Someone Is Murdering Martial Arts Masters

Dream 1

All that I can remember of this dream from last night is that it took place during the day, and there was a group of maybe men (some of them may have looked strange like they were possibly not human, but I can not remember) who were very good at fighting and who I assume were martial arts masters with maybe superpowers and their own special martial arts styles.

I was either an investigator and/or one of their students or one of them, and these assumed martial arts masters were being murdered and I was investigating this trying to find out who was murdering them and how were they able to murder these powerful fighters/martial arts masters.

During my investigation I went to meet at least two of these martial arts masters (who were older men) and maybe one or more other people inside a building among other people, and someone had some evidence that would be helpful to my investigation and this evidence would probably help me start figuring out who the murder was.

During my meeting with them I was given the evidence but as I was talking with them we were attacked by another one of the martial arts masters, and there was this strange red energy/aura around him or coming from him and he was acting strange (like maybe someone was controlling him).

Whatever this red energy/aura was it seemed to be making him even more powerful and unstoppable so we were not going to be able to defeat him it seemed, and he was trying to kill us but I can not remember if he killed the other two martial arts masters or not (probably) because I ran for my life so that I could escape with this important evidence that could help me figure out who was all behind the murders.

I assume that the others were killed because the attacking martial arts master ran after me, oddly the back of the building was The E House, and so I ran through the back of the house and out the back door to escape through the back yard.

Sitting on the left side of the porch was one of the martial arts masters who was not at the meeting earlier, and he seemed to be in a trance state (like maybe he was controlling the other martial arts master forcing him to kill the others and I) and the attacking martial arts master did not attack him.

I ran through the back gate and there were fictional metal storage buildings where the garden used to be with two different rows, and so I ran behind one of these metal storage buildings and I climbed on top of it and then I jumped from building to building hoping that the attacking martial arts master would not see me.

Suddenly a woman reached out and signaled to me from the bottom of one of the storage buildings that I was on, and she told me to follow her and she opened a secret hatch that went underground so I followed her underground to hide from the attacking martial arts master.

It seemed that the martial arts master who was sitting down probably had the superpower to control people and project his superpowers on them making them stronger and giving them access to some of his superpowers, and so that is probably why the attacking martial arts master was trying to kill us and why he seemed unstoppable.

I assume that this martial arts master was behind the murders and that he was probably using the attacking martial arts master to do the murders, and he probably attacked our meeting because it was his chance to kill two of the martial arts masters at one time and because he wanted to destroy the evidence that someone was giving me and this was also his chance to kill me because I was getting too close to figuring out that it was him who was behind the murders.

Dream 2

All that I can remember of this dream is that it took place during the morning on the right side of a highway that reminded me of the highway going out to the B Plant, and it seemed that maybe my family and I were living in a house in this area with a walkway and sidewalk that led to the front of our house.

I think that my brothers KD and TD (who were younger again) were getting ready for school and they were going to go to the bus stop soon, and my mom left in her automobile up the street and she stopped in front of someone’s house.

I walked outside and my male cousin DE walked over like he was going to the bus stop, but then he changed his mind and he walked to our house looking for my mom like he wanted her to take him to school instead of him just taking the school bus.

I told him that my mom was parked down the street in front of someone’s house, and so he started walking in that direction.

As he was leaving a man with whitish-colored skin in a wheelchair wheeled over to me, and this man was the school bus driver or the former school bus driver.

The bus driver was looking at my cousin DE walking down the street, and he told me that my cousin DE was probably the worse person he has ever driven on his school bus and he told me about some of the negative things that my cousin DE said to him and did while riding on his school bus.

He told me that my cousin DE had problems and that something was wrong with him and that he says terrible things, and I said a few things in response and then the bus driver said goodbye and wheeled away in his wheelchair.

But that is all that I can remember of this dream.

The end,

-John Jr

11 replies on “Someone Is Murdering Martial Arts Masters”

Now I understand, that would make things more frightening if at first you did not know that was a dream that you were reading, like how I was afraid when I was being chased in the first dream because I did not realize that I was dreaming. 😀

-John Jr


Hello Wendigo Runner (@WendigoRunner),

Wow! That is crazy, thank you very much for letting me know, as far as I know this is the first time that I have ever had anything happen like this; and you also might be one of the only people to comment on my blog who does not have a account, and so it is good to see this because I have it set where anyone can comment even without a account but most people still do not comment so thank you for commenting.

I opened up the MSN News (News) app on my Windows 10 desktop, I typed in Martial Arts as an Interest and I saw what you were talking about, except on mine it only shows the title without an image and it shows the URL for my blog:

But the image for my post does show up when looking at it from the Bing News website:

I am glad that my dream posts are always categorized as dreams and I try to add at least one dream related tag when possible, and I try to make it clear that they are dreams in the posts themselves so that people will not think that these are real events (I used to also title my posts to make it clear that they are dreams, but I recently stopped doing that because it made my titles too long and strange-looking and it seemed to keep readers away).

Hopefully most people reading this will realize that these are just dreams that I have when I am sleep, this is interesting and funny and slightly disturbing, I guess Microsoft’s algorithm goofed up on this one; well at least I get some free publicity and an interesting story to tell. 😀

I made a post ( about this and I credited you in my post with a link to your Twitter account/whatever, hopefully that was okay?

Thank you,
-John Jr


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