A Kill Command Inspired Dream

I think that this dream from last night was inspired by an allegedly low-budget British science fiction film called Kill Command that I watched last night.

If this film was really a low-budget film (allegedly less than $2 million according to some rumors that I saw online, but I have not seen any official listing of the budget for this film) then I am impressed with the visuals and special effects of this film on such an allegedly low budget, this film was not bad and in some ways it reminded me of another low-budget British science fiction film that I saw called The Machine, and it mostly got straight to the point but it would have been nice to have learned more about the world and characters of this film during the slower moments of the film.

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that I remember being inside my parent’s house with some of my family, which seemed to be barricaded from inside the house like we were trying to keep some threats from getting inside the house, and so it seemed that we were barricading ourselves from a threat (maybe advanced military autonomous robots/machines with artificial intelligence like in the film Kill Command or maybe something paranormal but I have no idea) but I can not remember what was going on.

It was probably late afternoon or early evening but I am not sure, I remember being in the living room with maybe my brother GC, and when things seemed clear outside from the windows I remember moving some of the objects that barricaded the door so that I could take a brief walk outside because I was tired of being barricaded inside the house.

I walked outside near the back door so that I would be able to quickly get back inside the house if there was an attack, but then I heard music coming from inside the house and I noticed a security flaw where the heater in the living room should be.

This security flaw was an open strange narrow vertical window or glass or plastic sliding door that was about the length of a human arm and about the width of two human arms, I had never seen this window or door before and I wondered what was it for and why was it open and how did we not notice this earlier, and it did not seem practical at all because of its size and its placement which was at the bottom of the wall.

The music that I heard coming from inside the house was a song by a female musician who(m) I recognized, I can not remember who exactly but one of several possibilities is Fiona Apple, but I can not remember which musician it was or which song was playing.

I quickly went back inside the house to close the strange window or door, turn off the music or turn down the music, and I added items to barricade the strange window or door from inside the house before going outside to find something to cover it from the outside; but that is all that I can remember of this part of the dream.

The next thing that I remember is being outside and meeting some groups of survivors who were also dealing with some kind of threat, maybe robots/machines like in the film Kill Command and possibly the same threat that my family and I were dealing with, and each of these groups were going through leaders very fast because their leaders would probably either get killed and/or quit and/or get impeached because of the threat(s) attacking them and the pressure(s)of the job (leadership) and because of the people in the group et cetera.

The current leader of the group who I was talking to and/or maybe all the groups now was a woman with whitish-colored skin with yellow hair who probably somewhat looked like a tougher and rougher non-cyborg version of the character Katherine Mills (played by the actress Vanessa Kirby) from the film Kill Command, she seemed to be a good leader and tough, and I remember talking with her and her group(s).

Most or all the people in the main group were women, the new leader had probably survived longer than any other leader so far, but that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

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