Helping An Alien Robot & Killing A Smiling Jack-Like Vampire

Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines – Smiling Jack Tutorial

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during a gray day and I remember being with probably most of my former classmates who I graduated with, like an entire school of people, and we entered a one-story building until we reached a hall with some strange what I assumed to be alien technology and tanks and things like that with a male humanoid robot (almost android) who looked somewhat like the robots from the film I, Robot.

This humanoid robot did not have skin or hair or anything like that but he was shaped like a human male and he spoke like a human male, and his body was mostly clear and/or frosted where you could see that he was a robot (the parts underneath the clear/frosted parts) and there was blue light at the center of his body.

This humanoid robot said that this place was currently under attack, by another group of aliens I assume, and that the aliens who made him were currently probably mostly in tanks (maybe stasis and/or cryogenic-like tanks maybe underground) being killed by the assumed other group of aliens so most of them could not even defend themselves.

The robot asked for our help asking us to defeat the attackers before they kill all the assumed aliens who made him, and he said that the surviving aliens and him would help humanity and share some of their technology et cetera with humanity if we help save them from this attack by this other assumed group of aliens.

Before accepting this deal I decided to ask the robot some questions because we did not really know much of anything about this situation, but after my second or third question the robot became angry and the blue light in his chest area became red and he ran at us yelling telling us to start helping them now.

I still had not even come close to asking most of my questions and we were not even prepared or armed or armored, but we started moving away from the robot as he ran at us commanding us to start our attack so we started our attack by running down the hall until we reached a dark and maybe damp scary hall that felt like you were headed into a slaughter house/scary alien spaceship or facility that was very dangerous.

I was already cautious and skeptical as usual but this response by the robot make me not trust him even more, this situation had too many unknowns and it felt like most of us would probably die because most of my former classmates were not ready for anything like this and we did not have any weapons or armor or knowledge of this place or who we were even going to fight, and so I felt that I was probably our best hope for survival if I used my knowledge of surviving various similar situations in dreams.

I did not realize that I was dreaming so I assumed that this was real life and that we could really die, and so I wanted to be very cautious and use my knowledge of surviving various situations in dreams to help myself and my former classmates survive this.

We very slowly moved forward through the dark scary hall with many openings and ambush points, this layout was a nightmare and we could be easily ambushed at any time, and so I was very worried and I was barely moving forward as I tried to be very cautious.

We at least needed weapons and I knew that I had some outside so I ran down a hall on the right side that went outside to the back of the building, and many of our parent’s and family members were arriving to the front of the building like they knew about what was going on and were there to cheer us on and support us from outside and from the front of the building (almost like spectators at a sports game).

My parent’s were there and my dad was talking to people outside the front of the building (which was actually the left side of the building), but my mom walked to the back of the building where I was as I looked for my weapons and any other weapons I could use.

I knew that I had at least one gun and some ammunition, I found some wooden and metal baseball bats of various sizes and some sticks and other mêlée weapons, and I found my gun and ammunition as I talked with my mom.

My former male classmate DH walked over and we both tried to pick out our mêlée weapons and guns, he had some pistols that shot .22 long rifle rounds, and I decided to use two of his pistols because I had more .22 long rifle ammunition than I did for my pistol (which was a more powerful pistol) and I probably chose a short metal baseball bat as my main mêlée weapon.

I went to split my .22 long rifle ammunition with my former classmate DH, oddly the rounds looked like pellets instead of real .22 long rifle rounds, but oddly I did not notice this in the dream as I rushed to prepare quickly because our former classmates were probably being slaughtered inside the building so we were losing time on helping save them and the assumed aliens who needed our help.

Even though we were in the back of the building outside during this something strange happened to where this area was now a room, some of the family members were using some of the rooms in the front of the building like temporary hotel rooms, and now the area that we were in was in one of these rooms.

A man with dark-brown skin with a blue baseball hat/cap who knew my parent’s knocked at the door, my mom answered the door leaving it mostly closed because she did not want the man to know that we were still in the room because all of us former classmates were supposed to be inside the building fighting, and the man started talking about one of his children who was in the building fighting and he asked about me.

He kept wanting to come into the room but my mom stopped him, but he eventually forced his way partly inside the room and he saw us and he made some negative comments and insults at my former classmate DH and I calling us cowards and maybe implying that we were homosexual (which we are not).

He did not realize that we were just getting our equipment first before going to join the fight, and we had no time for this and I was angered by him so I just told him to get out so he left still insulting us.

It was taking us too long to get ready and I feared the worst for our former classmates, I had no idea how I was going to be able to help us survive this using only caution and common sense and knowledge of past dreams, but I was about to join the fight even though we were not ready but I woke up.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day, and I remember being outside on the side of a quiet highway over-looking a lake with a large multi-story house on the middle of the lake that could only be reached by water or air.

A probably rich and well-connected maybe over-fat man (probably a vampire or some kind of other entity who looked human) with whitish-colored skin had gathered a group of people (probably vampires, humanoid and non-humanoid non-human animals like maybe talking cats et cetera who could stand on two feet et cetera, and other entities with various powers/abilities/weapons) who he was probably paying or offering to pay if they kill all the criminals (his words) inside the house on the lake and maybe you would get a bonus if you cleared out the house first or got the most kills.

I have no idea why I was there but I assume that I was maybe a vampire, the rich man/vampire probably left, and I remember the others trying to come up with an attack plan while I watched and listened from a distance.

There was a man among them who I assumed to be a vampire, and he looked and dressed somewhat like a weaker and lighter-colored hair (brown) version of the character Smiling Jack from the video game Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines.

The Smiling Jack-like vampire noticed a woman dressed like a ninja with half of her face covered in the crowd, he seemed suspicious of her, and eventually he told the others that she was one of the criminals from the house who they were supposed to kill.

The female ninja said that he was correct and that she was here to help them kill the other criminals because she was bored and needed a challenge or something like that, but the others decided to try to kill her so she teleported or used some kind of power/ability to quickly return to the house on the lake.

The group then decided to shoot all of their powers/weapons at the house at the same time to kill her and all the criminals and the entire house without attacking it normally, and so they all attacked the house from a distance at the same time with beams of blue energy and explosives and other weapons and powers.

I saw the ninja escape right before the house was hit, the others did not seem to notice, and the house exploded killing all the criminals except for the ninja I assume.

I saw the ninja hiding in the bushes near me, she signaled for me to not warn the others and I had no reason to so I did not, but the Smiling Jack-like vampire seemed to suspect that she was not dead so I walked over to him to try to get him to think that she was dead.

I kept questioning all of his points trying to get him to see that there was no evidence that she was alive, even without any evidence he still somehow knew, and he started to suspect that I knew the truth and/or that I was her in disguise.

The Smiling Jack-like vampire gathered a few of the others to go search for the ninja, I decided to join them to try to get him to stop being suspicious of me, and I remember us walking through the yard of The E House.

The Smiling Jack-like man kept watching me like he was looking for an opening to kill me by surprise, I assumed that he was an older vampire than me so he should be more powerful, and so I knew that I had to not leave an opening and that I would have to kill him quick if he ever did attack me if I hoped to survive.

I avoided turning my back to him as we walked around searching for the ninja, at some point it was time to return to the others, and him and I were at the back of the line and he seemed ready to attack me so I hid behind the corner of The E House on the concrete area under the stairs to the second floor so that I could confront him before he could attack me from behind.

The others had left the yard at this point so we were alone, and when he pass the corner looking for me to attack me I confronted him.

He started talking trying to distract me as he reached one hand in his pocket to probably get a pocket knife and it seemed that he had a hidden weapon hidden in the other hand, and while talking he moved his hand with the hidden weapon up like he was about to reveal it and stab me with it while he opens his pocket knife with the other hand and then finish me off with the pocket knife.

He tried to act normal while doing all of this but I grabbed both of his wrists to stop him, he still tried to act normal, but I asked him if he was about to kill me and he said yes.

He started to tell me that he was sorry but.., and then he pushed up his hidden weapon which was a pen but I had both of his wrists stopping him from stabbing me.

He started to try to overpower me slowly so I decided to take no chances, and I quickly went to kill him because I assumed that he was more powerful than me so I continued holding his wrists and I headbutted him several times (I possibly headbutted my pillow in the real world as well, but I am not sure but I think that I felt like this possibly happened but I was still in the dream so I have no idea).

This stunned him and gave me an opening to grab his pen, and then I stabbed him with it several times while still holding his other wrist so that he could not open his pocket knife.

I stabbed him hard enough and in the right place where he died and he turned into a pile of ash on the concrete (so he was a vampire I assume), no one was around to see or hear this, and then I tried to decide what I should do about this but I woke up as I tried to figure out if I should tell the others or leave or clean up the evidence and then return to the others.

The end,

  • John Jr

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