These Are My Dreams

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I do not really want to or feel like typing or sharing this dream from last night but I will type it and share it anyway, there are various reasons for this, some dreams just feel more personal and private et cetera and you basically feel like these are my dreams and are not meant for others.

Unfortunately I can not remember most of this interesting, deep (the feeling of deepness, like being a deep sleep, or deep dream level), realistic, surreal, sometimes emotional, et cetera dream so the most important details in the beginning of the dream are almost completely missing so this dream lacks a lot of context.

This dream had one or two dreams within a dream that were more film-like during some parts of the dream, I was possibly not myself during some or most of the dream or I was myself but sometimes during the dream I was replaced temporarily by another dream character from one of the dreams within a dream and I would be watching those parts like a film until I was back in the dream as myself again, but I am not sure which of these is correct so this makes the dream even more confusing and complex.

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the night in the city of D in a fictional area that was not far from downtown, and this dream was realistic (I really thought that this was real and that my life was in danger and that I was on the run) but also a bit surreal and it felt deep and the dream and the atmosphere of the dream and dream world itself had one or more feelings to it and maybe the dark night sky and dream world had a deep dark-blueish hint/tint to it.

I was inside a building (possibly in a compound) but I can not remember this part of the dream but my wild guess is that this building was possibly some kind of secret research facility involved in negative things, probably a private company working with and/or for the government/military/intelligence agency/et cetera, and I was possibly there to stop them/stop something/save someone/expose them and/or something but I am not sure.

I have no idea what happened, I just know that whatever happened was big and intense and maybe some people died (maybe I killed some of them in self-defense, but I can not remember), and the situation was so bad and intense that I possibly had to call for help and my former male classmates DH and JC and my mom and maybe one or two other people risked their lives and arrived to help me probably fight my way out to escape but I am not sure.

The response to this was huge with police, security, SWAT, maybe the military, maybe intelligence agencies, the fire department, et cetera responding to whatever it was that we did and were doing.

Whatever happened we probably felt that what we were doing and what we did was the right thing to do but to those other groups it was probably a major crime to them and we would probably be hunted down with them searching the city for us, and I remember us escaping before reinforcements could arrive from the overwhelming response.

The situation was so bad that splitting up was the best option in our opinion so we all split up, and I remember sneaking through downtown moving from dark spot to dark spot using any darkness from structures and buildings and areas without lights to my advantage.

I remember hiding in dark spots when I saw people walking by like some high school kids, people driving by like maybe some fire trucks, helicopters flying to the building that we escaped from, et cetera.

I cautiously moved from dark spot to dark spot ducking behind cover trying to reach a side street through a lower class neighborhood so that I could reach the neighborhood that the parent’s of my former classmate DH live so that I could use a fictional trail through the forest that led to a fictional multi-story lower class apartment building so that I could walk through this apartment to the back courtyard of the apartment to cross into another trail so that I could reach the back streets of another lower class neighborhood so that I could continue moving through areas like this where I could avoid people and those who I assumed to be searching for us.

I was not sure if we had been identified or not of if we were wanted or not, I assumed that at least I was identified and that I was a wanted fugitive now and I assumed that I was probably being mentioned and shown on the news, but that was just my wild guess in the dream because I was expecting the worst but hoping for the best.

I reached the neighborhood of the parent’s of my former classmate DH and I reached the trail through the forest, and I saw the apartment building.

This area was familiar to me even though it is fictional, for some reason this neighborhood usually has this fictional trail in my dreams for some unknown reason even though this does not exist in real life, and so I guess it has been in so many dreams that it is familiar and normal to me now even when it is often slightly different a lot of the time (like the apartment for example, which somehow was familiar to me as well, even though it is new to my dreams probably).

In some dreams this trail leads to another neighborhood while in other dreams it leads to the countryside, it varies, but in this dream the apartment blocked the trail but you could continue the trail if you crossed through the back courtyard of the apartment building to reach the next neighborhood.

There was a man with light-brownish colored skin walking to the apartment as well so I hid until he passed, and then I followed him while staying out of sight so that I could see which door led to the back courtyard.

I can not remember which floor we went to but I followed the man until he reached his apartment room, and then I walked over to ask him where the door to the courtyard was (I tried to act normal) and he pointed to which one it was so I thanked him and he went inside his apartment room and I went outside into the courtyard.

The courtyard had various doors on the fence that led to different places, I tried several doors but none of them that I tried led to the trail, and I went back inside the apartment even though I did not try all the doors because I did not want to draw any more attention to myself.

I decided that I would just walk the back streets of these neighborhoods instead of trying to use the trail as a shortcut, and then I remember having a dream within the dream that was somewhat film-like.

I was not in this dream within a dream but I was seeing it like a film almost like I was watching it from an outside the dream world itself like in a small dimension outside the layer of the dream world itself, and this dream within a dream was about a rich family with whitish-colored skin.

There was a boy with whitish-colored skin with maybe short yellow hair whose mom probably died, maybe his dad was already dead or had died too but I am not sure, and so the boy was to get the inheritance but he was only a boy so his uncle was going to raise him and manage his inheritance.

The uncle was an annoying villainous greedy scheming backstabbing slimy jerk douchebag mean selfish et cetera business-like man with whitish with medium-length yellow hair who reminded me of an even worse version of the character Aldrich Killian from the film Iron Man 3 and the character Dio Brando from the Japanese anime JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (basically he was someone who you would want to punch in the face) who probably had secretly murdered his sister (the boy’s mother) through some kind of fake accident that he probably set up, and maybe he had also secretly murdered his brother-in-law (the boy’s father) in the past or at the same time.

The uncle just wanted access to the inheritance and/or the money he was being paid to help manage it and take care of his nephew so that he could spend most of the money on himself and maybe on a business empire that he wanted to build and on investments et cetera to create a fortune for himself, he probably was only going to keep his nephew alive until he had created enough of his own fortune that he would not need to mess with the inheritance or until it was almost time for the nephew to gain full control of the inheritance, but I am not sure if he planned on murdering his nephew as well eventually or not (probably because he was that greedy).

I remember the uncle and nephew being inside a narrow room of a nice house or nice apartment, that seemed to be in the location of where the apartment where I had been in the other dream was and where I probably still was partly because this was just a dream within a dream and so the other dream was still there while this dream was going on, but the other dream was probably paused while this dream within a dream was going on.

The uncle treated his nephew terribly and had spent a lot of money upgrading his body with cybernetics and/or he had an artificial body, basically even though it did not seem like it this dream within a dream seemed to take place in the future, and this reminded me of something from the Deus Ex video game franchise and the Ghost In The Shell franchise.

The uncle had spent money on other things as well but you could see the cybernetics and things on his body and he had made himself much stronger, and he showed off his strength to his nephew during an argument by picking up a metal weight and bending/crushing it with one hand easily.

The nephew had some cybernetics as well but nothing that could compete with that strength, and so the nephew realized that he would have to upgrade his body to focus on things to counter the strength of his uncle.

During their argument as the uncle bragged and yelled and taunted him the nephew mentioned that he wanted something called an allowance, he said that he had heard some other kids say that their parent’s gave them allowance and that he wanted an allowance too even though he did not really know much about it, and the uncle laughed and saw this as an opportunity to take even more advantage of his nephew by giving him a tiny allowance to make him feel better and more easy to control while making him think that he was giving him a lot even though he was not while using his nephew and making himself rich.

It seemed that this was going to work against the nephew but I was not sure if the nephew was faking or not, it seemed that the nephew was starting to suspect that his uncle was using him, and that he was possibly starting to wonder if his uncle was involved in the death of his mom and maybe his dad and that maybe he would possibly be in danger eventually once his uncle got all that he wanted.

I think that the uncle was going to keep his nephew alive until it was time for the nephew to gain full control of his inheritance, and the uncle would probably murder his nephew so that he could get the inheritance once he becomes the closest of kin/whatever but that is my wild guess.

The dream within a dream ended and the other dream continued, and I continued my way through the apartment building to leave but then I had another short dream within a dream that eventually joined with this dream.

In this second dream within a dream there was a man with whitish-colored skin with medium-length yellow hair who basically replaced me in the main dream, I was now watching the main dream from outside the dream and he replaced my character so that I was no longer in the main dream, and the second dream within a dream showed something that happened in the past.

The man had betrayed my former classmates DH and JC and possibly any other people who had helped me earlier in the dream by lying to them about some money that they were supposed to get from something that I can not remember (maybe a contest or something) that they were going to split evenly, and he had kept the money for himself to invest it in something I think.

He ended up making enough money to pay the others their cut of the money and he was going to pay them extra, he felt guilty for betraying them and they did not even know any of this had happened yet, and so he was going to give them their money and some extra money without telling them that he had betrayed them earlier and had risked investing the money for himself and had gotten lucky by gaining more money.

This dream within a dream fused with the main dream after this was shown, now the man had replaced me and he was leaving the apartment to walk through the back streets to avoid being seen or caught, but then he saw my former classmate DH walking up his parent’s street.

The man saw this as an opportunity to pay my former classmate DH his cut of the money, and so he walked over to my former classmate DH and gave him his cut of the money (maybe a check or card, but I can not remember).

The man did not tell him the truth but somehow my former classmate DH realized the truth, and he became very angry and he told the man how he felt betrayed and that he had trusted him.

My former classmate DH opened up and told the man a story about how the man had known that my former classmate DH was struggling financially and that was going to lose his automobile if he did not get the money in time, and he lost his automobile because he was not able to pay in time because the man had betrayed them and taken the money and invested it for himself and did not tell them.

The man knew this and did this anyway, this betrayal really hurt and angered my former classmate DH, and this was an emotional moment to me as I watched this from outside the dream and I started to cry because this all connected with me in ways that I can not explain as I watched my former classmate DH open up like that and how I saw how this betrayal had effected/affected him.

The man felt bad, my former classmate DH thanked him for the money but he was still angry and he did not forgive the man and he seemed to not want to have anything to do with him like this was the end of their friendship, and the man did not answer any of my former classmate DH’s questions (like why did he do this, why did he try to hide it even after the fact, et cetera) and he just looked down at the ground in shame.

My former classmate DH reminded the man know how he had risked his life helping him earlier in the dream and how his life was probably ruined now if they really were wanted fugitives now, and this his how the man repays him by betraying him and the others who risked their lives to help him and who trusted him as a friend.

My former classmate DH left angrily continuing to walk up his parent’s street as they all continued to stay separated as they tried to avoid people and avoid getting caught, but I woke up when I heard the sound of my watch signaling that it was one hour before it was time for me to be at work.

The end,

-John Jr

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Hello Alcyonesun,

Interesting, it sounds like you have had more dreams within dreams than me, things can get really complex and confusing and interesting when you have multiple dream layers/dreams like that. 😉

Not sharing the really personal dreams is probably the safe and wise thing to do, but I share all of my dreams that I can remember and I only censor/code/encrypt certain names/places/et cetera for privacy and security reasons while sharing pretty much everything that I can remember. 😀

Thank you for taking the time to read my dream, and for commenting. 🙂

-John Jr

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