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Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day inside a multi-story modern building that had a fictional version of The B Parish Library where I work as a shelver on one of the upper floors, connected to the main library was a small branch of The B Parish Library that was basically one hallway with rooms on both sides of it like this branch was just offices for people who work in the background like human resources/accounting/the library board/directors/et cetera, and connected to the library branch was part of a college so maybe most of the building was a college with part of it being The B Parish Library but I did not get to explore the other parts of the building to see what they were.

I was working on my shelver job inside this fictional version of The B Parish Library and my coworker Mrs. C was working with me, and I remember Mrs. C taking me to the computers to show me something new that involved us employees.

I can not remember what happened exactly, I just know that I ended up thinking that maybe my former male classmate AK worked at The B Parish Library in the fictional smaller branch that was connected to our main branch, and so either I saw his name and/or photograph on the computer or I saw someone who I thought was him when someone opened the door that led to the smaller library branch.

I remember walking through the door that led to the smaller library branch, this branch just had a L-shaped hallway with some rooms/offices and they had a nice bathroom with a shower, and I saw a door to a nice large office that was partly open and this office had a man sitting on a couch or chair who looked like he was possibly my former classmate AK.

He was sitting and relaxing with his back facing the door while talking with at least one other man and at least one woman with whitish-colored skin who were wearing dress clothes as they watched a film, the back wall was windows with a nice view to the parking lot and other areas outside below, and this office seemed to belong to the woman who the branch manager of this small branch of the library.

They did not seem to be working at all even though they were at work, I was not sure if that was my former classmate AK or not but it seemed to be him, and I wanted to go greet him and see if it was him or not but I decided to be cautious and wait for a better opportunity.

Somehow I found out that there was a job opening at the library, I am not sure if I knew what the job opening was for or not, but I decided to apply for it even though I already have a shelver job with the library and you had to apply for the job at this small library branch so I filled out my application and I turned it into the woman over this small branch of the library.

I was given an immediate and short semi-job interview in a smaller office, the female branch manager and another woman with whitish-colored skin did the interview, and the other woman seemed to just be an assistant who took notes like Mrs. T did back when I had my real life job interview at The B Parish Library where Director Mrs. E did the interview while Mrs. T took notes.

My semi-job interview was very short because the director seemed to think that I was not a good fit for this job opening because she did not think that I would be violent or aggressive enough or something like that, and then she immediately did several other short semi-job interviews with other people.

One of these people was the character Theon Greyjoy from the television series Game Of Thrones, during his semi-interview he answered the director’s questions in ways that seemed to please her, and she seemed to be looking for someone who could be violent and aggressive but also controlled and more intelligent with the use of violence maybe like she was looking for a security guard who would be using violence sometimes.

After this she had us all go outside in the parking lot where she started talking with us, her top pick seemed to be Theon Greyjoy, and most of the other job applicants seemed to be people from an older time period like on Game Of Thrones and most of them seemed like violent criminals.

The director said a few things to us, she asked her top picks a few more questions, and I remember Theon Greyjoy giving a short speech and then the director probably chose Theon Greyjoy for the job so we all left.

I returned to the upper floor to the small branch of the library trying to wait for an opening to approach the man who seemed to be my former classmate AK, and I remember trying to decide what to say to him because there is so much that we could talk about because I had not seen him since he moved away back when we were still in high school years ago.

I was confused about this small library branch which was not a library really but seemed to just be offices, I was confused by why I had not seen or heard of any of these employees before, and I wondered how long had my former classmate AK been working at The B Parish Library if that was really him.

None of this really made sense to me, I had these thoughts and questions and others running through my mind as I tried to figure out if that was my former classmate AK or not as I looked for a chance to talk to him, and I remember asking my male coworker Mr. J some questions trying to see if he could help me make sense of this situation.

I also remember seeing some college students moving down a hall that was connected to the small library branch, and I also saw some college students outside in the parking lot.

The people working at this small library branch seemed to have it easy, but that is all that I can remember of this dream and I never did get to approach the man to see if he was really my former classmate AK or not.

Dream 2

I am not sure if I was in this dream or not, and all that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the day.

There was a property/compound/whatever owned by a family with whitish-colored skin who had workers with whitish-colored skin who were free to come and go and who lived in their own houses somewhere else and who were treated well, they had servants (basically semi-slaves maybe somewhat like indentured servants) with brownish-colored skin who were only free to come and go when it was work-related and they were treated worse than the workers and they lived in servant quarters either inside the main house or connected to it, and they had slaves with whitish/yellowish-colored skin who were from one or more countries in Asia (Asian) and they were treated the worse and they could not leave at all and they lived in the worse conditions in one or more separate slave quarters.

The masters/family who owned this had fences and dangerous guard animals (like alligators and other dangerous animals) and other types of security in place to keep the servants and slaves in-line and inside the compound/property.

One of the servants, a young man with dark-brown or blackish-colored skin with short black hair, had been sent away from the property by the masters to do a job for them somewhere (maybe he played music or something but I can not remember) and his mother (who also had dark-brown or blackish-colored skin with black hair) was a servant as well but she was still at the property.

Most of the servants seemed to have been desperate and poor people who accepted working as semi-slaves at this property in exchange for housing and food et cetera, and most of them seemed to be better off than they had been but it was still a bad thing being a semi-slave like this of course but they tried to make the most of it.

The mother had brought her son/family here for a better life than they had, and she hoped to build a better life for her son eventually so that he could be free.

Her son was smart and talented and he got to leave the compound often to do various jobs for the masters.

The workers were just lower class people with whitish-colored skin who got to mostly do house work and then leave back to their homes, they had it the best, and I only saw quick glimpses of them smiling and dusting things inside the house and giving mean looks and saying mean things to the servants and slaves because the workers acted like they were better than the servants and slaves.

The slaves had it the worse and they mostly lived in shared areas, they were all from Asia so they could speak one or more languages and they had a different culture than the workers or servants who were from whatever country this was, and most of them seemed to be family and closer than the workers or servants were.

Something happened that I can not remember that possibly involved a son of a female slave, this son was probably outside of the property, and the mother wanted to leave the compound to reach him but she was a slave so she was not allowed to leave the property.

She was so desperate to leave the property that she made an escape plan, the other slaves helped her, and they had already been preparing for an escape so they activated their escape plan so that the female slave and some of the others could escape.

At some point some of the servants walked outside on a patio, the mother of the servant who was out on a job was one of the servants, and they noticed that something was not right.

She noticed that most of the guard animals were gone (it seemed that some of the slaves had befriended some of the guard animals so they were able to remove them from their areas) and that some of the slaves were gone, they realized that some or most of the slaves had escaped, and they were happy for them but they were afraid that the masters would also blame them so they needed to make some difficult decisions as they tried to decided what to do.

The mother did not want to ruin things for her son and her and the other servants, they were in a delicate situation, but they decided to not warn the masters.

They hoped that the slaves who escaped would be okay and live good lives, and they hoped that the masters would not find out until it was too late.

The mother and the other servants did not try to leave because they came here voluntarily in desperation, but most of them probably hoped to leave one day and be free again.

The mother and the other servants prepared themselves for what might happen once the masters find out about some of the slaves escaping, and they hoped for the best.

I remember the mother and some of the other slaves smiling as they walked back inside, they enjoyed knowing that some of the slaves had escaped, and that the masters did not even know yet.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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