A Loving Inspired Dream

This dream from last night was partly inspired by a Double Toasted review of the film Loving (2016) that I saw yesterday on YouTube, I have not seen this film yet, but my mind used the review of this film as inspiration I assume.

I have forgotten most of this dream so now all that I can remember of the end of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I think that I was at a college-like campus.

I was probably inside a room (maybe a bedroom of a dorm or apartment) sitting down reading a letter than was sent to me by a clan, I assume a vampire clan but I am not sure, and this letter was sent from a different clan than the clan that I was part of so I assume that I was a vampire but I am not sure.

The letter from the other clan had a message that was a threat, and this other clan was threatening me about something that I can not remember (maybe it had something to do with the woman in the next part of the dream, and maybe this was somewhat inspired by the relationship of Richard Loving and Mildred Jeter Loving in the film Loving (which is based on a real life story) but I am not sure).

This threatening letter from this other clan angered and annoyed me, they had the nerve to threaten me and my freedom, and I remember thinking and wondering if they had forgotten who they were messing with and had they forgotten who my clan was.

I think that my clan was the Brujah clan which in this dream was the largest vampire clan I assume, and the Brujah are known for being passionate and quick to anger and quick to fight and rebels and warriors and activists and philosophers and lovers of freedom and fighters for freedom et cetera.

I was not going to let this other clan’s threats stop me from doing whatever it was that I was doing and I was not going to let them take away my freedom, and if they want to attack me then they better be ready for a fight because they would have to deal with me and possibly any other Brujah around because in situations like this the Brujah usually support each other and have each others backs in fights and are known to be fierce fighters especially when it comes to fighting for freedom.

I was confused that this other clan would even consider threatening a Brujah like this, did they really think that a Brujah would accept these threats against them and their freedom, and did they really think that they could defeat the Brujah (especially when fighting for freedom and each other)?

I started to wonder if they had a new special weapon or some kind of new magic and/or new discipline(s) et cetera that was making them do something this bold and stupid or maybe they were really that stupid and/or over-confident to threaten me/us.

But that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next part of the dream took place outside as I was walking away from this building with a woman who looked like or was the actress Ruth Negga, and Mrs. Negga was possibly my wife or girlfriend or friend or fellow Brujah clan member or she had some kind of relationship with me in this dream.

We walked and talked to a nearby park that somewhat reminded me of a fictional version of the W Park in the city of D, I remember us walking by a small river/stream that went through the park, and there was a fallen tree trunk that cross this narrow river so we wanted to cross this trunk to reach the other side.

There was a warning sign saying that it was dangerous and to not cross the trunk, but Mrs. Negga was not going to let this sign or anyone tell her that she could not cross this trunk so she was determined to cross it like I had been determined earlier in the dream to not let that other clan’s threats stop me or take away my freedom.

This seemed to be a bit symbolic and we joined together in what you might consider a bounding activity as we tried to cross this trunk to reach the other side regardless of what the warning sign said and what other people thought or what other people said or what the current social norms/rules were.

I decided to go first to make sure that the trunk would not break, and I remember talking to and encouraging Mrs. Negga (we both were determined to do what we want when we think that something is not wrong, and to stand for our freedom even if it goes against current social norms/rules et cetera) as I did this but I woke up as I was almost done crossing to the other side or right after I reached the other side successfully.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hello Reocochran,

I might watch it one day.

That is good, you were fortunate, thank you for reading my post and for commenting. 🙂


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-John Jr

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Hello Reocochran,

You are welcome. 🙂

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Akismet did the same thing to me recently and I had to contact Akismet for them to fix this problem because none of the blogs that I commented on manually unspammed my comments, but you may not have to worry about that because I unmarked your comment as spam and I approved it; but you will have to see what happens the next time that you try to comment on someone’s blog to see if your comment goes through normally or not.

Thank you for replying,
-John Jr

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