remote viewers have made that were wrong, and some have pointed up various issues with his business dealings; but either way I still find some of those things to be interesting.

          Thank you for commenting 🙂 ,
          -John Jr


    1. Hello True George,

      Thank you for sharing that, I have not really ever considered trying a remote viewing course, but maybe that could change one day.

      I am not sure if you got my past replies or not but I made two replies to your previous comment on my blog, here are the links to both comments in case you did not get an alert about them:

      -John Jr

      Liked by 1 person

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