Sneaking Into & Out Of A Military / Mercenary / Private Military Base

Dream 1

This dream from last night possibly took place during the night but I am not sure, and I was either in the living room of my parent’s house or I was walking outside in the back yard of the house (I probably was in the house).

I saw one of the black cats (probably Pipo) and Dawn’s kitten Dawna standing a bit too close to the area where my brother GC’s dog Cloud has his doghouse and chain, and then Cloud saw them and he ran to attack them.

Cloud managed to grab the kitten Dawna with his mouth/teeth while the black cat ran away, I heard Dawna make some sounds as Cloud attacked her, and I felt that it was too late to try to run to save her so I assumed that she would be dead within seconds so I looked away but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

I actually did not remember this dream until later this morning when I heard some cats and a dog making noise outside in the yard, the memory of this dream came back to me and it seemed so real that I had to stop to decide if it was real or a dream, and then I realized that it was a dream because I saw Dawna alive this morning so it was a dream.

Dream 2

This was my favorite dream of the night but unfortunately I can not remember most of the dream and most of the important details are forgotten now because my sleep/dream was disturbed by me needing to urinate but I did not feel like getting out of bed so I did not go to the bathroom and my body was ready to wake up early because it is still trying to adjust back to my work schedule, and so I forgotten many details.

The dream is so unclear now that it does not make sense but I will try to do the best that I can to make sense of it, and now all that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day.

There was a part in the dream where I was probably with my mom and my brother GC, but at some point we got split up and my mom stayed behind inside a house while my brother GC and I left and we communicated with her during the dream by mobile phone.

I am not sure what happened during this part of the dream, but I will try to guess what happened based on the dream fragments that I remember.

I know that there was a man with whitish-colored skin wearing a military-like uniform who was either a soldier and/or mercenary (private military contractor), he probably was a villain in this dream who did something negative, and somehow my brother GC and I got involved like we were trying to help someone and/or stop this soldier/mercenary.

This soldier/mercenary possibly flew a fighter aircraft with a group of other fighter aircraft (about three others with him) to a military/mercenary/private military base, and a variety of soldiers/mercenaries were arriving to this base for something.

My brother GC either accidentally got stuck inside the soldier’s/mercenary’s fighter aircraft when he had to hide because the soldier/mercenary was getting into it or he purposely hid inside it or my brother GC was flying one of the fighter aircraft among the group of aircraft going to the base, and I possibly flew a fighter aircraft among them or I flew in one there later or I was just seeing things from my brother GC’s point of view but I can not remember.

Either way it was pretty amazing getting to fly or seem like I was flying a fighter aircraft, I remember communicating with my brother GC (either using my mobile phone or using the communication equipment on the fighter aircraft), and I remember us trying to figure out where to land at the base and how.

My brother GC reached the base first, he probably waited until no one was watching and then he sneaked inside one of the buildings at the base, and this building seemed to be the barracks because there were rooms and beds.

My brother GC possibly stole one of the uniforms or some of the clothing of the soldier/mercenary or one of the others, and he put it on to blend in and he hid in one of the rooms communicating with my mom and I by mobile phone.

I had to figure out how to sneak into the base as well to help my brother GC sneak out but I can not remember how I sneaked in, maybe I landed in the fighter aircraft and sneaked in when no one was looking, but I can not remember.

The soldier/mercenary had left the base to walk into the city that was down the street from the base, and so did most of the other soldiers/mercenaries after they put up some of their stuff in their rooms first.

As I was sneaking around trying to reach my brother GC I overheard people talking, there were some women there who were civilians working there with a certain job that I can not remember (maybe cleaning, cooking, et cetera it seemed) meant to help the soldiers/mercenaries with various things, and I heard these women talking and I also heard other people talking and I learned that some people had different types of jobs at this base and that more soldiers/mercenaries were still arriving for something (maybe some kind of training or something).

Eventually I reached the barracks where my brother GC was hiding and I sneaked to the room that he was hiding in, and maybe I stole someone’s olive/brown/and maybe another color military-style sweater to wear to help me blend in a bit more.

We continued hiding and listening trying to figure out an escape plan, we saw and heard some of the women talking and working, and then when we saw an opening to escape we started to leave trying to act like we were just two soldiers/mercenaries walking to visit the city for a bit like the others.

As we were walking to leave the barracks two more soldiers/mercenaries arrived behind us, one of them sounded like Joe Lopez (Other Joe) from the AngryJoeShow on YouTube, and so I barely turned my head backward and in the corner of my eye he seemed to look like Joe Lopez so maybe it was him.

My brother GC and I continued walking and acting normal as we walked outside to leave through the front gates, there was probably one or more guards on duty at this gate and the back gate et cetera, and so we started thinking up excuses to help us get out of various difficult situations.

Surprisingly we walked through the gate without being stopped, and then we noticed the soldier/mercenary from earlier returning to the base through the back gate as we were leaving so we were leaving just in time (maybe we took something back from him and/or stole something from him that could be used as evidence to prove some of his crimes, but I can not remember).

We wanted to run to get as far away before the soldier/mercenary could possibly realize that one of his uniforms or some of his clothing was missing and anything else if we took anything else and that someone had been there, but that would look to suspicious so we continued walking hoping to get away.

I am not sure what we were going to do once we reached the city and how we would leave from there, and that is all that I can make sense of from this mostly forgotten but interesting dream (this dream was more interesting than it sounds because I forgot most of it, and the best parts of it).

The end,

  • John Jr

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