Journey To The West Conquering The Demons

My dream from last night was inspired by a Chinese fantasy comedy film that I watched last night called Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons (Journey To The West).

Journey To The West Official US Release Trailer (2014) – Stephen Chow Movie HD

The version of the film that I watched was dubbed in Mandarin and subtitled in English, but unfortunately the subtitles were too small.

They were not a solid color, so it was harder to read the subtitles during the film.

I did not really know what to expect before watching this film.

The film started with a lot of potential, but then it lost its way.

It started to drag on without explaining more of the world while losing most of its potential, sadly, and it was longer than it should have been.

It was like someone else started working on the film but left the film project and then someone else continued making the film, but the second person did a much worse job and ruined the rest of the film.

This film disappointed me, except for the beginning, and some action scenes and early versions of some characters.

I can not remember most of my dream from last night that was inspired by this film.

I just know that it had several parts or levels or layers to it, and maybe it involved demon hunting and demon hunters and demons; but I can not remember.

Some parts of the dream took place inside and some parts of the dream took place outside.

The parts of the dream that I do remember took place during the day, but I can not remember if any other parts of the dream took place during any other times of day.

I remember talking to an old man one or more times, maybe after each part or level of the dream, who was maybe outside at a wooden stand.

Perhaps he was a master demon hunter/trainer who would give me advice and training, but I can not remember.

There was a lot more to this dream, but that is all that I can remember now because I did not voice record my dreams when I woke up to use the bathroom; and then I went back to sleep.

The end,

  • John Jr

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